Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2003


PRESENT: Board of Directors: President, Keith Judson. Members:  Colleen Brownwell, Dave Thomas, Donna Wasson, and Dennis Kennedy.



A quorum being present, President Judson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:03PM, October 14, 2003 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. Thomas made a motion to move the Allocation of Officer’s Responsibilities under New Business on the agenda to an Executive Meeting.  Wasson seconded, motion carried 3-2 with Judson and Brownwell opposing.  On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Wasson, the agenda was approved with the changes.



Thomas presented a full page of typed corrections for the minutes of the Regular Board meeting of September 9, 2003. On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Wasson, the minutes with the corrections were approved 4-1 with Brownwell abstaining.




A resident spoke regarding a dispute between himself and a ten acre resident in regards to a tree that was planted by the ten acre resident in the drainage ditch in front of the one acres residence.  The Board agreed that this was a legal issue and not a Board issue.  Thomas stated that he would place a call to the President of the 10 Acre Board to see if there was any way that this issue could be resolved.


A resident presented a written complaint regarding a large storage shed being built in a neighbors yard that has not been on any list for approval from the Architectural Review Committee.  The complaint was give to Wally Corey to follow up on.


A resident presented a written complaint regarding a large trailer on a neighbors property placed against the road that has been there for over a year.  Dave Thomas stated that he would follow up on this complaint.


A resident filed a written complaint regarding the damage done to her property by the road crew.  Thomas stated that the road crew has no right to go onto the resident’s property but that the property owner has to take responsibility for the drainage in the ditches.


The issue came up regarding the first mile of Cartwright.  It was stated that the first mile belongs to the 10 Acre Association but that the County has agreed to maintain it.  Thomas stated that the County owns the first mile by the mere fact that they have been maintaining it for the last 25 years.  Thomas will follow up on this issue.




Dave Thomas presented the monthly cash report and Financial Statements dated September 2003.  Thomas recommended that we finance the Insurance Premiums for the vehicles since the renewal of the policy was due on October 15th.  Judson moved that we enter into payments and to have the Terrorism section of the policy removed.  Wasson seconded, approved 5-0.


Dave presented a list of proposed Accounts Receivable Write Offs.  Thomas indicated that our ability to collect the dues is non-enforceable.  If we foreclosed on the lot before the County does we would have to pay back taxes and attorney fees.  Judson moved that we write off and turn over to a collection agency.  Thomas seconded, approved 5-0.


Thomas indicated that the Financial Statements need to only go on the web-site once a year, not once a month.  He stated that we are only required to post once a year.  A resident recommended that we post the statements quarterly.  Thomas moved that we post quarterly.  Wasson seconded, approved 5-0.


Thomas stated that there is no Income Tax due on the FY2002 filing.  


A discussion was held in regards to how we want to handle expense reporting.  Thomas made a motion that when members spend money and need to be reimbursed that an expense report needs to be filled out.  Kennedy seconded, approved 5-0.


Thomas indicated that the House Rental Collection Policy is now being booked appropriately and that the Barter System was a wash.


Thomas recommended that we change the online banking access to inquiry only.  Judson moved to change the online banking access to inquiry only, Thomas seconded, approved 5-0.


A discussion was held in regards to the payment of the Ombudsman’s Fees.  Judson suggested that we go on a monthly payment schedule.  He indicated that since we have two years worth of dues to pay that we should be able to take two years to pay.  Keith made a motion that we pay the current years dues with a note that we are paying the 280 residing lots x $3 to be paid in full in January 2004 and that we would like to pay the previous two years in 24 month equal installments. This recommendation would be given to our attorney’s office.  Brownwell seconded, approved 4-1 with Wasson opposing.




a.  Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the written report of the Committee’s meeting of October 7, 2003 (copy attached).  Dave made a motion to elect Mike Stern to the Architectural Committee. Wasson seconded. Approved 5-0.  A resident indicated that there are several homes that are the exact same style and wants to know if the builder will have to conform to the new By Laws of the Mountain Style.  The Architectural Committee will follow up on this issue.  Judson moved to revise the Architectural Fee Schedule (copy attached), Wasson seconded, approved 5-0.  Keith stated he would up date the web-sit with the new fee schedule.


A resident stated that he is a Fire Fighter and presented the benefits of having a fire retardant stucco siding instead of wood siding for his home currently under construction.  Keith suggested to the resident that he approach the Architectural Committee to get a variance.  Wasson stated that these types of variances have been denied in the past and they cannot at this point change them.  Keith also stated that we are governed by the By-laws.  Judson recommended again that the resident apply for a variance.


Thomas commented how many resignations there have been for the Architectural Committee and wanted to know if there was any one reason for this.  Thomas asked a former member why he resigned and he stated that it was due to the dissention between the Architectural Committee and the Board Of Directors.  Wally Corey also agreed that that was the reason for other resignations.


b. Road Report

Don Ingram presented the road report.  Don Ingram reported that the Road Manager would look into getting the tarps to cover the salt/sand enclosure.  A resident suggested Bill Board Tarps as they were large enough to cover and they were very inexpensive.  Don stated that he would look into her suggestion.


Thomas stated that the cost of the storage building was $1,200 and the cost to move it is $700 bringing the total to $1,900.  Thomas stated that is is not going to get built this year.  He indicated that it would be approximately $2,000 in additional costs to put it together.  Thomas made a motion that we spend $1,900 for the building and that we do not take it out of our operating budget but take it out of the Reserve Fund.  Wasson seconded.  Motion approved 3-2 with Judson and Brownwell opposing.  Residents raised concerns regarding the fact that there is no Line Item budget for the storage building.


Brownwell made a motion that a resident purchases the liquid drum stand for $25.  Judson seconded, motion approved 5-0




Wasson presented an update on the junk cars parked on Grizzley.  She stated that the DMV will not give any information on the vehicles.  Wasson suggested sending the property owner a letter. Keith recommended that our attorney send a letter.  A resident who is an attorney volunteered to send a letter for the Board.



Keith Judson presented the Board with his letter of resignation as President and Director of the Board of the Virginia City Highlands Property Owners Association. (copy attached)  Kennedy accepted Judson’s resignation. The Board held a discussion regarding the different alternatives for replacement.  Thomas made a motion that we defer any action until the next regularly scheduled meeting.  Brownwell seconded. Approved 4-0.  Thomas will post the Directors opening on the bulleting board at the mail boxes.


On a motion by Dave,seconded by Wasson and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20.


Colleen Brownwell

Board Secretary



Architectural Report

Revised Review Fee Schedule

Keith Judson Letter Of Resignation