Architectural Review Committee


Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

P.O. Box 686, Virginia City, NV 89440


Members - Stephen Musser, Wally Corey, Bill Redman, Sherry McCready, Bill Lewis And Eileen Craig


Meeting Minutes for        09/06/2005        at the V.C. Highlands Fire Station



1.      Called meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
Members present: Bill Redman, Bill Lewis, Sherry McCready & Stephen Musser
Members absent: Wally Corey & Eileen Craig

2.      Stephen Musser made a motion to approve 08/02/2005 minutes, which was seconded by Bill Redman.





1. New plans reviewed -


1.      Cindy Rogers  - Re-side current residence located at Lots 4, 5 & 6, Block I also known as 2361 Grissley. Residence will be re-sided with natural cedar which will be treated only with linseed oil to maintain it‘s natural appearance.. Plans are approved.  No fee for this review.

2.      John & Brenda Hardy - Asked for review and approval of proposed septic system to be located at Block M, Lot 223 also known as 4025 Alpine Drive for a proposed new residence. The Hardy’s were referred to the Building Dept. as they would need a variance to put the septic and leech fields where they are proposing. No fee for this advice/review.

3.       Greg Pepple - Proposed new residence to be located Block D, Lot 7 also known as 2578 Cartwright Road. New two story 2089 s.f. ranch-style home with an attached 789 s.f. garage. Home will be sided with hardyboard and painted in Quail Ridge (grayish-brown) and will have natural river-rock accents on the 1st floor- there is no separate trim color. The roof will be metal and gray (not metallic) in color. Bill Redman will review for defensible space on a date to be determined before final approval for these plans is given. Plans are approved. Collected $1,756.80, check # 1032.

4.      Robert Rodriguez - New gate and fence extension located at Block I, Lot 66 also known as 2300 Enterprise Road. Fence will match existing split rail, natural finish, cedar fence and gate will be pipe corral and painted brown. Plans are approved. No fee for this review.

5.      Martin Landaburu - Responding in person to a violation notice given for a residence  located at Block I, Lot 48 also known as 21510 Dortort Road. Violation given for home‘s exterior appearance not being what was approved by the Architectural Committee. Mr. Landaburu explained his delay in completing the exterior of this owner-built home and the Committee has agreed to give him a 6 month extension to complete the home as it was originally approved. No fee.

6.      Name to be provided in future amendment to Minutes - Existing cedar rail fence extension on West side of lot and new white vinyl fence located at Block H, Lot 10 also known as 2485 Cartwright Road. New vinyl fence will encompass the remaining 3 sides of the lot. Plans are approved. No fee for this review.

7.      Gabriel Venegas - New 2 story garage attached to an existing residence located at Block M, Lot 117 also known as 1900 Empire Road. Garage will have a recreation room on the second floor and have natural cedar siding that matches the existing home. The roof will be green composition shingle to also match the home. Stephen Musser reviewed for defensible space on 9/07/05 and has given  final approval for these plans. Plans are approved. Collected $303.60, check # 1273.


2. Total Collected: $2,060.40 - for one new residence and one garage addition. Other reviews did not require a fee.

3. Committee Member Contact Information - Members who have not already done so have agreed to get our contact information and mini-bios to the Webmaster of the VCHPOA website for posting prior to our next Committee meeting in October 2005

4. Review of Violations -

               Cliff & Desiree Tietje - Blue Roof at 2271 Enterprise Road - The Board, upon recommendation of the Ombudsmen, agreed with the Tietje’s to a fine of $500.00 for the roof on the condition that the home’s trim, shutters and garage door be painted an approved color. The Tietje’s have not  complied with this request. The Committee agreed that another Letter of Violation will be sent which now includes a $50.00 fine.
               Alan & Gail Drake - Slash piles, gas cans, paint cans & general trash at 1841 Harte Road - No response to first Letter of Violation - They will be fined $50.00 and sent a second Letter of Violation on 9/26/05 if they do not remove the offensive items from their lot.
               Martin Landaburu - Home not built as approved at 21510 Dortort Road - Mr. Landaburu has advised this Committee of the circumstances behind the Violation and was given a 6 month extension to complete the home as it was originally approved.
               Anthony Burbidge - Wrecked truck, truck cab hanging from tree & inoperable (by appearances) BMV in the front yard of 21910 Adobe Road. No response to first Letter of Violation. Second Letter of Violation to be sent with a $50.00 fine.
               Del & Beverly Williams - Trailers, motor home, broken down cars and general trash located at 1855 Empire Road. Second Letter of Violation to be sent with a $50.00 fine.
               Daniel Ledyard - Blue car that was on blocks is now sitting on the ground (no apparent tires) in the front yard of 1770 Lousetown Road. Second Letter of Violation to be sent with a $50.00 fine.

5. Meeting adjourned at - 8:45 P.M.