Minutes of Board Meeting on  July 10, 2001




Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 10, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members: Randy Fruzza, Keith Judson, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith


A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order 7:31 p.m. The meeting was held July 10, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. In future meetings the agenda will be approved or changed as the first order of business.


Keith Judson moved to approve the minutes of the June 12, 2001 meeting. Kelly Morris seconded, all approved.

Kelly moved to approve the minutes of the special meeting held July 3, 2001. Keith seconded, all approved.


Eric Pierson, property owner at 1843 Lousetown Road, received a bill for annual dues for a lot he does not own but had not received a bill for the property he does own. He owns lot No. 33 and half of lot No.34 but received a bill for No.35. Kelly said it looked like a typographical error. The records as of July 8, 2001 indicate he owns one lot, No. 33, and she requested he provide documentation of the purchase of half of lot No. 34 so she can research it further and follow up with him.


Keith moved to approve the Treasurerís Report dated as of June 30, 2001 (copy attached). Joel Smith seconded, all approved.


Road Report

No more gravel will be put down until the lower one-mile of Cartwright Road is paved. Kelly noted that time cards for road crew personnel need to indicate which culverts or roads were repaired. Keith moved to approve the road report as presented, Jim seconded, all approved.

Architectural Committee

Keith noted that a complainantís name was written into the Architectural Committee Report. This should be deleted for confidentially since the Report is placed on the website. The complainantís name will be removed from the Report in Paragraph 3. a.1. In addition, subparagraphs on the top of page 2 were changed from 2, 3, 4 and 5 to b., c., d. and e. respectively.

Relative to 21277 Highlands, a neighbor/resident commented that problems continue. Renters are violating CC&Rís. Concern exists about decreasing property values in the area. This will be discussed further under Old Business 6.D.

Randy Fruzza moved that the Architectural Committee cannot approve property improvements requested by renters. Property owners must submit all changes. Kelly seconded, all approved. Joel requested the Architectural Committee be provided with a current list of property owners. Randy moved that no improvements be approved from property owners that are delinquent in their annual dues. Joel seconded, all approved.

Park Report

Keith introduced Patty Poston, the new Park Chairman. Her committee plans to organize a Highlands Park cleanup in the spring. Quotes have been received for a well and pump at 550 feet. Aqua Drilling bid $16,765.13 and Bruce MacKay bid $19,728.58. Both quotes include all hardware, labor and drilling. Funding will be solicited from Storey County and Fire Safe Highlands. Plans also require approval from Highland Ranches. The well would supply water to several fire water reserve tanks as well.

The Park Committee has a number of ideas, i.e., to barricade the boundary with boulders or possibly a split-rail fence and to develop a mountain bike trail (not motorized). Keith suggested that the Park Committee develop a master plan for the Park. Kelly moved that we form a Park Committee that involved the one and ten-acre groups and that they develop a master plan. Joel seconded, all approved. Jim moved to approve the Park Report, Joel seconded, all approved.

Fire Safe Highlands

The Fire Safe Highlands next meeting is July 19, 2001. The fire assessment is complete. The Western States Wildfire Grant will also be discussed. Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns from Carson City are performing fire assessments on one-acre properties with homes. Keith moved to approve the Fire Safe report, Jim seconded, all approved.


Status of Cartwright Paving

Joel moved we authorize $30,000 for paving one mile of Cartwright. Highland Ranches is accountable for 40 percent of the total bill. Randy seconded, all approved.

Proposed Impact Fee and/or Special Assessment for Road Repairs and Maintenance

Joel recommended that we discuss the $25 per year special assessment due with the next annual dues and consider a $500 impact fee for each new building permit starting January 1, 2002. The new assessment and fee are to support road improvement and to comply with NRS 116 passed by the Legislature in 2000 which requires the Association to maintain a reserve account.


Status of Garbage on Property at 1830 Lousetown

Keith sent a letter (copy attached) dated July 2, 2001 and called the mortgage company but to date they have not responded. He asked for approval of the Board to have the garbage removed if no response is received by Friday, July 14, 2001. Board members granted permission. A lien will be placed on the property for charges incurred.

Violation Complaints Regarding 21277 Highland Road Property

A 30-day notice of fines will be sent to the property owner at the last known address.

A resident asked whether or not there had been any complaints to the Board about a septic tank leak on the property formerly owned by Tony Daly. Storey County currently owns the property.

"No Parking" Signs for Mailbox Enclosure Parking

Deferred to August meeting.

Plan for Rental House and Firehouse Roof Replacement

Deferred until funding is available.

Status of Outstanding Accounts Receivables from Previous Renter of House

Previous renter owes two months rent in addition to carpet cleaning and other house related issues. Jim will contact Pat Whitten. Jim moved that we pay the bills submitted by Jason Dias for repairs on the house of $770.82 by offsetting this against his rent payment.

Status of SB421 and Affect on VCHPOA

SB421 died in the Senate. It has no affect on VCHPOA.

Final Planning for Annual Meeting



Letter Regarding Property Line Adjustments and Meeting with the Board to Resolve Concerns

A letter will be sent to Joe Alt asking him to meet with Board members about concerns involved in his property line adjustments. Keith will redraft the letter sent to the Planning Commission prior to their August 2, 2001 meeting.

Newsletter Advertisements

Pet Chef Express sent a letter to the VCHPOA expressing a desire to advertise in the next newsletter.


All items on the agenda for July 10, 2001 had been addressed. Kelly moved to adjourn at 10:40 p.m. Randy seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary

Attached: Financial Statement dated as of June 30, 2001

Revised July 7, 2001 Architectural Committee Report

Letter from VCHPOA to mortgage company dated July 2, 2001