Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2003


PRESENT: Board of Directors:  Colleen Brownwell, Dave Thomas, Donna Wasson, and Dennis Kennedy.



A quorum being present, Vice President Kennedy called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:01PM, November 11, 2003 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. Thomas made a motion to add Rental Property under New Business and The Annual Audit under Financial Report on the agenda.  Wasson seconded, motion carried 4-0.  On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Wasson, the agenda was approved with the changes.



On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Wasson, the minutes were approved 4-0.



Thomas made a motion to nominate Jim Watson, Brownwell seconded.  A resident nominated Joel Smith but he declined.  A resident nominated Dave Abel and he also declined.  A resident nominated Nancy Russell and Wasson seconded.  The election was held by a secret ballot among the directors with Jim Watson being elected the new Director 3-1. 


Kennedy made a motion to nominated Jim as the newly elected President, Thomas seconded and the motion carried 5-0.  



A resident presented paperwork regarding Articles Of Incorporation of Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association.  Watson deferred this issue to Dave Thomas to explain the definition of “501 C-3”.  Thomas stated we are not under 501 C-3.  The question came up of whether or not we are considered a Charitable Organization. The Board will take up under advisement and will put on hold until the next regular meeting.


Storey County Commissioner Bob Kershaw stated that students from University Of Nevada Reno wanted to help the residents in regards to the water issue in the Highlands.  He passed out a survey for residents to fill out on their individual water usage.   Kennedy made a motion that the Board support UNR’s efforts regarding the Water System.  Thomas seconded and the motion was approved 5-0.  Students from the UNR asked the residents attending the meeting to fill out the survey and turn in to them before leaving.  They stated that they just needed a sample for their study and that this was not going to be a door to door survey.




Dave Thomas presented the monthly cash report and Financial Statements dated October 2003 (attached).  Our Road Manager Rick McDowell reported on the expenses for the vehicle maintenance.  Thomas stated that the Renewal of the Insurance Premiums for the vehicles has been signed and that we are now on a monthly payment schedule (attached).  


The payment of the Ombudsman Fees will be deferred until the next regular Board Meeting.  


A discussion was held in regards to the status of the Annual Audit.  Thomas stated that the Tax Preparation has been completed and that he has concerns regarding the expense of having a full blown audit done.  Thomas suggested doing an opinion of Internal Controls and Accounting Practices.  It was recommended that we need to research the minutes from previous Board Meetings regarding the motion on when the Audit was approved and what the contents of that motion was.  Brownwell will follow up on this issue.  Until then this will be deferred until the next regular Board meeting.



a.  Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the written report of the Committee’s meeting of November 4, 2003 (copy attached).


Watson brought up the subject of fence building.  He stated that there is not one fence in the Highlands that would pass code according to the description in the section of the NRS 568 Open Range Land.  This section requires a 4-rail minimum fence.  Watson stated that he wants the Architectural Committee to follow up on this as the Virginia City Highlands is considered to be Open Range land.  Wally Corey indicated that he would research this issue.


Watson made a motion to move on from the Architectural Committee report. Thomas seconded and the motion was carried 5-0.


b. Road Report

Rick McDowell presented the road report.  Rick stated that the Salt and Sand can not be kept where it is because it will freeze.  They need to come up with a resolution.  No update on the tarps for the Salt/Sand shed.  Rick also commented on the issue of water for the water truck.  Because of the shortage of water he is having difficulty finding a water source to keep the truck full.  It was recommended that he take this issue up with the County Commissioner to help look into the situation.


Thomas gave an explanation of what the Road Manager does for his salary.  A lengthy discussion was held regarding the roads and how they are managed and maintained.  The Road Manager stated that he maintains all of the equipment himself and has been able to keep all the old equipment running for several years now without having to purchase new equipment.


Thomas stated that the first mile of Cartwright is not owned by the Ten Acre Association, nor by the County.  His recommendation is that we let this issue lie since the County continues to maintain it.


Thomas made a motion to move on from the Road Report. Wasson seconded and the motion was carried 5-0.   Dennis Kennedy was excused from the meeting.


c. CC&R’s Revision Committee

Thomas stated that he will be getting the two members together soon.



Wasson presented an update on the junk cars parked on Grizzley.  She stated that a Certified letter was sent to the owner of the property.


Thomas stated that a Certified letter will be going out to the property owner of the large semi-truck type trailer that is in violation of the CC&R’s parked on Sullivan.



Thomas stated that he received a complaint in regards to damage that was sustained by a feral horse to a visitor’s car parked on the Rental property of the VCHPOA.  It was determined that the VCHPOA is not liable for the damage according to the Rental Agreement.  Thomas will respond to the person who sent the complaint.


On a motion by Dave,seconded by Wasson and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45.


Colleen Brownwell

Board Secretary



Cash Summary Statement

Vehicle Renewal Finance Plan

Architectural Report