Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
July 6, 2004

Wally Corey-Advisor, Donna Wasson, Jim Russell, Cindy Rogers, Pat Daniels, Stephen Musser

Meeting Date:   7-6-04         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    The Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by Donna Wasson. From 7:00 - 7:15, Cindy passed out necessary forms to waiting residents. Pat Daniels and Jim Russell were not in attendance.

2.    Approved June 1, 2004 Minutes

3.    Reviewed the following Plans:


a.     Adam Finch, 1869 Lousetown, Lot 29A, Block O

New residence. Log Siding with a dark brown metal roof with light bronze trim. Approved by Steven, Donna and Cindy.

Check for $100.00 was dropped off with Stephen Musser this week.


b.     Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, 2456 Cartwright

Detached Garage. This is to be set back on the property with pine siding to match existing home. This was not approved at this time. We need a plot plan and there was questions about the roof pitch ratio .


c.     Bill Lewis on Adobe

23'X15' patio cover. Approved by Donna, Stephen and Cindy.

Paid $30.00, check # 1018.


d.     Eric Rose, 2329 Cartwright, Lot 3, Block J

New 1770 sq. ft. residence. Cedar looking vinyl siding in a cedar color with some natural rock work in front and a composition sand colored roof. Approved Donna, Stephen, and Cindy.

Paid $100.00, check #2050.


e.     Jim and Theresa Guerin, 21320 Graves, Lot 47, Block U

Deck with redwood stain and a railroad wood tie retaining wall to replace existing one. Approved by Donna, Stephen and Cindy.

Paid $60.00, check # 1013.


f.     Joe Alt, 2577 Cartwright, Lot 47, Block I
Change of home colors. Was not in attendance so no action was taken.

g.     Scott Vickrey, 2283 Cartwright, Lot 69 & 70, Block K.
NA small shed to be placed well within setbacks. Approved by Donna, Cindy and Stephen.
Paid $30.00, check #2056.

h.     Kevin Ford, 1813 Lousetown Rd., Lot 38A, Block O.
Previously approved home had a need to change location of septic system. To do this, he has consolidated the lots. Also adding a barn to plans. Barn/Detached Garage will match residence siding and colors and will be 24'X36'. Contingent Approval by Donna, Cindy and Stephen based on setback issue. Will check with county and get back to us.
Paid an additional $75.00, check # 1732 for barn plans and for us to look over new plot plan.

i.     Walter Fox, 2393 Cartwright, Lot 41, Block I.
A 900 sq. ft. Addition over the garage. 1X6 wood gray siding to match existing structure. Approved by Stephen, Donna and Cindy contingent on receiving $100.00 fee and 8 1/2 X 11 plans for our files.

j.     Eric Loyer (Architect for homeowners) Lot 194A, Block M
Plans were brought in by Wally Corey as Mr. Loyer and owners could not be at the meeting. We did not approved the plans at this time because we could not locate certain criteria, the consolidation of the property was not complete and the owners did not sign any of the paperwork and we had no letter from them that Mr. Loyer could act as their agent. Donna is holding plans and will contact Mr. Loyer and see if we can resolve this.

TOTAL FEES COLLECTED: $395.00 - DUE: $100.00




1.    Scott Smiley, 21325 Saddleback (256M).
We received plot plan and 8 1/2X11 drawing for files need from April meeting. Approved and will be added to existing file.

Meeting adjourned by Donna at 9:08 p.m.