Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 1, 2005

Stephen Musser, Cindy Rogers and Walley Corey

Meeting Date:   2-1-05         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    Called the meeting to order at 7:35 P.M.
Members present: Stephen Musser , Cindy Rogers and Walley Corey.

2.    Motion made to approve January 4, 2005 Minutes by Stephen Musser and seconded by Cindy Rogers. Unanimous.


New plans reviewed - in order of sign in sheet.

1.     Joe Alt, Lot 20, Block I - 21451 Crestview.
Nice plans - very different (Bavarian Style). Hardy board siding in a green/gray color (Eastern Lighthouse) with dark brown trim. Black (Sablewood) Elk Brand Comp roof. Approved.
Paid $130.00, check #4955.

2.     Gilbert Gonzalez, Lot 50, Block H - 21850 Adobe Spur.
3327 sq. ft. new residence with a 4 car, 1166 sq. ft. garage. Kind of a V.C. Mediterranean style with some rock on the front. Siding will be 8² wood lap in front with T111 in back unless stucco is approved by time of building. Siding color with be a light sage green with dark green trim. Country slate, concrete tile roof in a charcoal color. There will be one small turret on the side done in stone. Approved.
Paid $100, check #4662.

3.     Michael and Teresa Stafford, Lot 338, Block M - 21460 Saddleback.
3900 sq. ft. new residence. This will be a log home with a rock facade on the bottom story. It will have a green metal roof and a 3 car, 884 sq. ft. detached garage in a natural wood siding to match the color of the logs.
Approved. Paid $175, check #9277.

4.     Sam Jones & Sharlene Purviance, Lot 33, Block I - 2439 Cartwright.
3018 sq. ft. new residence with a 1260 sq. ft. garage - attached. Hardy board lap siding in a Mt. Elk green color with a lighter green trim with a tribal pottery brown accent color. Dark brown comp roof. Residence was approved with the understanding that they will move the house down toward Cartwright a bit and will apply at a later date for their fencing and dog run.
There was much discussion on the side setbacks as this is a corner lot and will sit very close to Grissley. Clarification on our standards would be helpful. Approved.
Paid $100, check #1005.

Total Collected: $505.00 for four new residences,with one detached garage and one deck.

3.   Three new candidates observed and have asked to join the Architectural Committee. They are: Bill Redman, 2291 Lousetown, Sherry McCready, 2270 Enterprise Road, and Susie Deller, 2431 Grissley Road. It has been mentioned that Jim Russell might wish to rejoin. We see no problem with having a larger committee with the Boardıs approval. More and more responsibility is coming our way and it would be great to share the workload.

4.    A change of order: We are hoping to instigate a new way of reviewing plans. What we propose is to take the plans in for review one month and return them the following month. This will enable us to visit each site and do any necessary research. The current CC&Rıs allow for this and an article will go out in the newsletter stating the change.

5.    We are eagerly looking forward to having the new CC&Rıs, By-laws and Architectural Guidelines in place as our busy season will soon be upon us and the new residence fees will add much needed funds to the road coffer.

6.    Adjourned meeting at 10:00 p.m.