Minutes of Architectural Committee, October 3, 2001

Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo


Date: Oct. 8, 2001

Meeting Date: Tuesday Oct. 3,,2001

Place: V,C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Vaglivielo

Excused: Jim Russell (in Kansas City)

Absent: None

Guests: None

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey @ 7:05 P.M.

The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

The Sept. 4, 2001 Meeting Minutes were approved unam.

Plans and or improvements submitted for Review….

Scott Burrell, Lot 32, Block I, 2430 Grissley Rd.

1.1-15ft. x 32ft. & 1-12ft. x 16ft. wood 2x 6 decks, w/wood

railings, cedar stain, Pd. $30.00, #2325 Nv. State Bank.

Approved Unam.


Rachelle Hartman, Lot 21, Block C, 2424 Cartwright Rd.

1. A 14ft-6in. x 6-ft. covered porch, conc. floor, 2-wood corner

posts, sequoria brown roof to match house, exposed wood-

light beige stain, concrete sidewalk…..

Reside entire house w/ 1x6 horiz. wood lap siding, stain light

Beige. Trim- Ponderosa Green…

Pd. $40.00, no number,(new) Bank of Nevada

Approved Unam…

There was no old nor new business discussed….

Motion to Adjoin by Jim V., seconded by Don I., Unaminously,

at 8:15 P.M……

7. Monies taken in $70.00 Expenses $80.00

Wally Corey Chairman