Minutes of Architectural Committee, May 7, 2002

Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Meeting Date: May 7, 2002

Place: V,C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Vaglivielo,

Excused: None

Absent: Jim Russell

Guests: Keith Judson

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey @ 7:05 P.M.

The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

The April 7,2002 Meeting Minutes motion to approve by Richard Knapp, seconded by Don Ingram, Unanimous….

Plans, changes, alterations received for Review…

a. Agenda Item…Steve Musser, 32,33-N 1860 Lousetown 3-rail, 5-ft. fence across front of lots. Owner in Tahoe, could not make meeting, Tabled until June Meeting.

b.Tom, Pat Faber Lot 55 Block U, 21311 Graves Rd. 2076 sq. ft. residence., color samples submitted: Horiz. lap siding, Kelly-Moore Cypress, Sequoia Redwood Trim, Frost under Porch. Elk class "A" Fiberglass Roofing., saberwood White Vinyl Sliding Windows. Submitted brochures. Motion to approve by Don I, sec. by Rich. K. Unam. Paid $100.00 #1585 Bank of the West.

c. Mark Stevens Lot 226-M 2010 Silverado 2408 s.f. residence, 990 s.f. detached garage w/ work shop, approx. 260 lin. ft. 3-rail 5-ft wood fence.Nat. Fin. Siding—Weyerhauser Hardbooard horiz. lap painted Beige.. Trim—2x6 d.f.wood painted dark brown. Roofing—Celetex brown class "A" fiberglass Windows—white vinyl sliding & s.h. Motion to approve by Don I., sec. by Jim V. Unam. Paid $130.00 #5124 Vineyard Ntl. Bank Had only one check, $75.00 fee for detached garage. To be mailed with siding,roofing, brochures…

d. Wm. & Pam Stahl, Lot 357-M 21315 Saddleback 1424 s.f. residence upper level, 1386 lower level, 445 s.f. loft, 625 s.f.detached garage, well house. Siding—4x8 sheet hardboard ship lap, painted deacon’s bench lt.brown(Glidden) Trim—Rich Mocha-Glidden Windows—White Vinyl, various types. Motion to approve by Rich.K. sec by Jim V. Unaminous. Paid $195.00 #1025 Wells Fargo

e. Joe Alt , 132.133-M 1920 Morgan Rd. 1620 s.f. residence, approx. 460 s.f. 8-deck Siding—4x8 ship lap hardboard, Moth Wing Beige Trim—1x4 fir Juniper Hedge Green Roofing-- Owens-Corning Class "A" Fiberglass Forest Green, to mail brochure. Windows—white vinyl sliding. Deck-- Paint to match siding Motion to approve by Don I., sec. by Rich. K. Unam. Paid $130.00 #1184 B. of A.


1. Tanju Sion, Lot 136-N 2271 Empire Rd. A letter & "Notice of Violation" has been sent. Metal siding installed in lieu of t-111 wood on plans. The off white metal roof has stirred up many calls & comments, as not being in harmony with the surroundings. especially being set out in the open. Not behind trees.


Even though the white roof was approved unam. June 5, 2000, Ch. Corey suggested to the owner that he spray paint the white with an acceptable color. Mr. Sion plans in the near future to request approval on a new house roof. At this time he will also need approval to fiberglass shingle the white roof. the same new shingles as the house…. Mr. Sion plans to attend the May 7, Board Meeting.

2. Tom Bickert, Lot 310-M 2030 Applegate Rd. Dome structure A letter was sent to him that he submit specs. and 3- complete sets of plans, (plot, floors, 4-elevations.) including material and color brochures; for committee review…The plan book with a $100.00 check inside iis missing from the April Board meeting. The check will be cancelled. An 8 ft. wood porch would be installed all around the perimeter with a 24x24-ft wood carport on the side. The major question is; is the structure in harmony with the surroundings and is the design acceptable in the V.C.H. There appears to be at least two dome structures in the 10-acres we are told. The lower level planned is 2000 s.f. the upper- approx. 900 s.f., 3-bedrooms, 3-baths.. 50-ft diameter…

3. There was no further old business discussed…


1. Rbt. Pereira 398A-M 21435 Saddleback Rd. A letter & a "Notice of Violation" has been sent… The plans were approved April 6, 1996… The stone veneer on the entire lower level has not been installed per the plans submitted. The bare concrete is the existing surface. The residence is up for sale. If not installed by the present owner, a letter agreement would be required that the new owner would install the stone veneer.

2. Rbt. Cavanaugh Lot 25-G, 21945 Adobe Rd. He wishes to install fiber type window canopies. The question is, would they be in harmony and what guidelines apply.

There was no further new business discussed…

Motion to adjourn by Rich., sec. Don I. Unam. @ 9{30 P.M.

Monies taken in $ 555.00 Expenses: $ 80.00


Wallace C. Corey