Minutes of Board Meeting on  February 12, 2002



Monthly Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2002

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Keith Judson. Members: Don Ingram, Kelly Morris, Jim Watson, and Randy Fruzza


A quorum being present, President Judson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:07PM, February 12, 2002 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. On a motion by Morris, seconded by Fruzza, the agenda was unanimously approved with the following additions: Old Business, Update of Ad Hoc committee on Architectural Guidelines and; New Business, Status of Independent Contractors to the Association.


On a motion by Morris, seconded by Ingram, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting were unanimously approved.


A resident requested the status of the "associationís trailer". It was explained that the Association does not own the utility trailer procured by FireSafe Highlands (FSH) for use by property ownerís to remove slash and other natural debris from lots. FSH owns the trailer and use has been somewhat restricted due to insurance considerations. The trailer is available on a "use at your own risk" basis.


Kathy McDowell, bookkeeper, read the Treasurerís Report dated February 12, 2002 (copy attached). McDowell stated that some property owners were paying the basic dues but have not included the Special Assessment of $53.00. It was decided that no follow-up would be performed prior to the mailing of the past due notices. On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Morris, the Treasurerís Report was unanimously approved.


a. Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the minutes of the Committee meeting of February 5, 2002 (copy attached). Chairman Corey requested action on suggested changes in fees presented at a prior Board meeting. This was referred to the Ad Hoc committee for review and recommendation. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, the report was unanimously approved.

b. Road Report

Rick McDowell, Road Manager, reported that the sand and salt purchased for the spreader had become wet proving difficult to spread. He also reported that several loads of rock had been spread on Association roads. McDowell requested that the Association consider a the purchase of a maintenance building for not only equipment repair and storage but also for the protection of sand and salt from moisture. Further discussion was deferred until completion of the "Reserve Study". McDowell was asked to respond to a residentís call regarding a culvert problem.

The Associationís grader is still in need of repair as mentioned at previous meetings. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, and unanimously approved, any previous authorizations regarding the repair were rescinded and $3,500.00 was authorized for the repair of the grader as soon as feasible.

On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, and unanimously approved, $3,000.00 was approved for the purchase of rock for the Associationís roads.

It was reported that there are several areas of the Highlands were the VCHPOA crews pass over roads of the VC Highland Ranchís (VCHR) responsibility for snow removal and vice versa. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Watson, and approved 4-0 with Morris abstaining, Judson was authorized to enter into an agreement with the VCHR for shared snow removal responsibilities in the selected areas.

On a motion by Morris, seconded by Ingram, the Road Report was unanimously approved.

c. Park Report

There was no park report

d. Fire Safe Highlands

Nancy Judson reported that the fire suppression water tanks coordinated through the Volunteer Fire Department with 120,000 gallons of total storage would soon be installed. The excavation will be started during the first two weeks of April with placement of the tanks by National Guard helicopters the first of May.

She also reported that a fuel hazard reduction study had been commissioned by FSH at a cost of $25,000.00 which will be paid through a grant from the Department of Agriculture.

On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Morris, the report was unanimously approved.



Regarding the outstanding balance due from the previous renter of the Associationís rental house, Watson will contact a collection agency for disposition.

Discussions regarding the lease of the Associationís firehouse are on-going and are to be finalized by the Annual Meeting of the VCHPOA.

Regarding the blue trailer on Adobe, a letter is to be sent to remove and followed by the standard violation resolution process.

The Reno Gazette-Journalís orange receptacles have been removed except for those on the property of the recipients along Cartwright and Lousetown Roads. They have been replaced by locked newspaper receptacles at the old mail box structure.

The doors/windbreaks at the mailboxes are still under development.

Judson has been working on a draft of the Reserve Study as required by NRS 116 and is presently 30% complete.

The new property owner of the former Rearick property has agreed to remove the trees by March 31, 2002.

Regarding delinquent Association dues, approximately $18,000.00 of the $39,000.00 total has been collected. Liens have been filed and the attorney is progressing to the next step of collection. A proposed report format to update the Board will be discussed with the attorney to provide the status of each property. It was noted that many of the delinquent properties are presently owned by Storey County.

No update on the progress of the Ad Hoc committee for architectural standards was yet available. Judson has made several points which will be considered.


With the availability of Association documents on the website, Morris moved, Ingram seconded, and the Board unanimously approved, an increase in the fee for providing copies to property owners/prospective buyers/title companies to $100.00 effective immediately.

Judson alluded to concerns that those that are treated by the Association as independent contractors be determined that that they are indeed independent contractors and not employees. Various members of the Board are to examine their informational sources and report back to the Board on their findings at the March meeting.

On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, and unanimously approved, the regular meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM.

Randy Fruzza

Board Secretary


Financial Statement dated 1-11-02

Architectural Committee Report