Minutes of Board Meeting on  August 14, 2001



Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members: Randy Fruzza, Keith Judson, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith


A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:35 p.m. The meeting was held August 14, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. Keith Judson moved and Kelly Morris seconded to approve the Agenda.


Kelly moved Paragraph 6.A. of the minutes be amended to further clarify payment for paving Cartwright Road. Both the VCHPOA and Highland Ranches will pay for repaving the lower one-mile. VCHPOA will pay 60 percent. Highland Ranches will pay 40 percent. VCHPOA approved $30,000, although the estimated net outlay by VCHPOA will be approximately $24,000. Highland Ranches approved $16,000, $10,000 for payment now and will reimburse the VCHPOA approximately $6,000 when funds are available.

Randy Fruzza moved to approve the July 10, 2001 minutes as amended. Kelly seconded.


Alphabetical subparagraph designations under Paragraph 5 are incorrect on pages 3 and 4. Change 3.C. to 3.D. Change 3.D. to 3.E. Keith moved to approve the minutes as amended. Kelly seconded, all approved.


No comments made by Association Members.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, read the Treasurerís Report dated 8/14/01 (copy attached).

Kelly reported that, to date, Eric Pierson has not presented any documentation on the purchase of one-half of Lot 34 as discussed during the July 10, 2001 meeting. Kathy will check County records for Lot ownership and Kelly the Associationís Attorney to determine what has been paid.

Joel Smith moved the Treasurerís Report be approved, Kelly seconded, all approved.

Payment for Repaving Lower Third of Cartwright Road

The Association is waiting for the final bill from the County.



Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, read the report. Under New Business, Item #8 (page 5), the Architectural Committee will re-evaluate property to verify if any violations currently exist.

New Business Item #11 (page 5), rubber stamps were not approved by the Board. Joel moved the minutes be approved, Randy seconded, all approved.

Road Report

Rick McDowell, Road Manager, presented the road report.

~Cartwright repaving was completed.

~Rear axle seal and brakes on water truck need repair, estimated cost $1,500.

~By-pass valve for back tank on water truck needs to be replaced, estimated cost $250.

~Concern on Dortort, grading and 12 yards of gravel (estimated cost $220 for gravel and labor) needed to repair damage caused by owner when placing large boulders on property. A letter will be sent to owner inquiring if he/she wants to repair the road or reimburse VCHPOA for repairs.

~Old Chevy truck needs dual heavy-duty batteries, estimated cost $140.

~Need more rock for road repairs before winter but will defer to September VCHPOA meeting after receipt of the repaving bill from the County.

~Letter will be sent to Richard Bacus, Storey County Director of Public Works, and his crew for repaving one mile of Cartwright Road. Keith will write this letter.

Keith moved to approve up to $1,850 to repair seal and brakes, if required, on water truck and for Chevy truck batteries. Jim seconded, all approved.

Joel moved to approve the Road Report, Randy seconded, all approved.

Kelly and Randy are following up on a potential increase in insurance rates for VCHPOA vehicles.

Materials for Shoulder Work on Repaved Area of Cartwright Road

Issue will be addressed at the next meeting.

Park Report

Patti Poston, Park Chairperson, presented the master park plan that has been approved by Highland Ranches. Patti will get quotes for the proposed work and contact the two Boards via telephone or e-mail for approvals. Keith moved that we approve the master plan, Randy seconded, all approved. Keith moved that any expenditures from the park funds be approved by both Highland Ranches and the VCHPOA Boards. Kelly seconded, all approved. Keith moved, Jim seconded to approve the Park Report, all approved.

Fire Safe Highlands

Nancy Judson gave the Report. Kelly moved to approve the report, Keith seconded, all approved.


Decision on Impact Fee and/or Special Assessment

There was a discussion to drop the Impact Fee and establish a Special Assessment to cover cost for road repairs, roof replacement for the rental house and fire station and other expenses as they arise.

Randy moved to approve a $53 per lot special assessment for year 2002. This would include the NRS 116 Omnibudsman fee of $3.00 per lot. Keith seconded, all approved.

Status of Garbage on Property at 1830 Lousetown Road

Keith reported the garbage has been removed, however, the car and tires are still there. He recommended no further action be taken until September 10th, 30 days after the notice of violation letter was mailed.

Violation Complaints Regarding 21277 Highland Road Property

Defer until September 10, 2001, 30 days after notice of violation letter mailed.

"No Parking" Signs for Mailbox Enclosure Parking

Keith will follow up with Rich Bacus and Lydia Hammack (Highland Ranches).

Status of Outstanding Accounts Receivables from Previous Renter of House

The attorney representing the previous renter is being identified.


Discuss Letter to Property Owners to be Mailed with Ballots

Keith will draft the letter.

Bulletin Boards for New Mail Enclosures

Discussion was held on whether to build or buy bulletin boards for mail enclosures. Gary and Kelly will install. Nancy will investigate whether Fire Safe Highlands can buy the bulletin boards.

Rental House

Resident completed more repairs totaling $435.98. Keith moved to approve the expenditures and offset this against rent. Kelly seconded, all approved.


All items on the agenda for August 14, 2001 had been addressed. Joel moved to adjourn at 10:28 p.m., Keith seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary

Attached: Financial Statement dated 8/14/01

Architectural Committee Report dated August 13, 2001