Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2004

Cindy Rogers, Stephen Musser, Pat Daniels
Wally Corey-Advisor

Meeting Date:   11-2-04         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    Called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.(new starting time). Members present: Wally Corey, Cindy Rogers and Pat Daniels (reinstated with the Boardıs permission).

2.    Motion made to approve October 5, 2004 Minutes by Pat Daniels, seconded by Wally Corey, unanimous vote.

3.    Motion made by Wally Corey and seconded by Cindy Rogers to reinstate Pat Daniels with the Boardıs permission.



New plans reviewed - in order of sign in sheet.

1.     Dan Hennessey, Lot 355, Block M, 21335 Saddleback.
An addition of 600 square feet, 2 levels, 6 X 24. Will match existing siding which is cedar and roof which is a Class A Comp. Approved.
Paid $75.00, check #1901.

2.     Kimberly Martin, Lot 74 and 75, Block G, 21720 Sazarac Rd.
Fence. Dark brown wood with wire mesh (no climb). Will have stone columns and rod iron gate. Approved.
Paid $30.00, check #125.

3.     Dana and Tammy Sparkes, Lot 23 and 24, Block K, 21575 Colt.
Came in with a plot plan showing where trees need to be removed for driveway. Approved.
No Charge.

4.     Phil Gehrke, Lot 98, Block N, 21840 Bowie.
New residence. 2689 square feet. Exterior to be a dark gray masonite lap board up to the second story where an accent of shakertown shakes will be used for a contrast. Trim will be forest green. Approved.
Paid $100.00, check #1009.

Total Collected: $205. 00. One new residence, one addition and one fence.

5.    Adjourned meeting at 8:21 p.m.