Annual Meeting Minutes - July 20, 2002




Annual Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2002

Call to Order and Determination of a Quorum

With Board Members Kelly Morris Brownwell, Jim Watson, Don Ingram, Keith Judson,  and Randy Fruzza present, the Annual Meeting of the Virginia City Highlands Property Ownersí Association was called to order at 9:44AM by Association president Keith Judson.

Association Secretary Fruzza stated that NRS 116 requires that 20% or 234 of the 1169 lots be represented by ballots for the Annual Directorsí Election in order to declare a quorum present. Having received 322 returns voting one or more lots, a quorum was declared.

Due to schedule conflicts, Judson informed those present that the Park Report (Agenda Item 6C) would be moved to Item 1A.

Park Report

Chairperson Patti Poston explained the source of funds for the park and described the improvements made and those planned. She extended thanks to those volunteers that made the improvements to the park possible: Tom Peevers, George Foster, Dwayne Dixon, ?? McKenna.

President Judson presented certificates of appreciation to Patti Poston and Tom Peevers as "Volunteers of the Year" for their tireless work on the park.

Welcome and Introduction of Current Board Members

Judson welcomed those property owners present and introduced the current board members along with Dennis Kennedy, the nominee to the Board along with Judson. He also thanked Kelly Morris Brownwell, the outgoing Board member and Association Treasurer, for her service and work on collecting delinquent Association dues and her actions as liaison to the Virginia City Highland Ranches Association (the 10 acres). She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation.  Judson also introduced the members of the Architectural Committee.


Voting for Directors

Fruzza explained the voting procedure as required under NRS 116.

Selection of Persons to Count Ballots

Fruzza introduced those individuals that would be counting ballots and invited any other members to assist.

Presidentís Comments

Judson provided highlights of the previous year to the audience present:


Financial Report

Statement Regarding Future Special Assessments

Judson explained the recent assessment and advised the audience that in the absence of a major failure of equipment or other Association assets or a natural disaster that no special assessment is anticipated for the fiscal years commencing July 1, 2002 or July 1, 2003. He further explained that any future assessment would be up to future Boards. The Associationís Reserve Study is available for review or purchase at a cost of $5.00.

Ratification of Annual Budgets

Operating Budget

Judson highlighted the previous years financial information and the operating budget for the upcoming year. Asking for a show of hands, the Operating Budget was approved by membership present with no dissent.

Reserve Fund Budget

Judson explained the Reserve Fund Budget for the upcoming year. By a show of hands the Budget was approved with one dissenting vote.

Road Report

Watson thanked the Associationís Road Manager, Rick McDowell for an excellent job over the past year. Watson also provided details of the Cartwright re-paving project, the placement of over 1,000 tons of gravel on Association roads, and the timing of work on the roads. He reported the sale of an Association road grader and the purchase of a road sander. He further reminded the audience that should there be a concern with the condition of any of the roads, members should contact the Association or any Board member.

Park Report

See above.

Collection of Past-Due Dues

Morris-Brownwell reported that two years ago the Association had over $40,000.00 in delinquent dues. By locating an attorney who would work at no cost to the Association, over half of the past due amount has been collected but that $18,000.00 is still outstanding. This amount may be adjusted as some is uncollectable due to failure in the past to file liens. She thanked Kathy McDowell, the Associationís bookkeeper for her work over the past year and thanked those present for the timely payments of their dues and assessments reminding others that if dues are not paid by July 31, 2002, the accounts will be turned over to the Associationís attorney for collection.


Projects Report

Ingram reported on the on-going work on the windbreak for the mailbox enclosure, staining of the enclosure, a cover enclosure for road salt and sand, asphalt for the mailbox area, and the continuing improvements being made to the Associationís residential rental by its tenant. There was an audience question regarding the status of the old mailbox enclosure. It was disclosed that it is presently being used as a shelter for students awaiting the school bus and that if a large map of the Highlands is located, it would be placed in the enclosure.

Association Website

Judson explained the website and its benefits and encourage all to use it.

Discussion of Revision of Architectural Guidelines

Fruzza explained the history behind the Guidelines and the on-going project to organize, amend and restate. He asked for continued input from the Membership. Audience questions regarding light pollution, enforcement, and working with the County were addressed. The audience was reminded that legal suit may be the only recourse to correcting violations of the CC&Rís. This may be done by the Association or any Virginia City Highlands property owner.

Comments by Association Members


Presentations by Invited Guests

Highlights of the presentations were:

Olivia Fiamengo (VRWPA) - Described the purpose of the VRWPA, Upcoming rodeo and fundraiser

Phil McKenna (VFD) - Current fire season, SCA crews, "Brush only" burn pile, Clean-up lottery, Fire suppression water tanks, New fire equipment, Need for volunteers, CareFlight landing zones, Fundraising spaghetti feed August 24th

Bum Hess (County Commission) - Lease of firehouse on August agenda, 24 hour manned fire station, County in financial "black", Precinct boundaries

Chuck Haynes (County Commission) - Thanks Association for cooperation

Bob Kershaw (County Commission) - Work to prevent high traffic road through the Highlands, Proctor Hug nature preserve, Wild horse population

Jeanne Gribbin (White Top Eradication) - Explained law regarding white top, need and method of removal, lack of cooperation by violators

Marlene Rebori (FSH) - Explained the purpose of FSH, Membership in the Nevada Fire Safe Council

SCA - Fire prevention education, August 3rd fuels reduction demonstration at 3360 Cartwright

Gary Hames (County Fire Chief) - 24 hour service and ambulance at VCH firehouse August 26th, Fire insurance ratings (call for info), 9 minute response - working for 7 minute

Pat Whitten (County Sheriff) - One dedicated deputy to the Highlands - going to two, Enforcement concentration on motor bikes, loose dogs, and speeders - needs community assistance in prosecuting misdemeanors, Evacuation plan, Need of vehicle stickers and address signs, Upgrade of 911 system

Election Results

Association Secretary Fruzza reported the results with the election to the Board of Dennis Kennedy and the re-election of Keith Judson.

Adjournment of Annual Meeting

On multiple motions and seconds from the Board and the floor, the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 12:25PM.


Financial report

Operating budget

Reserve Fund budget

Election Certification