Minutes of Architectural Committee, July 3, 2001


Architectural Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440



Meeting Date: Tuesday July 3, 2001

Place: V.C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Excused: Richard Knapp

Absent: None

Guests: 2-unknown, left without name

  1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey ay 7:00 P.M.
  2. The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.
  3. Plans, improvements, submitted for Review:
  1. Campos,Vaughn & Linda (renters), Robert Rearick owner of record. 21277 Highland Rd. Lot 25 Block U

Alleged violations of Architectural Guidelines:

Rock walls, steps being installed, cut down trees, shed, junk car, and refuse Photos supplied. There is no approval record on file.

Linda Compos appeared at our meeting with her daughter. The metal structure, without prior approval from the Committee, was said by Mrs. Campos to be a trellis. The shed, she said, was a temporary 8-ft.x10-ft shed, not on a foundation nor slab, and unfinished.

Mrs. Campos was given a verbal preliminary approval as presented, however paint chips and photos must be supplied to the Comm. before any possible final approval. She also agreed for a Comm. member to visit the site for compliance as presented. Then and only then will final applications for review be considered. With several letters and comments possibly conflicting in content to Mrs. Campos’ projects; the Comm. agreed to attempt to sift out the actual circumstances ;in respect to the Arch. Guidelines, and review accordingly, a letter of Violation has been sent on the metal structure, and Letters of Violation will be sent on the shed, and rock walls, until the conditions are remedied. The Board will investigate the reported inoperable vehicle.

  1. Walter Fox, 2393 Cartwright Rd., Lot 42, Block I, Mr. Fox presented a colored photo of the native rock walls that will replace the existing wood retaining walls; this month. Application will be made with plot plan and details. Five Notices of Violations have been sent on the wood retaining walls without approval. Mr. Fox is a construction foreman overseas.

  2. Mike Day applied for a 25-ftx25-ft. dog run in the rear yard.21361 Crestview Rd. 3-ft. high, 4x4 treated posts 6-ft. o.c.,solid dog-ear 1x6 vert.wood, nat. finish. No Fee. He plans a future deck and will appears with plans,etc.

  3. Jack McGuffie, 1721 Harte Rd. 106A-M. A 40x40 barn plan submitted for review. Green color to match existing residence color. Paid $ 25.00 Cash. Approved Unam. A plan was also submitted for a 52-ft x 38-ft. 5-ft high 3-rail fence, nat. fin. Approved unam. Paid $10.00 cash…

  4. Jim Russell 21975 Adobe Rd. Lots 21,22-G a 25-ftx25-ft. wire fence, 4-ft. high. Wd. posts 6-ft. o.c. inside of existing 3-rail wood 5-ft. high corral… Approved unam. No Fee…

Old Business:

  1. Another Notice of Violation has been sent to John Curls.
  2. " " " has been sent to Dean Beardon.
  3. A Notice of Violation was sent to John Grantham, 2335 Cartwright Rd. Lot 4-J on Water Service Co. sign out on front of drive.
  4. Ken McCabe wire fence on Grissley Rd. wood rails not installed as yet. McCabe to be contacted as to his plans to comply as approved.


New Business:

Keith Judson was informed of the junk car at 3-I 2381 Grisslley Rd. which has been sitting in the front yard for probably 20-years; for his investigation.

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. Mot. By Don, Sec. By Jim R. Unam.

Wally Corey, Chairman

Total Monies taken in $ 35.00 Expenses $ 80.00