Minutes of Architectural Committee, Feb. 12, 2001


Architectural Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440

Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Date: Feb. 12, 2001


Meeting Date: Monday, Feb. 12, 2001

Place: Walley Corey Office

Present: Jim Vaglivielo, Jim Russell, Don Ingram, Wally Corey

Excused: Richard Knapp

Absent: None

Guests: None

  1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey @ 1:30 P.M.
  1. The regular scheduled meeting for Tues. Feb. 6, 2001 was cancelled because of the snow blizzard.

  2. The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

  3. The Jan. 2, 2001 Meeting Minutes were approved unanimously.

  1. Olivia Fiamengo, 2598 Cartwright Rd. Lot 14 Block D… 1-6ft x 8ft. &1-6ft x 10 ft portable wood sheds & 3- portable metal pipe corrals w/ portable wood wind breaks; to move periodically… Paid $ 10.00  #3875. Approved Unam. but not required being portable. However she wanted our o.k.

  2. Lisa, Bob Owens 1822 Harte Rd. Lot 89B Block M, a 28ft. x 34 ft. standard 2-car garage.  Approved Unam. Plans being held for $50.00 check & Plot Plan.

  3. Jerry Snell---- 2311 Empire Rd. Lot 99 Block G, a 3-rail wood gate across driveway entrance; gate to match Johnson fence adjoining. He will submit in future for a perimeter fence. Approved Unam. No Fee.

  4. Jody Dallas, wanted to discuss building a straw bale house on end of Bulette Rd., could not appear. Deferred to next meeting.

  5. Tom Rowan.--- 255 Lousetown Rd. Lot 15A Block F.  A 2300 sq. ft. new residence w/ 2-car garage. Approved Unam. Paid $ 75.00  check # 1555.

  1. Discussion of wire fences & posts deferred to March Meeting.

  2. Mavis LePage Plot Plan received.  Shed was approved Aug. 2, 2000. No fee. However the plot plan indicated a dog run of which no plans nor details were submitted for approval. A letter of inquiry to be sent.

  3. Norman Moore $25.00 check still not received.

  4. The Committee again would suggest that the Board consider angle parking & handicap signs.


None presented


The Meeting was adjourned @ 3.30 P.M. Motion by Jim V., Seconded by Jim Russell. Unanimous

Wally Corey-Chairman