Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association
Architectural Review Committee
P.O. Box 130
Virginia City, NV 89440

Monthly Meeting Minutes
April 5, 2005

Stephen Musser, Cindy Rogers, Wally Corey, Bill Redman, Sherry McCready and Susie Deller

Meeting Date:   4-5-05         @VC Highlands Fire Station


1.    Called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
Members present: Stephen Musser , Cindy Rogers, Sherry McCready, and Bill Redman.
Members absent: Wally Corey and Susie Deller.

2.    Motion made to approve March 1, 2005 Minutes by Stephen Musser and seconded by Sherry McCready. Unanimous.

3.    Cindy Rogers was asked to Chair this committee and Sherry McCready will take over the duties of secretary in the near future.


New plans reviewed - in order of sign in sheet.

1.     Loren and Sue Purcell
Addition. Not approved at this time. Insufficient information regarding plot plan. They will probably return next month.

2.     Harold Swafford, Lot 351, Block M, - 21385 Saddleback.
New 320 sq. ft. barn construction. Siding to be brown T111 with a green comp. or metal roof. Approved.
Paid $50.00, check #4294.

3.     Jack Goshow, Lot 34, Block J, - 21480 Delta.
3 rail cedar with mesh 4¹ high fence. Approximately 450-500 l.f. - Approved.
Paid $30.00, check #555.

4.     Jim Maushardt, Lot 10, Block C, - 2380 Cartwright.
New 1990 square foot residence with a 290 sq. ft. deck. Siding: Paneled cedar boards in light cedar stain with a brown comp. roof. One story home with garage beneath. Approved.
Paid $130.00, check #606.

5.     Dennis Harrington, Lot 25, Block H. - 2571 Cartwright.
New 1724 sq. ft. residence with decks and a covered porch. Siding: 8' vertical lap cedar in a natural brown with a brown comp. roof. Trim will be a light grey. One Story. Approved.
Paid 130.00, check #1117.

6.     Darren and Heather Jackson, Lot 19, Block F - 2241 Lousetown Road.
New 1999 sq. ft. 2-story residence. Siding: light tan/sand colored Hardy Board with a slate grey comp roof. Approved.
Paid $100.00, check #1429.

7.     Zen and Diana Alldridge, Lot 24, Block H - 2569 Cartwright.
New 2052 sq. ft. residence with a covered porch. Siding: 9' lap siding in a yellowstone (tan) wood with a green comp roof. Approved.
Paid $100.00, check #0091 and $30.00, check #0093.

8.     Charles and Alice Siefert, Lot 246 and 247, Block M - 2055 Mustang.
New 1554 sq. ft. residence with a 768 sq. ft. garage and deck. This is a log home with natural log siding and a green comp roof. They are building in the center of two unmerged lots. Approved.
Paid $130.00, check #1039.

9.     Steve and Sheri Beckerman, Lots 54A and 55, Block K - 2135 Conestoga.
New 1984 sq. ft. residence with a covered porch. Siding: Standard frame and half log siding. Logs will stay a natural color and remainder of house will be a red cedar ship lap siding with a light grey comp roof. Approved.
Paid $120.00, check #4358.

10.     Charles and Krista Hunt, Lot 80, Block N - 1705 Empire.
New 1680 sq. ft. residence with a covered porch and deck. This will be a log home with stone fascia for the exposed concrete and a forest green metal roof. Approved.
Paid $160.00, check #1005.

11.     Rick and Eileen Craig, Lot 27, Block H - 2575 Cartwright.
New 2000 sq. ft. residence with decks and porches. Siding: They would like stucco if approved in time but we did approve a Tan Hardy board masonite in the meantime with tan rock fascia and a brown comp roof. Approved.
Paid $140.00, check #2132.

12.     Jim Wallace/Jan Link, Lot 42, Block N - 1790 Lousetown.
This is a revision/addition to a new home approved last month. They are adding 620 sq. ft. and changing the elevation and the footprint of the home. Siding and roof to remain the same as previously approved. Approved.
Paid $75.00 CASH.

13.     Loren Chilson, Lot 350, Block M - 21395 Saddleback.
New 2160 sq. ft. residence with a 780 sq. ft. wrap-around porch. Siding: Truwood lap siding in a sandy beige with dark brown and creme trim. Roof will be a comp shingle in a driftwood color. Approved.
Paid $160.00, check # 3089.

Total Collected: $1355.00 for one barn, one fence and 10 new residences with decks.

4.     Member ideas: Each member to send photo and bio to Stephen Musser to have placed on our website. Bill Redman will be our contact person listed on the website and Jim Poston will be asked to list plan requirements on the website.

5.     Adjourned meeting at 10:00 p.m.