August 1, 2000 Architectural Minutes

Architectural Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo


Date: Aug 2,2000

Meeting Date: August 1, 2000

Place: V.C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room Time: 7:00 P.M.

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp Excused: Jim Vaglivlelo

Absent: Jim Russell

Guests: None

  1. The Meeting was called to order at 7:26 P.M. by Chairman. Corey. Richard was late, had car trouble.

  2. The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

  3. Plans received for review:

a. Wayne Lewis--24 x 26 Bedroom & Bath addition 53-1 21560 Dortort Approved Unam. Pd. $25.00 #898.

b. Mavis LePage--- 10 x 12 shed 112-N 1981 Empire Responded to Notice of Violation Letter (7/28) Jeff Leathley attended (husband) To bldg plot plan to Aug. 8, Board Meeting. No Fee.

c. Dale Sanders--5-ft vinyl fence w/rabbit wire, 2-rail entire lot perimeter, approx. 1210 ft. & 2-corral gates. 1725 Empire Lot 82-N Approved Unam. Pd. $10.00 # 385.

d. Ken McCabe--- 5-ft 3-rail nat. wd. fence w/rabbit wire, approx. 760-ft long entire rear yard w/2-16ft & 2-3-ft gates. 2465 Cartwright Lot 7-H Approved Unam. Pd. $10.00 cash.

e. Eric Loyer --- 50-ft x 36-6 ft Metal & wood panel Barn 2140 Cartwright Lot 3A-L. Tentatively approved except exterior color (white). Requesting letter from Loyer changing color to a brown or green tone, even red, for final approval. Pd. $50.00 #3386.

  1. July 5,2000 Meeting Minutes approved by R. Knapp, seconded by D. Ingram.

  2. Joe Alt---Empire Rd project, No further progress noted.

  3. 20 Outstanding Notice of Violation Letters still unanswered to date ( LePage came to meeting )

  4. The Sept. & Nov. meeting dates may have to be changed (Primary & General Election Nights) & Richard is on an election team. Last year we waited until the voting team boxed up and left, however if they have any problems, it would become quite late for our meeting. Wally will try to arrange a different meeting night that does not conflict with another group.

  5. Don I. & Wally C. attended the Aug. 1,2000 County Commissioners Meeting (personally, not as committee members). Wally submitted several suggestions & changes to the County Code Title 15 ( Building & Construction) First Reading. Primarily---" All Residential structures must have a continuous concrete footing & a continuous masonry stem wall (Foundation wall)." The existing terminology was incorrect. Secondly-- No duplication of house plans within 2500 feet of ea. other( 1,10,40 acre lots over 5000 ft elev. ( This also coincides with our Guidelines).

Dean Haymore,Bldg. Inspector was in accord with no objection. The corrections will appear in the draft for the second reading on Aug. 15,2000.

  1. There was preliminary discussion as to what steps could be taken to get home owners to check their C.C.&R's. & Guidelines periodically and be more aware of their contents. Too many owners go ahead with fences sheds, walls, shelters, etc. without first getting Committee approval. They seem to be completely unaware of the requirements. A fine or assessment was suggested to be explored. A mail out flyer was also suggested. Further study will be oncoming

  2. The Guidelines Addendum is in the process of being recorded at the County Clerks office. It is hoped that a Title Co. search would pick up all recorded documents when checking for Iiens,etc Wally is to contact all Title Companies (usually only four), furnish them with the recorded Guidelines, By-Laws, & possibly the C.C.&R's.( if necessary), and request that these documents be included for sure in the prospective buyers package. This process should insure that just about all new property owners are made aware of all our regulations. Private sales would only appear on the Assessors' list.

  3. The meeting was adjoined at 10:05 P.M. by R. Knapp, seconded by D. Ingram. Approved Unam.

Wally Corey, Chairman

Architectural Review Committee