October 10, 2000 Board Minutes

Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association



Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2000

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members: Randy Fruzza, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith. Member Richard Bateson arrived a short time later.


A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:32 p.m. The meeting was held October 10, 2000 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.


All Board Members had received copies of the minutes in advance of the meeting. Additional copies were available at the meeting to Association members. Joel moved to approve the minutes as written. Jim Watson seconded; said motion duly carried with all members present voting "aye."


Attorneys Jay Hampton and Melissa Garcia were introduced to the Association. Mr. Hampton explained that The Law Offices of Jay Hampton & Associates represent Homeowners’ Associations. They collect overdue assessments at no fee or cost to the Association. Their fee is attached to the overdue assessment. He distributed copies of an Assessment Collection Agreement (copy attached) to be considered by the Association which explains how their office proceeds in assisting an Association.

Jim Watson moved that the Assessment Collection Agreement be revised to reflect the changes discussed, particularly paragraph 7. Kelly Morris seconded; said motion duly passed with all members voting "aye."

Jim asked the membership present to comment on whether they would or would not want to proceed on this matter. The consensus was to proceed. No one voiced a dissenting comment.


Nancy Russell requested a comment be placed in the Annual Newsletter asking ADULTS and children on ATV’s respect horseback riders. Would they please keep in mind a horse can become skittish with the noise and dirt and rocks flying and place a rider in harms way.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, submitted the Monthly Financial Statement as of 10/08/00 (copy attached). Bruce Hessemer’s bill of $738 for roadwork following the June flash flood is not included in the financial statement. Kelly Morris, Treasurer, requested a revised report be submitted. Jim moved to have the statement revised, Joel seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

The First Security Bank Loan on the replacement pickup truck has not been finalized. The members of the Board need to sign and submit annual registration papers as a Nevada non-profit organization to the State of Nevada before the loan can be secured.


Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, read two memos dated October 3, 2000 drafted and approved by the Architectural Committee, "Memo to all Committee and Board Members" and "Proposed Schedule of Fines, Architectural & Conformance Violations to the CC & R’s & Guidelines" (copies attached). In addition, a copy of the proposed amendment to the Rosewood Lakes Rules and Regulations penalties for violation and non-compliance was distributed.

Jim Watson moved the Board review the proposed fines and continue the discussion at the next meeting. Joel Smith seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye." Richard Bateson moved to approve the Architectural Committee Report, Jim seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

Road Report

Rick McDowell presented a map of culverts the VCHPOA is responsible for maintaining. Bruce’s bill for $738 was presented. The Association was only charged for truck and tractor time.

John Dufresne is moving out of the VCHPOA house this weekend. The rent on the house has been paid. Rick will inspect the house upon John’s departure.

Jim Watson moved that individual property owners cannot rent the grader and driver. The equipment is limited to Association use. Joel seconded the motion; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

Jim moved the radio and antenna for road condition be installed at Kelly Morris’s home if pre-testing determines it will function from that location. Richard seconded; said motion duly carried with all members voting "aye."

Joel moved to approve the road report, Jim seconded, all approved.

Park Report

Tabled until the next meeting.


Replacement Pick-up Truck

The replacement pickup truck must have a radio installed. Randy Fruzza moved to purchase a radio, maximum cost of $225, without further action by the Board. Joel seconded, all approved.

Mailbox Enclosure

Kelly reported mailbox enclosure costs, as reported by the Highland Ranches, have significantly increased from original estimates. Richard moved that Kelly research the cost over runs and report back to the Board, Joel seconded, all approved.


Unincorporated Township

Jim paraphrased a letter from Michelle Fairbanks, Senior Research Analyst, State of Nevada, on the interpretation of the unincorporated township regulation. Jim will follow up with Dayton but it appears very doubtful that becoming an unincorporated township would be profitable for the Association.


Disposition of Cartwright Property Owned by VCHPOA

District Attorney, Janet Hess, has not returned multiple calls to her office. However, since the Association has owned the property since 1983, disposition should not be a problem. Jim will set up a listing for the property.


Review Concerns from Homeowners

Ditches and culverts were cleaned in the area at end of Delta and Cartwright to correct flood damage.

Road at end of Empire and Agate near new house (Holiday’s) needs gravel and will be done when the gravel project starts.


Status of Website by Keith Judson

Keith reported the website was done but a server is needed. We need a donation. He presented a sample VCHPOA web page (copy attached). Board members will discuss further at next meeting.



No new business.



All items on the agenda for October 10, 2000 had been addressed. At 9:39 p.m. Jim moved to adjourn, Richard seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary

Documents attached: