Architectural Review Committee


Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

P.O. Box 686, Virginia City, NV 89440


Members - Stephen Musser, Wally Corey, Bill Redman, Sherry McCready, Bill Lewis And Eileen Craig


Meeting Minutes for        01/03/2006        at the V.C. Highlands Fire Station


1.      Members present: Bill Redman & Sherry McCready
Members absent: Wally Corey, Stephen Musser, Bill Lewis & Eileen Craig

2.      Bill Redman & Sherry McCready waited until 7:50 pm for a third Committee member to show.

         A minimum of 3 members are needed for a quorum.

         Meeting was never called to order as a quorum was not present.


3.      Bill Redman resigned his position on this Committee, as of this evening, citing -

               “The board might as well approve all prints that are submitted.The board seems to think that every issue that we approve or not approve can be over-ruled without consequence. I don't mind rules as long as everybody plays by the same rules. We approved and did not approve plans based on these rules. Just because somebody didn't know or were too lazy to read the C.C &R's does not make the rules invalid. The blue roof for example, though I felt sorry for the young couple the fact remains that blue roofs aren't (or shall I say weren't) allowed in the one acres. The board apparently does not understand that they have set precedence. If someone wanted to put a pink roof on their house the worst you could do is fine them $500.00 (if that fine holds up which I strongly doubt). The board seams to like to bend over backwards to help out and totally disregard any and all C.C.&R.'s ( Joe Alt). What the board doesn't seem to understand is that every time you bend a rule you might as well erase it from the C.C.&R.'s because it can't and shouldn't be enforced. Being on the board is not a popularity contest, sometimes you have to make the right decision no matter how unpopular it may make you. The board is there to enforce the rules and not let people like Joe Alt have his way because he screams the loudest. He has no vested interested in this community except the almighty buck. If the board ever decides to enforce the rules I would be more than happy to rejoin the Architectural Committee. I am the violation inspector and all questions and complaints will be turned over to the board so they can in their infinite wisdom decide how to approach the problem. GOOD LUCK - Bill Redman” - this written resignation is in file.