Minutes of Architectural Committee, August 7, 2001


Architectural Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Date: August 13,2001


Meeting Date: Tuesday, August 7,2001.

Place: V.C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Excused: None

Absent: None

Guests: None

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey at 7:00 P.M.

The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

Plans, and or Improvements submitted for Review:

Clay Crockett, 1-G, 2230 Agate Rd.

A fence in rear&side yards,3-rail & 2-rail nat.fin.wood, 4-ft.& 5-ft. high, approx. 960 lin. ft. long.

Assoc. Dues are paid current & is legal property owner.

Approved Unam. Pd. $10.00 #1787(Colonial Bank)

Nancy Judson, 14-H, 2511 Cartwright Rd.

A "Janco glass Greenhouse kit,13ft-7in. x10-ft-6in.. w/bronze alum. ribs. Attached to house rear.

Assoc. dues are current & is legal owner.

Approved Unam. Pd. $20.00 #6110 (BofA)

Gabriel Venegas, 117-N, 1900 Empire Rd.

New Plot Plan, House reversed on lot.

Assoc. dues are current & is legal owner.

Approved Unam. Pd. $20.00 #1393 (Cal Fed)

Suzy Burwood, 16-J, 21535 Dortort Dr.

Fence,37ft long, 5-ft.high, 1x6 vert boards, clear stain, in rear yard.

Assoc. dues are current & is legal owner.

Approved Unam….. No Fee.

Steve Musser, 32,33-N, 1850 Lousetown Rd.

A 10ft x 20ft temporary shed (office use) to be used until construction in progress is complete, office will then be transferred to house addition.

Assoc. dues are not current, is legal owner; hold until Board Secretary or Bookeeper clears unpaid dues…

Approved Unam. conditionally as above, Hold, No fee…

John Mirata, 214-M, 1990 Silverado Rd.

New Plot Plan, same house plan as approved 6/5/01.

Assoc. dues are current & is legal property owner.

Approved Unam. Pd. $25.00 #1002 (Wells Fargo)

Bruce Burke, 66,67-K, 2243 Cartwright Rd.

Approx. 1600 ft. lg. 4-ft. high,3-4in. rd.rails, 6-in.rd. posts/ Treated, nat. fin…

Assoc. dues are current, & is legal property owner.

Approved Unam. Pd. $10.00 #3297 (BofA)

John Curls, 4-J, 2355 Cartwright Rd.

His letter (7/7/01 states that a 30-gal. second coat was applied to existing first coat per color chip approved 10/5/99, white trim.

John Granthram, 4-J, 2335 Cartwright Rd.

In response to our 7/24/01 letter of violation, the so-called "water co. advertising sign" has been removed from view.

A Memo was given to each Comm member that:

Board directing Comm. to verify if dues are current & if applicant is legal owner; as conditions to be met to obtain final review approval.

Vaughn Campos (renter) 25-U, 21277 Highland Rd.

Legal Owners are James & Robert Rearick (address unknown). Mrs. Campos responded by letter July 30,2001 to the Comm. letter w/ Violation Notices, July 25,2001, she wished to confirm her position.

The Comm. Chair related to her again that the four

"Notices of Violation" would remain in force.

Existing 3-rail wood fence.

Rock walls & steps installed.

An 8ft x 10ft. temporary shed moved onto property

Metal structure (trellis???) under construction, red-tagged by Storey County.

Final Review Application Approval cannot be issued until:

Assoc. dues are paid up current.

A letter from the legal property owner (Rearicks) as to their approval of the four violations in progress, as above.

Corey related to her that when these violations are turned over to the Board of Directors, the Board will notify the Owners of a scheduled "Hearing". Fines may be imposed by the Board per their Hearing decision…

Roger Brotherton, 29-T, 21351 Crestview Dr.

His e-mail to Corey on July 27,2001 contained his concern about the condition of the house next door, remaining incomplete for 6-years or so; (missing siding, unfinished exterior). This may be a concern of the S.C. Bldg. Dept., who will be notified… May possibly be 32-T, 21321 Crestview Dr. ????


Marie Stafford, 13,14-U, 1340 Highland Spur’

She called inquiring about wire fences in front yard. She did not appear at the Meeting as she had hoped. She wants to fence the entire property perimeter w/wire fencing only, to keep the horses out.

Corey related to her that wire fencing in the front yard would be in violation to our regulations and would require an application for a "Variance"…

The Blue Box Construction trailer unit parked on 51,52-H 21830 Adobe Rd. has no Review Approval on record. Complete investigation in progress.

The "water co. advertising sign" at 77,78-M, 1720 Empire Rd. on fence, has been reported to the Comm.  Griff Rausch is the latest recorded owner; however he does not live there. Appears to be a renter. Confirmation & investigation under way.

The "Permit" separate form submitted for review was rejected as unnecessary. A New Application-Permit Form is being designed for consideration & review at the Comm. Sept. Meeting. The existing supply of the white-yellow-pink carbons are getting very low…

Development of "Business Cards" for the Comm. members was unam. approved Bids will be gotten for 500 & 1000. 100 or 200 for each member with their name in the corner.

Carl's Blueprint & Kinko will be contacted as well as a search for someone with the "Card Disc". The cost of the Card Program Disc will also be investigated.. When assembled, the project will be presented to the Board for comment and approval.

Ken McCabe, 7-H, 2465 Cartwright Rd. A 3-rail wood fence was approved Aug. 7, 2000. Since that time the wire only fence was installed, rejecting the material delivered. The Chair has been informed that the wood rail material is finally on the lot, ready for installation.

Dean Beardon, 29-I, 2465 Grissley Rd…

5-Notices of Violations letters have been ignored… A For Sale Sign is out front  lot Plan setback is not 54-ft. per plan; appears to be very minimum. (30-ft.????)

An approx. 6-ft. high dirt bank was created in the front yard, a very short distance from the front door ( a down in a hole appearance.) Bad erosion will occur.. photo made…

It was unam. agreed to turn the file over to the Board at Aug. 14, 2001 meeting as well as sending copies of the violation letters to the Keystone Realty main office…

Updated "Guidelines" (to include Addendums and additional regulations approved.) is in process of development for review at some future meeting.

Fee increase development is under way to better balance Comm. income versus expenses. The Review Comm. income was $1,065.00 and the expenses were $900.00; with no supplies requested; since July 11,2000 when the present fee schedule was approved &recorded.

It was unam. approved to request Board approval for two rubber stamps to be made.

One: "Assoc. Dues Not Current" with date….

One: "Assoc. Dues are Current" with date….

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 P.M. App. Unam. Motion to adjourn by Jim R., Seconded by Don I.

Monies taken in $ 85.00 Expenses $ 100.00

Wally Corey, Chairman