P.O. BOX  130


Wally Corey-Advisor, Donna Wasson – Chairman, Jim Russell – Vice Chairman,

Cindy Rogers – Secretary, Pat Daniels – Violation Inspector, Stephen Musser – Photographer


Minutes  - March 1, 2004


  1. The meeting was called to order by new Chairman Donna Wasson @ 7:00 P.M.
  2. The February 3rd, 2004 Meeting Minutes were approved unamiously.
  3. Called for all plans brought in by waiting members.



A.    Donald Young – N24  1920 Lousetown

a.      approved addition to existing structure

1.     colors to match same

2.     fees collected plans stamped


B.     Dean & Cindy Rogers – I5  2361 Grizzley Rd.

a.      approved addition to existing deck

1.  colors and materials to match same

2.     fees collected plans stamped



C.    T. Sattertwhaite, III & Gail Pierce – K 12, 13, 14 21499 Delta Dr.

a.      approved new 2732 sq ft home.

b.     Approved siding and roof materials and colors

c.      Colors to be Seal & Oyster Shell

d.     Roof Metal:  Weathered Copper

                                          e.  fees collected plans stamped


  1. New members elected and to act in interim until VCHPOA approval

Pat Daniels

Cindy Rogers

Stephen Musser



  1. Officers elected and duties established as follows:

Advisor – Walley Corey – To help and instruct in legal and past issues.

Chairman – Donna Wasson – To reside over meetings to facilitate the transfer of records to an electronic file.  Run errands and complete anything not finished by rest of group.

Vice Chairman Jim Russell -  To reside in place of the absence of chairman.  To facilitate in helping other officers with their work.

Secretary Cindy Rogers – To take minutes, type and copy minutes and create the agenda.

Violation Inspector Pat Daniels To patrol and inspect for violations, to respond to violation complaints.  To photograph and contact the offenders or complaintants in reponse to complaints.

Photographer Stephen Musser – To collect and photograph lots, buildings and streets in the highlands and to return them to Chair for data entry.  To facilitate in helping the inspectors or new construction. 




  1. Reviewed plans submitted via officers:

A.    Merle & Dana Creger, 190A M 2  2005 Silverado

a.      New 2291 Residence approved

b.     Approved outside materials

c.      Approved colors Mars (reddish sequoia)

d.     Approved roof sample

e.      Fees collected



     7:  Old Business:

            a.  collected fees for 2377 Cartwright approved at January’s meeting on contingency of color sample.  Color sample received and approved.


    8:  Committed discussed and confirmed the set policy for allowing variances as follows

1.     Owner must show hardship

a.      Size

b.     Set Backs

c.      Hieghth

d.     Lot configuration

All variances started or in progress of request will be denied if they do not fall under the above named categories.  Board was in error in having allowed the process to begin if it did not fall under the guidelines.  Any monies collected for variances which will not go forward will be returned.