Minutes of Architectural Committee, June 10, 2002

Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Meeting Date: June 10, 2002

Place: V.C. Highlands Fire House Meeting Room

Present: Wally Corey, Don Ingram, Richard Knapp, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo,

Excused: None

Absent: None

Guests: Keith Judson

The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey @ 7:06 P.M.

The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.

The May 7, 2002 Meeting Minutes were approved with the following corrections: Item 3 April7,2002 was corrected to April 1, 2002; Old Business: #2 line 7 iis was corrected to its; Item"e": Page 2, 1920 Morgan Rd. was corrected to 1900 Morgan Rd.

Motion to approve as corrected by Don I., seconded by Richard Knapp,Unanimous.

Plans, additions, changes, alterations received for Review:

Steve Musser, 32,33-N 1860 Lousetown Rd. 3-rail,5-ft. white vinyl fence across front of lots, w/2-ft sq. x 5-ft high stone columns on each side; w/lights, No gate at this time. Approx. 115-ft of fence. Approved Unam. Paid $30.00 #3061 Bank of the West.

Rbt. Cavanaugh,25-G 21945 Adobe Rd.. Proposed canvas Type window awnings. Applicant did not appear… Tabled…

Rachelle Hartman, 21-C, 2424 Cartwright Rd. 3-rail, 5-ft. lodge pole fence w/rabbit wire inside, approx. 210 ft. long from left front house corner to rear yard, back to right rear house corner. Painted lt. brown to match house….Approv. Unam. Paid $30.00 @1133 1st Natl. Bank.

Corey Krohn, 20,21-N 1980 Lousetown Rd. 1880 s.f. new residence,(Barbara Smith application cancelled) Color and material samples submitted. Truwood horiz. lap siding-Malibu Beige;Trim & doors-Peppertree Gray, Roof-Charcoal Fiberglass…. Approved Unanimously Paid $100.00 #1051 Bank of the West.

John Morris,62,63A-U 21311 Grande Rd. 860 s.f. Addition between and connecting house with garage. All colors & mtls. to match existing. Siding-sheet plywood w/grooves @ 8in.-Surrey green Trim-white, Roofing-Fiberglass forest green shingles. Approv. Unam. Paid $75.00 #14595 Wells Fargo.

Jerry, Linda Conners, 32-U, 1320 Calavaras Approx. 74-ft long, 5-ft. high solid dog ear cedar fence on Side yard, shield for strong wind. Nat. finish. Approv. Unam. Paid $30.00 #2510 Wells Fargo

Terry Tew, 278-M, 2141 Cartwright Rd. 99 s.f. shed (closing in 2nd level balcony, T-111 ply siding stained to match house dark brown. $ 30.00 50 s.f. shed addition-cedar stain to match existing. Extends 24 in. into required 15-ft side yard. Neighbor Joel Smith sent letter of no objection….Black roofing to match existing. Approv. Variation Unam. $ 20.00 86-ft forest green lattice field, redwood trim 5-ft. fence, no gates…. Approv. Unam. $ 30.00 Total paid $ 80.00 #3189 Wells Fargo

Ron Acree, 39A-I 2407 Cartwright Rd. 10-ft x 12-ft. horse shelter open sides with pipe posts, roof to match house… No fee charged, question whether it is temporary and portable(bolted to conc. piers) or a permanent structure. Vaglivielo, Russell, Ingram approvrd as temporary. Knapp abstained, Corey considered it a permanent structure requiring approval as such.


Mark Stevens $ 75.00 check was received as promised…

Tanju Sion 136-N 2270 Empire It has been reported that T-111 wood siding per plans is being Installed over the metal siding.

Tom Bickert, 310-M 2030 Applegate Rd. His dome book that was missing, appeared one day on Corey’s doorstep, The $100.00 check was still inside.

Copies of the Arch. Comm. "Draft" was mailed to ea. member…


Rbt. Pereira, 348A-M 21435 Saddleback Rd. A "Notice of Violation" was sent May 3, 2002, no response…

Jim Russell, 21,22,23,24-G 21075 Adobe Rd. New Garage w/loft over. Missing file plans nor located as yet, may be misfiled. We had three inquires as to what the final will look like. The project has not been finished and painted…Any comments will be tabled until such time…

 Wm. Brettenbach, 61A-U, 21285 Fey Rd. It appears a 3-rail fence has been installed without approval. Will be further investigation and or a "Notice of Violation".

Deny Dotson 9-H 2477 Cartwright Rd. It appears a 2-rail wood fence has been installed without approval. Will be further investigation and or "Notice of Violation".

Proposed Arch. Guidelines "DRAFT"

The proposal was discussed and met with various opinions and comments on the content and lack of notification to the A.C. from the beginning. The discussion became very heated several times.. The approach and procedure taken was said to be very controversial. Keith Judson told the Committee members to mark-up the Draft with their changes or suggestions and give them to Randy Fruzza.

There was no further new business.

The Meeting was adjourned at 10:04 P.M. Motion by Jim R.

Sec. by Jim V. Unam.

Monies taken in: $ 420.00 Expenses: $ 100.00

Wally Corey