Architectural Control and Planning Committee

Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

P.O. Box 686, Virginia City, NV 89440

Minutes - September 4, 2007, 7:30 pm

Fire Station Training Room


I.      Call the meeting to order.

Andy Biederman called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

II.    Members attending:

Andy Biederman, Bob Moore and Rita Lumos were in attendance.  Walter Fox was absent.

III.  Approve August 7, 2007 Minutes.

A motion by Moore, seconded by Lumos to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2007 meeting was approved unanimously.


A.    Review plans in order of sign-in.

1.     Debbie Currie presented plans for a wooden deck on the rear of her house at 21445 Sazarac, Lot 262, Block M.  Since the lot is addressed on Sazarac but the shorter frontage is on Mustang and the entry is on the back of the house, it was not clear what setbacks should apply.  Ms. Currie stated that the county building department had done a preliminary review and did not express any concern in this area.  The plans were approved with the reservation that the setbacks were not clear.  A fee of $30 was paid.

2.     Jed Margolin presented plans for a 10’ X 12’ Tuff Shed on his property at 1981 Empire Road, Lot 111, Block N.  The shed is on the lot adjacent to the house lot.  It will be Duratemp (tan) in color.  The plans were approved.  A fee of $75 was paid.

3.     David Rasmussen presented preliminary plans on behalf of Mike and Emily Rasmussen for a new residence at 22140 Clemens Rd., Lot 74, Block N.  They are proposing a tan stone composite construction with a metal roof.  No action was taken since the plans were incomplete.

B.    Possible violations of the CC&R’s.

No new violations were reported.

V.    Other business members with to discuss.

Rita Lumos stated that she would be out of town on the date of the October meeting and asked that someone else take notes at the next meeting.

VI.  Adjourn

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Rita M. Lumos