Minutes of Board Meeting on  September 11, 2001



Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2001

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Jim Watson. Members: Randy Fruzza, Keith Judson, Kelly Morris, and Joel Smith


A quorum being present, President Jim Watson called a regular meeting of the VCHPOA to order at 7:38 p.m. The meeting was held September 11, 2001 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. Keith Judson moved that two items be added to the Agenda under New Business, specifically, filing of tax returns and procedure for posting minutes on website. Jim Watson moved to approve the amended Agenda. Kelly seconded, all approved.


Minutes will be changed as follows:

5.C. Change Posten to Poston.

6.A. change Omnibus to Omnibudsmen.

7.B. should read that Gary and Kelly will install.

Joel moved to approve the minutes as amended. Jim Watson seconded, all approved.


No comments made by Association Members.


Kathy McDowell, Bookkeeper, read the Treasurer’s Report dated 9/11/01 (copy attached). Cost of Granite Construction for Cartwright paving material was $43,012.68 versus the $40,000 approved amount between the two Associations. Randy moved to approve payment. After discussion, Randy withdrew original motion. Joel moved that VCHPOA authorize payment in full to Storey County subject to an offset paid by Highland Ranches. Randy seconded, all approved. Randy moved to approve Treasurer’s Report with correction of Granite Construction to Storey County. Keith seconded, all approved.


A. Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, read the Report dated September 9, 2001 (copy attached). He added that the following details were omitted from the Report:

3.a. Clear stain to be used on fence.

3.b. Garage color will match that of house.

3.c. Vinyl fence is white.

3.d. Railing will be white.

The Board also discussed paragraph 3.f. The placement of a 20-ft. by 24-ft. wood shed at 2175 Hermit may not meet CC&R setbacks or County building code. Jim moved that the Architectural Committee notify property owner that approval will be withheld until setback is clarified, Joel seconded, all approved.

Joel moved to approve Architectural Committee minutes as amended. Keith seconded, all approved.

B. Road Report

Rick McDowell, Road Manager, presented the Road Report. Joel moved that we authorize Rick up to $1,500 for road repair pending receipt of Cartwright repaving payment from Highland Ranches. Jim seconded, all approved.

Jim moved to approve the Road Report, Randy seconded, all approved.

C. Park Report

Keith reported that Patti Poston had not received any bids to date so there was no additional information to report. Jim moved to approve the Park Report, Keith seconded, all approved.

D. Fire Safe Highlands

Nancy Judson gave the Report. Fire Safe Highlands grants are ready to be submitted. Question can be conveyed via e-mail. The group is discussing a possible link with Nevada Fire Safe Council. Keith moved to approve the report, Jim seconded, all approved.


A. Letter with Ballots to Property Owners, Including Notice of Special Assessment: A letter informing property owners of pertinent news will accompany the ballots for electing new Board Members. Keith will draft the letter. Property owners’ lot and block number will be included on the pre-addressed return envelopes to assure validity of each ballot. Mailing party to be held September 18, 2001.

B. Status of Car and Tires on Property at 1830 Lousetown: Car is gone. Status of tires is unknown. Keith will check the property and, if not cleaned up, he will send a letter to owner.

C. Violation Complaints Regarding 21277 Highland Road Property: County Commissioners have given notice that the renters have 30 days to correct drainage and structural issues. September 10, 2001 is the completion date of the 30-day allowance period. VCHPOA will wait for response from Storey County.

Another lot on Highland Road still has pipe on property. Keith will send letter to property owner.

D. "No Parking" Signs for Mailbox Enclosure Parking:

Keith will follow up on "No Parking" signs.

Clean up and maintenance of mailbox area needs to be addressed. Ed Diederich volunteered to provide maintenance and clean up for a monthly fee plus expenses. Kelly will follow up with Ed.

The enclosures also need a windbreak.

E. Status of Outstanding Accounts Receivables from Previous Renter of House: Outstanding accounts receivable still exist from previous tenant of house. Previous tenant to be notified.

F. Status of Bulletin Boards for New Mailbox Enclosures

Nancy Judson reported Fire Safe Highlands would pay for mailbox  bulletin boards. She will investigate the varieties available.


A. Disposition of Lot on Cartwright Owned by VCHPOA

There is an offer of $5,500 on the lot. Keith moved to approve the contract for $5,500, Randy seconded. Four Board members approved. Jim abstained.

B. Resolution of Complaint by Resident Regarding Repaving of Cartwright

Complainant wants acknowledgement from Storey County for receipt of her letter.

C. Preliminary Discussion with Storey County Regarding Highlands Fire Station

Jim talked about initial discussion with Storey County regarding fire station and full-time fireman quarters.

D. Filing of Tax Returns

Keith has prepared tax returns for 1998, 1999, and 2000. A previous Board Member had committed to complete the returns but apparently did not. Two hundred dollars in late fees have now accumulated. Kelly moved Keith be authorized to file tax returns, Jim seconded, all approved.

E. Procedure for Posting Minutes on Website

Minutes must be approved by the Board prior to placement on website.


All items on the agenda for September 11, 2001 had been addressed. Kelly moved to adjourn at 9:45 p.m. Joel seconded, all approved.

Joel W. Smith, Secretary

Attached: Financial Statement dated 9/11/01

Architectural Committee Report dated 9/9/01