Architectural Review Committee

Virginia City Highlands

P.O. Box 130

Virginia City, NV 89440


Wally Corey, Chairman, Jim Russell, Donna Wasson, Jim Watson


Meeting Date:  Oct. 7, 2003

Place: V C Highlands Fire Station Meeting Room

Time:  7:00 P,M,

Present: Wally Corey, Jim Russell, Donna Wasson, Jim Watson

Excused: None

Absent:   None

Guests:  Bob Kershaw


1.    The meeting was called to order by Chair. Corey @ 7:00 P.M.

2.    The Sept. 2, 2003 Meeting Minutes, motion to approve by Jim Russell, sec. by D. Wasson,  Unaminous.

3.  Agenda taken out of order for guest to address committee.

Bob Kershaw misunderstood which meeting was in place,

He actually intended on attending the Board meeting, which is next Tuesday..

3.    Plans, Additions, Changes, Alterations received for Review.


a.     Julie Day, Lot 29 Blk. I, 2410 Grissley Rd.

Approx. 220 ft. 2-rail wood fence, 48 in. High,Nat. stain.

Paid $30.00 #1427 B of A  Approved Unam.


b.     Rhonda King, Lot 109, Blk. M, 1790 Empire

Change roof from gambrel to gable, finish missing ext. horiz.

Siding. Brown Class “A” fiberglass roofing, lt. brown painted

Hardiboard siding.

Paid $20.00 #706 Washoe Credit Union, Approved Unam.


c.     Joe Alt, Lots 97,98, Blk M, 1841 Harte

A new 2190 sq. ft. residence, Roofing Class “A” Estate Gray,

Harbor Gray Siding, Trim-Chestnut

Approved Conditionally to verify if a pony wall or higher than 24in. of concrete exposed.

Donna W. to see Alt for signature and fee.



Oct. 7, 2003 Arch. Comm. Minutes continued                                            2.


d.     Jay Euse, Lot 47 Blk N, cor. Lousetown & Panhandle

He inquired if “Permacrete” would be acceptable as a siding coating.  The Comm. stated that the stucco appearance is not

allowed, and would not be acceptable. He was informed that he could also talk to the Board at their next meeting. 




a.      Fee Schedule, being used by the Comm. since Sept. 13, 2001

was discussed again. Jim Watson remembered when he was president the schedule was given to the Board. It has been working fine, with one addition; a category of “Reroof” to be added, along with “Residing”. It was unaminously approved as such and again present it to the Board for their sanction.


b.     Kelly Rogers appeared and asked some general questions as

to lots he has on Clemons.


c.      Tom Faber appeared to discuss the tree planted in the ditch

with metal bars, by a Mrs. Reynolds who lives across the street

in the 10-acres; the tree & ditch are on his side of the road (Grande) The pins are on his side so that the road easement goes thru her property. The Bldg Dept will not act because it is

a private road. The 10-acres have done nothing it seems.

We could not act because the large tree planted is within her

property, but in the easement.


     d.  Steve Musser and Mike Stern appeared to apply for the

vacancy on the committee.  John Mirata and Vickie Allen did

not appear. Short interviews were conducted.

It was unanimous to recommend Mike Stern to be appointed by the Board of Directors.


d.     Jim W. motions to adjoin, sec. by Donna W,  Unanimous.

@ 8:45 P.M.


                    Wally Corey, Chairman