Minutes of Board Meeting on  April 10, 2001




Monthly Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members:  Randy Fruzza, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith.




A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:34 p.m. The meeting was held April 10, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.


Board Members received copies of the minutes in advance. Additional copies were available at the meeting to Association members. Kelly Morris moved to approve the March 13 minutes, Randy Fruzza seconded, all approved. Jim Watson moved to approve the April 5 minutes with the condition that item 2, paragraph 5 be clarified and addressed in this meeting. Randy seconded, all approved.

  1. Bob Fielding inquired about status of Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF) and Storey County for Highlands fire coverage. Rick McDowell indicated that Storey County Fire Chief, Gary Hames, took the initiative to try to get NDF to accept responsibility for maintenance on the firehouse in the Highlands, as well as those in Mark Twain, and Rainbow Bend. Jim has asked the County Commissioners what the status is but it appears to be up in the air at this time.

  2. A Highlandís property owner presented six issues in writing that she believes are violations of the Highland CC & Rís and requested assistance from the Board in achieving compliance.

  1. Metal (aluminum) deck addition without a permit at 21277 Highland. Rick McDowell stated the structure had been "red tagged" by the County several months ago.

  2. Rubbish. Styrofoam "blue peanuts," cardboard, and trash are strewn about. Pictures were provided.

  3. Barking dogs at same residence as in 1 and 2 above. Sheriff was contacted but no satisfactory solution was achieved.

  4. Barking dogs at 1390 Highland Spur since 1989. Prior Sheriff was contacted. He called a joint meeting of residents, however, the problem continues. They also have a hound dog that howls.

  5. Pile of rusting pipes. The rusting pipes have been there for about three years.

  6. Posting for garage sale. Because the Highlands is private property, the property owner is concerned about security of the area.

Board responses from Jim Watson:

Item i. above. Storey County is responsible for responding to building violations. The Board will contact County Commissioners if there is no action on the County "red tag" within a few weeks. Wally Corey, Chairman of the Architectural Committee, will send the property owner a second notice of violation in a few weeks if no response.

Items ii. and v. above. The Board can send a notice to the property owner. If the renters/owners do not clean up the trash, the Association can contract this work done and charge the property owner for the work. A lien can be placed on the property for cost of cleanup if the bill is not paid.

Items iii. and iv. above. The County holds responsibility for barking dog issues. The Board will send a letter to the County Commissioners to request their assistance.

Item vi. above. In the Boardís opinion, the garage sale is not a violation of the CC&Rís.

  1. Hy Kashenberg expressed appreciation to the Board for their work. However, in 2000 and 2001, he said he did not receive his dues notices. In the previous 25 years he did not have a problem. Currently, he stated his first notice was a letter from the Associationís attorney. He did not receive bills for some of his property, but did get bills for property he sold 17 years ago. Lot 26, Block K received bills for years but not this year. He would like to pay the dues and get current. He will contact the Attorney and try to resolve the problem.

  2. Bill Duff, 1840 Lousetown Road, has houses on either side of his home that were repossessed by a bank. Trash and debris are blowing around from the Michael Morgan home. Jim recommended that Bill contact the County Assessors Office to get the name of the bank that repossessed the house. They normally will clean up the area.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, read the Financial Statement dated 4/10/01 (copy attached). Joel Smith moved to approve the Treasurerís Report, Jim seconded, all approved.

  1. Architectural Committee

Chairman Wally Corey read the minutes of the Architectural Committee meeting (copy attached). Randy moved to approve the Architectural Committee minutes, Kelly seconded, all approved.

Jim verified with Rick McDowell that each owner is permitted to build only one spec house per year. Rick verified this is correct.

  1. Road Report

Road Manager, Rick McDowell, reported the truck rental for rock hauling is $1,895 per month. The cost of rock is $43 per load (9-10 yards). We will have about 110 truckloads of gravel. Jim moved to approve the Road Report, Joel seconded, all approved.

  1. Park Report

As former Board Member and Park Chairman, Richard Bateson, resigned due to a job conflict, there was no Park Report. The Board confirmed there is no time limitation on using park funds.

Bob Fielding asked how the Association accesses the park funds. Jim responded that the Association requests the funds for particular uses.


Reconciliation of Property Owner Records/County Disk

Keith Judson recommended the Association buy the floppy disk version of property owner records from the company that provides computer service to Storey County. Jim moved that Keith be authorized to purchase the disk for approximately $150 and then be reimbursed by the Association. Randy seconded, all approved.

Hearing Procedure

Tabled until next meeting.


Parking proposal under review.

Signs for mailbox enclosure and park need to be planned and ordered.

The Sheriff has requested a written list of the rules the Association wants enforced.

Roof Replacement for Rental House

Tabled until next meeting.

Associationís Status Under NRS 116

Joel moved that we file for exemption, Jim seconded. However, according to Rick, the Highlands is zoned "estate." Further review of zoning will be pursued before filing for exemption. Filing is tabled.

Sander for Pickup Truck

Tabled. No additional capital expenditures are planned until the lower mile of Cartwright Road is paved.

Cartwright Paving

Rick was asked to get a written bid from the County on asphalt. To offset the high cost of re-paving Cartwright, the Fire Safe Highlands, the County, and the Highland Ranches (Ranches) will be contacted to contribute to maintenance of this thoroughfare. The Ranches will be asked to contribute forty percent of maintenance or re-paving cost for Cartwright. If approved by the Ranches, the annual assessment of $1,150 paid to VCHPOA by Ranches would be eliminated.

Bob Fielding suggested we set a meeting with the Commissioners, the Fire Chief, and the Ranches to increase a fire tax as a source of funds for Cartwright repair and/or re-paving.


Planning for Annual Meeting and Newsletter

Annual Meeting will be Saturday, 21 July 2001. The newsletter must be in the mail by 6/21/0l.

Spring Cleanup

Storey County Spring Cleanup for the Highlands is April 25 through 29, 2001.

New Board Member

Joel moved that Keith Judson fill the remaining term of Richard Bateson. Jim seconded, all approved. Keith accepted.


All items on the agenda for April 10, 2001 had been addressed. Jim moved to adjourn at 10:03 p.m. Kelly seconded, all approved.


Joel W. Smith, Secretary


Documents attached:

Financial Statement 4/10/01

Architectural Report dated April 8, 2001