Minutes of Board Meeting on August 8, 2000


Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association


Monthly Meeting Minutes August 8, 2000

PRESENT: Outgoing Board of Directors President, Dave Thomas and Board Member Nancy Russell. Current Board Members: Randy Fruzza, Joel Smith, and Jim Watson. New Board Members: Richard Bateson and Kelly Morris.


A quorum being present, outgoing President Dave Thomas called a regular meeting of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners' Association to order at 7:32 p.m. The meeting was held August 8, 2000, at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.


Postponed until after election of new officers.


Randy Fruzza read the minutes. They were amended as follows:

-Page 1, Line 36, Change Architectural to Architectural Committee.

-Page 2, Line 8, Change carport to residence.

-Page 3, Line 7, Change $.05 to $.015.

Dave moved to approve the minutes as amended. Joel Smith seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."


Randy Fruzza read the minutes. They were amended as follows:

-Page 1, Line 36, Change guard to National Guard.

-Page 2, Line 9, Change fights to flights.

-Page 3, Line 39, Delete Fortunately.

-Page 4, Line 2, Change built out to unusable.

-Page 4, Line 19, Change Bylaws were to Bylaw change was.

Dave moved to approve the minutes as amended. Joel Smith seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

President Dave Thomas' Outgoing Comments:

Dave extended special thanks to Rick and Kathy McDowell for their hard work and support both before and during his tenure in office. Kathy's work on treasury reports and Rick's work on roads and equipment kept the Organization going.

Joel and Virginia Smith were thanked for their help. Don and Cecelia Ingram received thanks for their consistent support.

Dave welcomed both new Board Members.

Dave reported "Highlands" car window stickers were purchased from the Highland Ranches Association (150 at $1.00 each). Kathy was asked to send a check for $150 to the Highland Ranches for these stickers. Approximately 35 stickers were purchased at the Annual Meeting. Kathy has the remainder of the stickers. It was recommended these be available for sale at each monthly meeting as well as the Firemen's Spaghetti Dinner.

Dave commented on a problem discussed at the Annual Meeting, i.e., property owners in arrears on annual assessments and the need for foreclosure on these properties. Attorney Harold Swafford would be willing to support this effort. It is believed the legal fees are recoverable in the legal process. The Association must have a detailed record of all past due charges including late fees. Randy Fruzza suggested doing a title search on proposed foreclosure properties to assure the debt on the property is not greater than its value. Dave would be willing to work with Kathy and Harold on this problem.

Jim Watson said he believed the Board had approved the foreclosure process in a prior meeting.

Jim moved that Dave investigate the cost of foreclosure. Randy seconded; said motion

duly carried with all members voting "aye."

Dave reminded the new Board that a replacement truck is necessary for the snowplow.

Dave clarified a comment by District Attorney Janet Hess at the Annual Meeting regarding witnessing an act such as a lit cigarette being thrown from a vehicle. If a police officer sees an offense, he can issue a citation. If he does not see the offense, he cannot. The witness must report it and sign a misdemeanor report (complaint) and be willing to go to court.

Dave will stay active in the Association but will not be able to participate in October.


Dave Thomas nominated Joel Smith for the position of President. Joel declined because of work related issues. Joel nominated Randy Fruzza for President. Randy nominated Jim Watson. Joel moved to close the nomination for President. Jim Watson was elected President of the Association.

Jim nominated Randy Fruzza for Vice President, motion seconded, all in favor.

Kelly Morris nominated Joel Smith for Secretary, motion seconded, all in favor.

Joel nominated Kelly Morris for Treasurer, motion seconded, all in favor.

Randy nominated Richard Bateson for Second Vice President, motion seconded, all in favor.


Kathy McDowell read the Treasurer's Report (copy attached). She noted the Association is currently paying property tax on a lot on Cartwright. Jim stated he would investigate the status of the lot and out how it can be handled legally. Joel moved to approve the Treasurer's Report, Jim Watson seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."


(A) Architectural Committee

Wally Corey read the Architectural Report (copy attached). Jim Watson inquired about a white 5-ft.vinyl fence. Wally said the property owner had changed to an earth-tone fence.

Wally said the final reading of County Code Title 15 (Building & Construction) would be read at the County Commissioners Meeting August 15th.

Joel moved to approve the minutes of the Architectural Committee, Jim seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

(B) Road Report

Rick McDowell stated the road crew would begin to clean dirt from culverts starting this week.

Bruce Hessemer worked for free on road problems during the recent hailstorm. Jim asked for a quote from Bruce for his help in cleaning up flood damage to culverts. At the annual meeting Jim and Dave approved paying him $50 per hour for use of the backhoe and truck. Payment is pending an accounting of the work performed.

Currently, John Dufresne owes the Association $170 for rental of the house.

Rick said we must make a decision on a one-ton truck. The Board recommended targeting $15 to $20,000 for this purpose. Joel moved to authorize Rick $500 to lock up the purchase of a fully equipped one-ton truck, not to exceed a purchase price of $20,000. Randy seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

Joel moved to approve the Road Report, Jim seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."



(A) Mailbox Enclosure

Volunteers are needed to assist with siding on the new mailbox enclosure. Sunday, August 20th is the next volunteer workday.

(B) SB451 Change to Bylaws

Jim Watson will follow up with Dave Thomas to assess status of qualifying for exemption from SB451.

(C) Unincorporated Township

Jim Watson discussed pros and cons of unincorporated towns. Additional information will be forthcoming. He referred to the activities in Dayton. It appears that the county reimburses the unincorporated township for services provided. It is unclear whether private roads are eligible for reimbursement. However, forming an unincorporated township could mean more money through taxation for the Association.

Bob Fielding explained that forming an unincorporated township requires approval by 51 percent of the residents of the proposed unincorporated township who voted in the last election. The CC&R's remain the same. The township could be expanded in the future to include other unincorporated areas.


Randy Fruzza recommended the Association prepare a quarterly or monthly newsletter. In addition, he thought a sign placed in the vicinity of the mailbox prior to a meeting would boost attendance at monthly meetings. Jim volunteered to assist him in preparing a sign.

Kelly Morris suggested having a sign-up sheet for individuals attending the monthly meetings. She would also like to see another sign posted by the mailboxes to announce the mailbox enclosure workdays.

Don Ingram would like to see a card and/or thanks given to departing Board Members.


All items on the agenda for August 8, 2000 had been addressed. At 9:35 p.m. Joel moved to adjourn the meeting, Randy seconded, all in favor.

Virginia A. Smith, Recording Secretary

Documents attached:

1. Treasurer's Report 8-8-00

2. Architectural Report August 2, 2000