Minutes of Architectural Committee, October 1, 2002

Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman,Don Ingram,Richard Knapp,Jim Russell,Jim Vaglivielo

Meeting Date:Oct. 1, 2002.

Place: V C Highlands Fire Station Meeting Room

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Present: W. Corey, D. Ingram, J. Russell, J.Vaglivielo, R. Knapp



Guests: Keith Judson, President

  1. The Meeting was called to order by Chairman Corey @ 7:08 P.M.
  2. The Payroll Report was signed by all attending members.
  3. The Sept. 3, 2002 Meeting Minutes. Mot. to app, by Don I., sec.by Rich. Knapp. Unam.

  1. Plans, additions,changes,alterations,received for Review.

John Morris, 62,63-U 21311 Grande Rd,

A 40-ft x 60-ft all metal barn

Note: barn is hidden from view of neighbors and streets.

4/12 pitch, o.k. to delete front wood siding.

Prefin. Green roof & siding, doors to match house.

Facia & trim-white.

To furnish us for file lot Consolidation.

App-Jim V., sec.by Jim R. Unam. Corey abstained.

Paid $75.00 #1213 World Sav.&Loan

Keith Judson 14-H, 2511 Cartwright Rd/

A 21-ft. x 22-ft Dog Run, Nat.Fin,

3-rail wood 5-ft high, rabbit type wire full height.

App. Jim V., sec. Don I., unam.

No Fee

Ron Acree, 39A-I, 2407 Cartwright Rd.

Metal Horse Panels on existing east & west side of

existing horse shelter.

App. Jim R. Sec. Jim V. Unam

Paid $20.00 cash

Chris Mason 242.3.4-M 2085 Mustang Rd.

24-ft x 24-ft detached garage

3/12 pitch roof for view, approved.

Roofing and siding to match existing house.

App. Jim V. sec. Don I., Unam.

Paid $75.00 #8869

Don Ingram 275-M, 2171 Cartwright Rd.

10-ft, x 20-ft Carport attached to Garage 2/12 pitch

Roofing to match garage.

App. Jim R., sec. Rich. K. Unam…

Paid $50.00 cash


Fence violation letters sent out Graves, Fey Rds.


There was no new business discussed…

7. Motion to adjoin Meeting by R, Knapp sec. by Don I., Unam. @

8;45 P.M.

An executive type session was held at Jim V. request.

members only.


Monies taken in $ 220.00 Expenses $ 100.00


Wally Corey, Chairman