Minutes of Architectural Committee, July 1, 2003

Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey-Chairman,Don Ingram,Richard Knapp,Jim Russell,Jim Vaglivielo

Meeting Date:July 1, 2003.

Place: V C Highlands Fire Station Meeting Room

Time: 7:00 P.M.

Present: , W. Corey, D. Ingram, Jim Russell, Jim Vaglivielo

Excused: Richard Knapp (vacation in Oregon)

Absent: none

Guests: none

  1. The Meeting was called to order by Chair. Corey @ 7:02 P.M.
  1. The Payroll Report was signed by all members present.
  1. The June 3,2003 Meeting Minutes, Mot. to approve, with the

folowing correction: On item "e" of "Plans submitted"

"Beckerman" change "wood" to "Carefree Vinyl". Unam.

  1. Plans,additions,changes,alterations,received for Review:

David Thomas 21400 Saddleback Rd Lot 332 Block M

Request to remove 15-heavily bunched trees of various

sizes to make room for residence addition, corral, etc.

to lots 332,333,334. To be consolidated.

Mot. to approve by Don I.,sec. by Jim V. Unam. No fee.


Bill Bohnacker 21410 Sarazac, Lot 51 Block K

900 s.f. 2-story addition, to the rear of garage, Roof- 30-yr. 70 m.p.h. Owens Corning Class "A" Fiberglass "Brow\nwood"

Siding- 5/8" d.f. ply. w/ 1x3 battens 16"o..c. to match house.

Behr "Pewter" w/ Barn Red trim to match house.

Mot. to app. By Jim V. sec. by Jim R. Unam. Paid $75.00.


Steve Beckerman, 2349 Cartwright, Lot 8 Block J.

Received missing signature.


Wesley Browne, 21525 Dortort, Lot 15 Block J

8-ft.x12-ft. temporary wood shed for 1-year max.

6-ftx12-ft chain link temporary dog run(to be painted green)

set back 48-ft. from front easement line.

Mot to approve by Jim V. sec. by Don I. Unam. Paid $20.00.


 Carol Morrill, 1945 Saddleback Rd.,Lot 302 Block M

10-ft x 9-ft storage shed at rear of garage. Roof and

sidng to match house.

Mot. to approve by Jim R., sec. by Jim V. Unam. Paid 30.00.


Jim Stewart, 2121 Cartwright, Lot 279 Block M

Entire house has been painted "Sequoia". Application forms

given to Mr. Stewart at his house. Did not attend meeting.

Tabled until owner contacted again.


Al Cavanaugh, 21520 Dortort Dr. Lots 58,59 Block I

Necessary missing signatures obtained.


Richard Woolley, 2071 Empire, Lots121,122,123,Block N

New 2722 s.f. Residence

Siding-Hardiplank 5/16"Lap"Cedarmill", Benj. Moore "Bleeker

Beige, Roofing-Monier Lifetile duuralite e.w. conc. shake,

cedar color, Trim-Lafayette green, Porch & railings nat. fin.

redwood, Exposed stem wall- Mountain blend shadow

cult. Stone

Mot. to approve by Don I.,sec.by Jim V. Unam. Paid $100.000


Phyllis Blake, 2440 Grissley,Lot 32 Block I

576 s.f. Garage at rear of house, Siding-L-3 2x8 log slab

to match house, Roofing 30-yr. "Desert Tan".

Mot. to approve Jim V.,sec by Don I., Unam. Paid $75.00.


Joe Alt(Accent Builders) 1870 Harte Rd. Lots 94,95 Block M

2592 s.f. new residence, Siding-Hardipanel, "Snow Ball"

Roof-Estates Grey, Trim- "Dream Spiral", vinyl windows.

Mot. to Approve by Jim V.,sec.by Don I.,Unam. Paid $100.00



Further discussion of 2-proposed amendments to the


"Not on Annual Meeting Agenda and Arch. Comm.

was not asked to submit an annual report for Newsletter.

"Lack of more specific detail on exterior colors."

Dictionary definition of "Rustic".

Sudden appearance of new term "Wood Tone".

Change "Design of Structure" to "Exterior Style of


Suggest more exterior style examples to choose from.

Comments on the "Questionnaire".

Only 62 responded. Probably near 500 did not

respond, color and or style was not a concern.and should be counted as such.

Who did the counting??? And how…

8."Enforcement" was added, not possible no authority.

9.Lack of response from the Board president and the

Board, to set up a joint meeting of the Board and the Arch. Comm. to discuss any proposals.


None discussed.

The Meeting was adjoined at 9:30 Mot by Jim V. sec. Don I


Wally Corey, Chairman

Monies taken in: $400.00 Expenses( applications printing)