Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2004

Wally Corey-Advisor, Donna Wasson, Jim Russell, Cindy Rogers, Pat Daniels, Stephen Musser

Meeting Date:   8-3-04         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    Called the meeting to order at 7 P.M. Not in attendance: Wally Corey, Jim Russell (has resigned), Pat Daniels (has resigned).

2.    Motion made to approve July 6, 2004 Minutes, with amended areas in relationship to old business by Steve Musser, seconded by Donna Wasson, unanimous vote. Collected fees of $75.00 due and now paid from last month (not $100.00 as stated in the July's minutes).



1.     Kurk Hager, Lot 56, Block K, 2150 Conestoga
submitted plot plan and received forms. Was approved at April 12, 2004 meeting. File is now in order and this is complete.

2.     Walter Fox, Lot 41, Block I, 2393 Cartwright
Change of addition from July's meeting. Is now adding a sun room and mud room - total 372 sq. ft., instead of overhead addition. Approved.
Paid $75.00, check #1965

3.     Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, Lot 26, 27, Block C, 2456 Cartwright.
Garage addition approved during the month - roof pitch issues have been settled and $75.00 collected. This is now complete and in file.


New plans reviewed - in order of sign in sheet.

1.     John Goshow, 21480 Delta, Lot 34, Block J.
780 sq. ft. deck, Douglas Fir with a red/brown stain. Approved.
Paid $30.00, check #437.

2.     Eric Loyer, agent for Linda Ziegler, 1965 Silverado, 194A, Block M.
1360 sq. ft. front addition with entrance deck. Will match light gray existing colors. Approved.
Paid $75.00, check # 4974.

3.     Andy Biederman, 21620 Dortort, Lot 58A, Block I.
This is an addition to a started project that has changed hands and will now be completed. 2300 sq. ft. home with ship lap wood siding, cedar trim, comp roof in a greenish black, stone stem wall. All siding and trim will be in natural wood color. Approved.
Paid $75.00, check #777.

4.     Kathy Goldworth, 2211 Enterprise, Lot 59, Block G.
Changing siding to Hardy board Lap Siding with a wood grain appearance. Siding will be brown with green trim. Approved.
Paid $20.00, check # 1374.

5.     Joe Alt, 22190 Clemens, Lot 68, Block P.
New residence, 2400 sq. ft. Colors: Siding: Medium gray ŒTimberwolf˛ with a dark gray trim. Gray comp roof. Will try and save as many trees as possible, even though there is a long driveway involved. The existing house within 2500 feet was viewed and compared to new plan and found to be different enough to approve. Approved.
Paid $100.00, check # 4841.

Totals: New Residences -        1 x $100.00 = $100.00
Additions -                     4 x $75.00 = $300.00
Decks -                         1 x $30.00 = $  30.00
Color or Siding Change - 1 x $20.00 = $ 20.00

TOTAL FEES COLLECTED:               $395.00 - DUE: $100.00




1.    What were poll results? Can we act on these? This committee feels that a "real vote" is necessary as soon as possible - the poll does us no good as changes cannot be made without a vote.

2.    Violations? Many homeowners are painting and siding without approval. What action would the Homeowners Board like us to follow?

3.    Two Architectural committee members have resigned (Jim's letter is in file). This committee will set up interviews and then recommend candidates to the Board for approval.

4.    Keith Judson took a few moments to discuss "Earth Tone" colors with the committee. We asked that he take his concerns to the Board and that they Œdirectš us on a course of action.

5.    Adjourned meeting at 9:11 p.m.