Minutes of Board Meeting on  March 13, 2001




Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 13, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members:  Richard Bateson, Randy Fruzza, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith.



A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:31 p.m. The meeting was held March 13, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.


Board Members received a copy of the minutes in advance. Additional copies were available at the meeting to Association members. They were amended as follows:

~Page 1, 3. B. Lines 43 and 44 should read: "… cars parked in front of the mailbox enclosures are also interfering with plowing."

~Page 2, 4. Line 15 Add the following after "…waived." Therefore upon receipt of the $50.00 from the Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association (VRWPA) Kathy will write a check to them.

  1. A car apparently abandoned on Dortort near Enterprise is still there.

  2. Don Ingram asked about the status of purchasing a sander. Jim Vaglivielo stated that a sander with a four-yard capacity was for sale for $1,600. Rick McDowell stated that this sander was too large for the Association’s pickup. Further discussion deferred to Road Report (See 5. B. Below).

  3. Nancy Judson, representing the Fire Safe Highlands (FSH), reported that starting in April 2001 FSH would meet at the Firehouse on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Anyone interested in fire safety is urged to attend. A report of their activities will be presented at each VCHPOA meeting. One objective of FSH is that fire safety also be esthetically compatible with the Highland’s environment. Jim Watson expressed concern that grant money was going to be spent without a developed plan. Once a plan is developed, Jim hoped they would look into contracting with locals. Jim also requested FSH coordinate with the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) about potential increased vegetation on Geiger Grade resulting from use of wire mesh in various areas on the hill. As this vegetation dies and becomes dry, fire risk escalates. Joel Smith added a number of trees have died or are dying along both sides of the Geiger Grade roadway during and since the road improvement project. Could NDOT remove these dead trees promptly before something such as a cigarette flipped from a motor vehicle ignites a fire? A general comment made regarding fire safety was that property owners are responsible for dead trees on their property.

  4. Keith Judson would like to write a history of the Highlands for the website. Anyone with information is asked to please contact him.

  5. Mr. Gus Pappas, Highlands property owner, addressed the Directors stating that he had not received annual dues notices for 1999 and 2000. He had, however, received a statement due 2/10/01. Treasurer Kelly Morris confirmed the notices were mailed to the correct legal address on the VCHPOA records. Mr. Pappas suggested that the Association post a notice at the mailbox when annual assessments are due each year as an additional reminder.

  6. Kelly stated that Doug Truhill, editor of the Virginia City Register, would be glad to print meeting notices and other information for the Association in the paper.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, read the Financial Statement dated 3/12/01 (copy attached). Kelly moved to approve the report as amended. The report will be amended to include the word "Estimated" before the current month’s Payables and Ending Balance. Joel seconded, all approved.

  1. Architectural Committee

Chairman, Wally Corey, submitted the minutes of the Architectural Committee Meeting (copy attached) via e-mail to all Board Members. He brought the attention of the Board to several items that will probably be brought before the Board, specifically item 3.b. and item No. 1 under New Business. Kelly moved the minutes be approved, Joel seconded, all approved.

  1. Road Report

Road Manager, Rick McDowell, presented a verbal report on the roads. A few areas such as Hermit and Clemons Road need ½-inch rock. Most of the remainder needs ¾ inch. Crestview needs base. Currently rock is approximately $10 per yard delivered making the cost of laying rock about $2,000 per mile. Joel moved and Kelly seconded that Rick be authorized to purchase $10,000 of delivered gravel. All approved.

Cartwright Road needs one mile of road repaved. Rick estimates this cost at $45,000 in material only.

A question arose as to the Highland Ranches portion of the cost of repaving Cartwright. Jim moved that the Board evaluate this issue and then to make a proposal to them. Randy seconded, all approved.

Kelly moved that the $375 previously authorized for the purchase of a third radio be rescinded. Randy seconded, all approved.

Jim submitted a proposal on the spelling of certain Highland roads. The County Officials had discussed this issue. The Board agreed to leave the name of the roads the same as they have been. Jim moved to approve, Joel seconded, all approved.

  1. Park Report

Chairman, Richard Bateson, reported five people have volunteered to be on the Park Committee. In checking with the Storey County Parks Department it appears that park money is available but the amount of money available was not discussed. In addition, we do not know if there is a "drop-dead date" when the funds would no longer be available. Currently, County Parks do not have specific open and closed hours. However, the VCHPOA could recommend times to the County Parks Department for their approval. Rick McDowell recommended Richard check with the County Road Department on park information also. The Board suggested park hours from 8 a.m. 8 p.m. Kelly moved to approve these hours of operation, Jim seconded, all approved. The hours would also be discussed with the Highland Ranches Association.

  1. Reconciliation of Property Owner Records/County Disc

Kathy McDowell does not believe the disc will be helpful and recommended we not purchase.

  1. Complaint Procedure, Jan 01 Revision

Delete paragraph 8 from draft. Kelly moved to approve as amended, Jim seconded, all approved.

  1. Hearing Procedure

Needing additional study and modification, the draft of this Procedure was tabled until another meeting.

  1. Non-conformance Use Policy, Feb 01 Revision

Kelly moved to approve this Policy as amended, Jim seconded, all approved.

  1. Mailbox Enclosure Parking Proposal

Wally Corey, Architect, presented each Board member with blueprints of the mailbox enclosures and a proposed parking plan. Board members will review the proposal prior to the next meeting. Their proposal will be sent to the Highland Ranches for their input. Rick will discuss the parking plan with Jim Bacus.

  1. Roof Replacement for Rental House

Deferred until next meeting.

  1. Association Status Under NRS 116

Jim hopes to have status in a few days.

  1. Signs for Mailbox Enclosure and Park

Rick supplied the "No Overnight Parking" and "No Motorcycles Allowed in the Park" signs and Joel posted.


Jim moved that Rick check into a sander that would work with the "new" Association pickup and determine if it is a good value. If so, the Board should be contacted for approval and further action.


All items on the agenda for March 13, 2001 had been addressed. Joel moved to adjourn at 9:57 p.m., Jim seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary

Documents attached: