Minutes of Board Meeting on  July 9, 2002



Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 9, 2002

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Keith Judson. Members: Don Ingram, Jim Watson, Kelly Morris, and Randy Fruzza.


A quorum being present, President Judson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:15PM, July 9, 2002 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Watson, the agenda was approved 4-0 (Morris temporarily absent) with the following addition: 1) New Business, Status of trailer at 1841 Lousetown and 2) rock wall at the corner or Grizzley and Adobe.


On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Watson, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting were approved 4-0 (Morris temporarily absent).


It was disclosed that a former resident of the "1 acres" may have a large map of the Highlands which, if posted at the mailboxes, would provide directions to visitors and delivery personnel and, thereby, reduce "searching traffic" in the area. Fruzza is to investigate and, if successful, post the map in the old mailbox enclosure.


Kathy McDowell, bookkeeper, read the Treasurerís Report dated June 30, 2002 (copy attached). It was noted that there remains about $19,000.00 in uncollected dues and assessments. Although some are deemed as uncollectable due to transfer between the County and others or failure to file liens in the past, Morris was requested to pursue liens on the remainder. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, the Treasurerís Report was unanimously approved.



a. Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the written report (copy attached). Morris indicated that Dean Haymore of the Storey County Building Department is willing to cooperate with the 1 acre and 10 acre Associations in order to allow inspection upon completion of framing by the Architectural Committee and prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. This would be done in conjunction with a "notice" provided to the property owner/developer of the existence of CC&Rís on the property by the County. This would put a burden on the Committee requiring a timely response. Although details still need to be worked out, it was deemed to be a positive step. On a motion by Morris, seconded by Ingram, acceptance of the report was unanimously approved.

b. Road Report

In the absence of Rick McDowell, Road Manager, it was reported that due to two fire trucks and one VCHPOA tanker filling their tanks that the Associationís well at the firehouse was drained. Although not a serious problem on the surface, it was deemed important as the accessibility of water for fire control was temporarily impaired. McDowell will be asked to work out a system to prevent reoccurrence of the problem in the future. It was proposed that two railroad tankers be used for water storage. The possibility is to be investigated. Watson asked that expenses incurred with Aqua Drilling regarding a problem with a water pump be addressed. As the problems occurred after July 1, 2002 it is hoped that the expenses can be borne by the County as the lease of the firehouse is to be retroactive to that date.

As no formal report was presented, no approval was necessary.

c. Park Report

Patti Poston sent an e-mail reporting that the park equipment was in place but that concrete work had been deferred to the fall due to scheduling conflicts. The fence will follow the concrete work. As estimates of additional equipment had been underestimated, she also requested approval of a County expenditure of $1,428.00 for two picnic tables and a garbage can. On a motion by Watson, seconded by Ingram the request was approved with the understanding that the previously under-estimate approval at the June, 2002 meeting be rescinded. The motion was unanimously approved.



Regarding the past due receivable from a previous tenant of the Associationís rental house, Watson continues the pursuit in small claims action in Douglas County.

Judson reported that the firehouse lease had the approval of Gary Hames of the Storey County Fire Department, the County District Attorney, and with minor changes, the County Auditor. The County Commissioners are still reviewing the document.

Regarding the white unit and debris on Adobe, Watson to keep on the property owner to remove.

It was the Boardís recommendation to proceed, with the 10 acre Board approval, with a cut-out in the back of the mailboxes and a sealing one of the ends of the unit nearest Geiger Grade.

As the clearing of hazardous debris on property adjacent to the former Rearick/Campos property has not been completed, Judson to request approval from the property owner to request assistance from Fire Safe Highlands.

Fruzza reported that the final draft of the revised Architectural Guidelines would not be ready for the Annual Meeting. He expressed disappointment in the lack of input from other than two or three residents even though the Associationís newsletter carried a front page article on the need for input. Fruzza is to prepare a brief questionnaire for attendees at the Annual Meeting.

Judson reported that the materials for the community bulletin board are in and he is looking for volunteers to install.

Due to time considerations, the opportunity for the political candidates to speak at the Annual Meeting was eliminated. In lieu of this, a "Candidates Night" is to be organized later in the summer. The candidates will, of course, be able to discuss issues with residents at the picnic if they so desire. On an unrelated issue, port-a-potties are to be requested for both the firehouse and park for the Meeting along with a dumpster for the park.

Judson wrote a letter to the State of Nevada Ombudsman requesting a refund of overpayment of fees. He has had no response.


A complaint was received regarding a travel trailer that appears to be periodically inhabited and located at 1841 Lousetown. This would be a violation of the Associationís regulations as there is no residence presently under construction at that address. Judson is to check on permits possibly issued by the County and pursue resolution.

It has been determined that the rock wall at the corner of Grizzley and Adobe is a snow-plow problem not only for access but also as a potential hazard to equipment. A member of the Architectural Committee and Judson will discuss with the homeowner.

Kelly Morris said goodbye to the Board as this was her last monthly meeting. Judson thanked her for her help not only as Treasurer and Board member but also as a liaison with the "10 acre" Board.

On a motion by Morris, seconded by Ingram, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:53PM.

Randy Fruzza

Board Secretary


Financial Statement dated 06-30-02

Copy of Bank Statement

Architectural Report