Minutes of Board Meeting on  June 12, 2001




Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 12, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members:  Randy Fruzza, Keith Judson, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith.



A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:33 p.m. The meeting was held June 12, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.


Joel Smith moved and Jim Watson seconded that the May 8, 2001 minutes be approved as amended, specifically, correct the address from 183 to 1830 Lousetown Road in Paragraph 3.A. All approved.


Property owner, Bill Duff, asked for a status report on his complaint of garbage at 1830 Lousetown Road. Randy Fruzza had followed up with the Title Company but ultimately he and the Title Company missed contacting each other. Kelly Morris also followed up with the Sheriff’s Department who said VCHPOA could send a letter to the property owner. If they did not respond, VCHPOA would have to work through the attorney. Randy will follow up with a letter to the property owner, and copies to Storey County Commissioners, District Attorney Janet Hess, and the Department of Health.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, read the Treasurer’s Report. Jim moved that we approve the Treasurer’s Report as amended, specifically to change "April Expenses" to "May Expenses" and "May Estimated Payables" to "June Estimated Payables." Kelly seconded, all approved.

Analysis of Bank Account

Randy provided an update on the VCHPOA Bank of America account. Currently, we are paying about $26 per month for an interest-bearing account that yields approximately $11 per month in interest. He recommended that based on the information available, we change to a non-interest bearing account. He will call the Bank.



A. Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, summarized the Architectural Committee minutes. Joel moved to approve the report; Kelly seconded, all approved.

B. Road Report

Rick McDowell, Road Manager, gave the road report. He reported that for the last month the road crew has focused on flushing, cleaning and digging out the culverts. He stated culverts are in the best shape ever.

Rick also presented a bid on the firehouse roof. The roof project will be tabled until funding the Cartwright Road paving work has been established. Jim moved to approve the report; Keith Judson seconded, all approved.

C. Park Report

Status of Signs for Park

Keith Judson reported two signs had been posted at the Empire Road Park in the Highlands per letter from Keith to Richard Bacus. Kelly moved to approve the report; Jim seconded, all approved.

D. Fire Safe Highlands

Nancy Judson reported that Fire Safe Highlands is seeking input from property owners on a new grant proposal. She also stated the dead-looking trees along Geiger Grade appear to be reviving. An arborist will be consulted on the condition of the trees. The Board requested Fire Safe Highlands, with the assistance of NDF and the local Fire Department, identify properties that need to have dead trees removed and be cleaned up to reduce the threat of wildfire. Owners would then be notified.


A. Hearing Procedure

Randy moved to approve the new Hearing Procedure as amended; Jim seconded, all approved.

B. Fines Procedure

Kelly moved to approve as amended; Joel seconded, all approved.

C. Variances Procedure

Joel moved to approve as amended; Keith seconded, all approved.

D. "No Parking" Signs for Mailbox Enclosure Parking

Keith will follow up on request for signs.

E. Status of Rental House Roof Replacement

Due to a shortage of funds to pave Cartwright Road, the house roof was deferred to a later date.

F. Quote for Firehouse Roof Replacement

Discussed in Road Report, 5.B. above.

G. Association’s Status under NRS 116

The status of SB421 is not known at this time. It may have died in the Senate. Keith will follow up.

H. Status of Cartwright Paving

An impact fee was discussed. Randy moved that further discussion be tabled until the July 10th meeting and possibly put to a vote. In addition, a notice will be put in the upcoming newsletter to property owners that an impact fee will be discussed at the annual meeting. Joel seconded, all approved.

I. Planning for Annual Meeting and Review Draft of Newsletter

A meeting to finalize the contents of the newsletter was set for Wednesday, June 13th at 7 p.m.

J. Status of Garbage on Property at 1830 Lousetown

Discussed under Item 3. "Comments…." above.

K. Investigation of Telephone Answering Service Option

The telephone answering option was dropped from consideration. Messages on the existing system can be accessed via a code.


A. Upgrade of MYOB accounting Software

Keith recommended we purchase upgrade to accounting software for $100. Randy moved to approve, Jim seconded, all approved.

B. VCHPOA Rental House

The individual who had been renting the house has vacated the premises. Any bills attributed to the previous renter will be forwarded to the appropriate party. The propane tank needs to be blown out prior to renting it again.

An individual has expressed an interest in renting the house. Jim will meet with this individual and do a "walk through." A security deposit and first month’s rent will be requested.

C. Fire Access Road

Jim presented a letter (copy attached) from Storey County Fire Department to Joe Alt regarding fire access to property on Empire Road. The Fire Department and Building Department had inspected the property at the request of the Board of Directors to insure compliance with Federal and County fire codes for access. Joe Alt immediately corrected any conditions as recommended by the Fire Department.

Jim also presented a letter (copy attached) that was sent to the General Manager of Prudential Nevada Realty from Joe Alt stating that he (Joe Alt) had been singled out and was being persecuted by the Board of Directors and specifically Jim Watson.

D. Realty Directional Signs

The draft copy of a letter (copy attached) which references the VCHPOA CC&R’s that could be sent to realtors selling property in the Highlands was discussed. It informs the realtor/realty company that only one "For Sale" sign and no directional signs are allowed on the property. Randy is responsible for sending these letters as necessary. All other signs require Architectural Committee approval.


All items on the agenda for June 12, 2001 had been addressed. Joel moved to adjourn at 10:35 p.m. Keith seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary


Financial Statement dated 6/12/01

Memo from Keith Judson re MYOBl

ArchitecturalCommittee Minutes dated June 9, 2001

Letter from Storey County Fire Dept. to Joe Alt

Letter to Prudential Realty General Manager from Joe Alt

Draft of Realty Directional Sign Letter