Minutes of Architectural Committee, June 5, 2001


Architectural Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440

Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Date: June 9, 2001


Meeting Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2001

Place: VC Highlands Fire Station

Present: Jim Vaglivielo, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Wally Corey

Absent: Jim Russell, Nancy ill, needed him home

Guests: None


  1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey at 7:00 P.M.

The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

  1. Plans, improvements, submitted for Review:
  1. Robert Beach, 32-T 21321 Highland Rd. Heavy gauge wire fencing for livestock. Treated peeler posts 8-ft. o.c. with 4-ft. x 16-ft. gray. wire cattle panels. The same fencing was approved May 5, 1997 for his adjoining residence lot 27-T. Approved Unam. Paid $10.00 cash.
  1. Steve Fernbach 2A-O 2211 Lousetown Rd. 3-ft high nat. cedar or brown tone vinyl picket fencing 192-ft. long in front yard back 43-ft. from Lousetown Rd. Approved Unam. Paid $10.00 cash.
  1. Jim Kosinski, 120-M 1950 Empire Rd. a 2-story 2780 s.f. residence. Ranch Road gray hardiboard horiz. siding, Estate gray fiberglass roofing, Oriental Ivory trim and railings. Approved Unam. Paid $75.00 check #521 (Washoe Credit Union).
  2. John Mirata, 357-M 21315 Saddleback Rd., a 2-story 2339 s.f. residence, Nat. fin. Cedar horiz. lap siding, Chateau green fiberglass roofing, forest green trim. Brick veneer deleted from elevations. Approved Unam. Paid $75.00 Check #1956 Wells Fargo
  3. Jenny McGrath, 51A-G 2311 Enterprise Rd. a 1-story 2245 s.f. residence, malibou beige horiz. hardiboard siding, estate gray fiberglass roofing, off white trim, accents- landmark green. A 576 s.f. dutch barn, the same colors as house. Approved Unam. Paid $75.00(residence) $10.00 (barn) total $85.00, check # 260, Delta airlines Employees credit union.
  4. Ernie Winters, 115-M 1880 Empire Rd. a 13-ft. octagon gazebo. Gray roofing to match house, white posts, railings to match house trim. 5-ft. setbacks from property lines. Approved Unam. Paid $25.00 check # 548 Bank of America.
  5. Jack McGuffie, 106-M 1721 Harte Rd. Change barn red trim to patio green. Approved Unam. No Fee. Mr. McGuffie was commended for coming in to the Comm. for a color change.
  1. Suzy Burwood, 16-J 21535 Dortort Dr. a 16-ft.x 18-ft. redwood deck with redwood railings. Natural Finish. 120-ft. back from Dortort Dr. Approved Unam. Paid $25.00 check #912 B.ofA.
  1. Old Business:
  1. The May 1,2001 meeting minutes, motion to approve by Richard K., Seconded by Jim V. Unam.
  1. James Rearick, 25-U, 21277 Highland Rd. metal construction under way, stopped by S.C. Bldg. Dept, Violation letter send came back, no phone. Renter-Vaugh Campos. Kathy McDowell has no current address either.
  1. John Curls 7-J 2355 Cartwright Rd. Siding appears purple. Gray sa mples for second coat were approved by Comm. on Oct. 5, 2000.  No phone listed. No response to letter sent.  A ladder is against side wall, second coat may be going on.
  1. Dean Beardon, (Grissley Enterprises) 29-I 2410 Grissley Rd. No response to letters, no phone listed. Vanilla Cream siding color approved by Comm. on April 13, 1998. True white trim. Complainant thinks color is yellow.. A paint can may solve the issue. An attempt may be made to discuss the color with Beardon who seems friendly. However a Notice of Violation is still active because of steep bank front yard not on plans, and revised setback from 54-ft. on plans. A "for sale sign" by Keystone Realty is on front of lot. An owner signed courtesy visit form is not in file nor at bldg. dept.


  1. Wire fencing in a rear yard when not in view of the road would be reviewed on a case by case basis was approved unam. by Comm. on Dec. 5,2000.
  1. New Business:
  1. Dave Cooper reported possible junk cars at two locations on Lousetown Rd. Further investigation will be conducted and letters will be sent where necessary. S.C. Ordinances will also be checked.
  2. A new reduced size application form was discussed. The present supply is getting very low.  A sample will be prepared with printing costs and presented to the Board for approval.
  3. A numbered approval permit form was discussed. A prototype to be made for Comm. study and finally presented to Board for approval.  In the past several applicants have expected an actual permit, not an accepted application for review.
  1. The Comm. members were unam. in wanting to have "Calling Cards" made with each members name, similar to cards previously given to Comm. members in the past. Printing costs will be gotten and request Board approval.
  2. Richard Knapp cannot attend July Comm. meeting. He will be out of town. Excused.
  1. Member Jim Russell has not attended 4-meetings in the last year. The Comm. agreed to require better attendance. If he cannot for various reasons, it will be necessary to call for a replacement. Non-attendance for three meetings in a row is an automatic resignation and replacement.
  1. Being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 9:48 P.M. Motion by Richard Knapp, seconded by Jim Vaglivielo, Unam.

Wally Corey, Chairman

Total Monies taken in: $305.00