Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
May 4, 2004

Wally Corey-Advisor, Donna Wasson (ABSENT), Jim Russell, Cindy Rogers, Pat Daniels, Stephen Musser

Meeting Date:  5-4-04         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    The Meeting was called to Order by Co-Chairman, Jim Russell.

2.    Approved April 6, 2004 Minutes.

3.    Reviewed the following Plans:


a.     Rick Jeffrey, 1885 Empire, Lot 104, Block N

370 S.F. kitchen addition and replace deck and railing. Plan conditionally approved. Mr. Jeffrey will bring Wally a plot plan and will come back at a later date with roof and siding choice.

Paid $105.00, Check #4846.


b.     Owen Vaught, 2315 Goodman, Lot 46A, Block J

424 S.F. redwood deck w/natural finish. Finish to match existing house. Approved.

Paid $30.00, Check #1712.


c.     Gerald Snell, 21915 Adobe, Lot 30,31, Block G

1120 L.F., 2-rail split cedar fence, 2 -16 ft. gates. Approved.

Paid $50.00, Check #1013


d.     Tom Moss, 21550 Delta, Lot 28A - Block J

Wishes a variance for a 5 foot setback from street (front easement). Has application into Planning Commission for their Thursday, May 6

meeting. Wishes to build on flattest portion of his land. No action taken at this time. Committee not comfortable approving this variance

as there is no hardship and neighbors are not in favor. Wally to call Dean at the Planning Commission to give them this information.

This couple may come back with a compromise plan.


e.     Bill Bohnacker, 21325 Delta, Lot 1, Block A

1700 S.F. New Residence. Plain sawn board and bats - gray slate metal roof and desert sand paint choice. Attached garage will be
added later. Approved.

Paid $130.00, Check #2060


f.     Wm. & Victoria Thompson-Sjovangen - Lot 5-H, 2461 Grissley
New 720 S.F. Garage. Handy Board shingle type siding, earth color greens, with a green metal roof. Home rendition/addition to follow later. Approved.
Paid $75.00, Check #5691.

g.     Bob Moore, 1864 Lousetown, Lot 30, Block N.
New 60 X 40¹ Barn. Colonial light green with a matching metal roof. Approved.
Paid $75.00, Check #1475.

h.     John Hardy, 62I, 2240 Enterprise
New 2300 S.F. Residence, Includes Garage and front deck. Light cedar natural siding with Sherwood green composite roof. Approved.
Paid $120.00, Check #484.

i.     Kevin Ford, 1813 Lousetown Rd., Lot 38, Block O.
1956 S.F. living space with a garage underneath. Cedar Hardy Boy Siding with sage trim and a brown composite roof. No action taken at this time, more information was needed. They will be first on next month¹s agenda.

j.     Edward and Wanda Rowe, 2025 Applegate Road. Lot 318/319
New 2380 S.F. residence and deck. Gray Hardyboard siding and trim with a dark gray, antique slate, composite roof. Approved.
Paid $130.00, Check #1046.

k.     Wayne and Janann Lewis, 21290 Fey Road, Lot 57, Block U.
New residence, 2500 S.F., ship lap beige siding with Montica trim (deep brownish/maroon), Weatheredwood Comp. roof. 8 1/2 X 11 plan to be brought to Wally. Approved.
Paid 100.00, Check #1376.

Total fees collected: $815.00 to be given to bookkeeper at next Board Meeting. Tuesday, May 11, 2004.




1.    Guideline Package was finished and a unanimous vote was passed to hand over our recommendations to the Board for consideration to be mailed with voting ballots for the annual meeting. Cindy Rogers will retype and deliver these suggestions to the Board at the May 11, 2004 meeting.

2.    Meeting was adjourned at 10:10 p.m. by Jim Russell.