Minutes of Board Meeting on  September 10, 2002



Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2002

PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Keith Judson. Members: Don Ingram, Dennis Kennedy, and Randy Fruzza. Jim Watson was absent due to illness.


A quorum being present, President Judson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:05PM, September 10, 2002 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Kennedy, the agenda was unanimously approved.

Judson requested that an Executive Session following the meeting.


On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Kennedy, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 13, 2002 were unanimously approved.


Judson reported that the Northstar Treatment & Recovery Center and Nevada Allstate Trail Riders had planned a fund raising bike ride through the Highlands but only within the "10ís". It now appears the ride would include the "1ís" and have asked permission to use VCHPOA roads. The "10ís" had approved the ride. After discussion regarding liability, insurance, prescriptive easement questions, and the establishment of a precedent, it was moved by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram and unanimously approved that Judson issue a letter declining the request for permission to use.


Kathy McDowell, bookkeeper, read the Treasurerís Report dated August 31, 2002 (copy attached). On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Kennedy, the Treasurerís Report was unanimously approved.

Judson reviewed state required operating and reserve financials and budget. He also presented the federal income tax return for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2002 with a tax due of $1,079.00. It was noted that although the Association is not-for-profit, it does have a tax obligation regarding the Associationís rental property.

Judson presented to the Board, the Nevada Secretary of State filing for Association officers recently elected for the upcoming year and the recently executed firehouse lease with Storey County.


a. Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the written report (copy attached). On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Kennedy, acceptance of the report was unanimously approved.

b. Road Report

Judson reported the resignation of road manager, Rick McDowell and read his letter of resignation. Judson thanked McDowell for his long and tireless commitment to the Association and presented him with a Certificate of Appreciation and gift certificate. All present echoed Judson remarks and thanks.

Rick McDowell, in his final report as Road Manager, reported on the erosion control concrete work on Cartwright. He also commented that a previous suggestion of a "stabilized base" does not work with rain and had no suggestions at this time. He recommended that consideration be given to changing Sazarac to a one-way road to avoid road damage at the intersection of Sazarac and Cartwright. Culverts are essentially in good condition with a few exceptions such as Enterprise. The work on the storage enclosure for sand and salt has not commenced due to equipment needs. Jim Vaglievelo agreed to spearhead new pricing considerations and completion.

A discussion was held regarding a replacement for McDowell including combining efforts with the "10ís". Judson asked for comments and suggestions from the Board members over the next two weeks.

c. Park Report

Judson read an e-mail from Patti Poston concerning clearing of brush within the six acres of the park requesting $1,000 from the County park fund. It was felt by the Board that the fund would not be available as the clearing would probably be considered maintenance rather than capital improvement. Judson to ask Poston to seek other funding alternatives including Firesafe Highlands.


With the absence of Watson, no information was available.

It was reported that the unit and fire hazard on Adobe has been removed.

Judson reported that there had been no action on the mailbox windbreak/door change. He suggested that in the absence of a volunteer effort that the job be hired-out. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Kennedy, the suggestion received unanimous approval.

Fruzza is to prepare and disseminate the "2nd Draft" of the proposed Architectural Guidelines to the Board, contributors, and the Architectural Committee within 10 days. He asked that the comments from the members of the Architectural Committee be provided so they could be included in the next draft.

Judson provided the response from the state Ombudsman (copy attached). It was suggested that the Associationís definition of a "unit" be a "residence" which was referred to in the letter and that future reports to the state be based on the definition. On a motion by Fruzza, seconded by Ingram, the suggestion was unanimously approved.

It was reported that the proper address should be 1920 Lousetown. The county is requiring that a permit for the trailer/camper/residence be pulled. Judson to send a letter giving 30 day notice that the trailer/camper be moved or construction commenced.

Judson to speak with the owner of the property at Grizzley and Adobe regarding the removal of the rock wall, dirt pile, and "junk" at the side of the house.

Nancy Judson provided a detailed report on insect infestation and dead trees in the Highlands (copy attached). Assistance will be requested from Firesafe Highlands.

Judson reported that Rich Bahus of the County may look into the black-topping of the area around the mailboxes in the future.

A Highlands restrictive access day is to be coordinated with the "10ís" with a date and particulars reported at a later date.


No formal request has been made to the Association regarding the paving of a stretch of dirt road at the expense of the property owner. Comments by Board members indicated that it would not be a good idea for a variety of concerns.

Judson suggested that a possible cure to the use of the mailbox trash receptacles for household garbage would be a restrictive slot where only mail and paper (flats) would fit. The owner of the lease receptacles would not approve the cutting of slots. Judson requested approval of $180.00 to purchase two trash cans that could be modified for restricted use to replace the leased units. On a motion by Kennedy, seconded by Ingram, the purchase was unanimously approved.

In an effort to discourage "For Sale" vehicles at the mailboxes, Judson suggested that "No 24 Hour Parking" signs be purchased at a cost of about $75.00. No action was taken as it was felt the wording would be overly restrictive. Judson to consider other wording and resubmit.

Storey County requested approval of a dark gray metal roof for the Associationís firehouse. Based on the sample provided, the Board members present indicated their approval.

On a motion by Ingram, seconded by Kennedy, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:25PM.

Randy Fruzza

Board Secretary


Financial Statement dated 08-31-02

Copy of Bank Statement

Architectural Report

Nevada Ombudsman Letter

McDowell Resignation Letter

Nancy Judson Report