Architectural Review Committee


Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

P.O. Box 686, Virginia City, NV 89440


Members - Stephen Musser, Wally Corey, Bill Redman, Sherry McCready, Bill Lewis And Eileen Craig


Meeting Minutes for        10/04/2005        at the V.C. Highlands Fire Station


1.      Called meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
Members present: Bill Redman, Stephen Musser, Eileen Craig & Sherry McCready
Members absent: Wally Corey & Bill Lewis

2.      Stephen Musser made a motion to approve 09/06/2005 minutes, with the exception of adding the name of Vicki Lowerenz to #6 under New Plans Reviewed, which was seconded by Bill Redman.




1. New plans reviewed -


1.      Nancy Russell  - Had some questions about placing pipe corral for her horses on her one acre parcels that adjoin her property. Advised her of setbacks needed and  the need for the pipe corral to be brown or green in color. Advised her to come back with a plot map showing where she intended to place the pipe corral when she was ready to move forward with her plans. No plans reviewed - no fee collected.

2.      Susan Reynolds - Addition of a second story balcony to be located at Block B, Lot 5 also known as 21320 Delta Road. This addition would be within the existing footprint of a deck located on the first floor of her existing home. The balcony will match the existing home - brown with brown trim. Plans are approved. Collected $30.00, check # 104.

3.       Sherry McCready - Re-roof of existing residence to located Block I, Lot 65 also known as 2270 Enterprise Road. New roof will be composition shingle and forest green in color. Sherry McCready is a member of the Architectural Committee and was not a part of the review of this improvement. Plans are approved. No fee for this review.

2. Total Collected: $30.00 - for one new balcony addition. Other review did not require a fee.


3. Review of Violations -

               Cliff & Desiree Tietje - Blue Roof at 2271 Enterprise Road - The Tietje’s have not  responded to the 1st & 2nd Notice of Violation - both of which were sent certified mail and were signed for. Third Letter of Violation to be sent with a $100.00 fine on 10/07/05. Total fine owed is now $150.00.
               Alan & Gail Drake - Slash piles, gas cans, paint cans & general trash at 1841 Harte Road - All items of Violation were removed prior to 9/26/05 so no fine will be levied. Alan Drake attended our meeting and gave great praise as to how Bill Redman handled his questions about the violations. Alan did suggest that there be better communication between the Board and the Architectural Committee as the Board had no clue as to the violations and couldn’t answer any questions.
               Anthony Burbidge - Wrecked truck, truck cab hanging from tree & inoperable (by appearances) BMV in the front yard of 21910 Adobe Road. No response to 1st & 2nd Letter of Violation. Third Letter of Violation to be sent with a $100.00 fine on 10/07/05. Total fine owed is now $150.00.
               Del & Beverly Williams - Trailers, motor home, broken down cars and general trash located at 1855 Empire Road. No response to 1st or 2nd Letter of Violation. Bill Redman researched and found that there is a building permit issued for that lot so temporary living quarters are allowed as long as there is potable water and a septic system in place (which there appears to be) Third Notice of Violation to be sent with a $100.00 fine for the broken down cars and general trash that is still present. Total fine owed is now $150.00.
               Daniel Ledyard - Blue car that was on blocks has been removed from the front yard of 1770 Lousetown Road. This was complied with after the $50.00 fine was imposed. The fine is being turned over to the Board for collection.


5. Meeting adjourned at - 8:55 P.M.