Monthly Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2003


PRESENT: Board of Directors:  Jim Watson, Colleen Brownwell, Dave Thomas and Dennis Kennedy.


ABSENT: Donna Wasson



A quorum being present, President Watson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:00PM, December 9, 2003 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. Thomas made a motion to add Road Closure Rights of Ownership under New Business on the agenda.  Kennedy seconded, motion carried 4-0.  On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Kennedy, the agenda was approved with the changes.



Under New Director a correction was made from Thomas making the motion to nominate Nancy Russell to a Resident nominating Nancy Russell. On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Kennedy, the minutes were approved 4-0 with the correction. 



A representative from Coast Gas Reno presented a letter to the Board requesting the opportunity to provide information to the public on the VCHPOA Web Site. He stated that Coast Gas would provide a competitive price and service in regards to Ferrellgas who is currently on the web site.  Watson indicated that he wants anyone who advertises in the newsletter or the web site to pay for the ads.  A discussion was held regarding the prices and the contractual agreement with Ferrellgas and if we would be bound to the contract.  The Board agreed to take the offer from Coast Gas under advisement and we will come up with answers and pricing for advertising. Watson made a motion to get back to Coast Gas by January 1st, 2004.  Kennedy seconded, approved 4-0.  County Commissioner John Flanagan added that we need to ensure that any business that wants to advertise has a valid Business License.



Dave Thomas presented the monthly cash report for November (attached).   


A resident brought up the issue of NRS-116 and that VCHPOA does not fall under the statute.  He stated that he went to the IRS and said that we are a 501(C3) non-profit corporation.  Watson stated that we are under NRS-116.  Thomas stated that according to the law suit findings VCHPOA falls under NRS-116. Thomas also mentioned that we received a letter from the IRS stating that we are not under any section of 501 (attached). The letter stated that there is no record that we are under 501(A) a Tax Exempt Organization.  Watson made a motion that the Board takes the position that we follow NRS-116.  If anyone disagrees it needs to be in writing.  Thomas seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


A discussion was held in regards to how we handle the payment for the Ombudsman Fees.  The fees are roughly $10,000.  The question is whether or not the fees are based on property owners or the number of lots.  There are approximately 750 property owners vs. 1,165 lots.  Thomas made a motion to make the payments to the Ombudsman’s office based on property owners and not the number of lots.  Kennedy seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.  Thomas stated that the payment would be made before the end of December.   


Annual Audit.  Brownwell stated that there was no mention of an Annual Audit being done in the Board Minutes from the past meetings.  The minutes reflected that there was a motion approved to select a firm but not to conduct the audit.  Thomas motioned to defer until May 2004.  Brownwell seconded.  Approved 4-0.


Bookkeeper Responsibilities – Watson stated that he wants it to be very clear on what the Bookkeepers responsibilities are.  He has requested that Kathy McDowell and Dave Thomas come up with a job description of what her duties are and submit it at the next board meeting.


Billing Date – Thomas made a motion that the Board sends out the annual dues by November 1st of next year instead of December 1st.   Kennedy seconded.  Approved 4-0.




a.  Architectural Committee

Wally Corey, Chairman, presented the written report of the Committee’s meeting of December 2, 2003 (copy attached).


A discussion was held in regards to item 3b from the architectural minutes.  Watson stated he doesn’t want to set a precedence that we allow either tin or vinyl structures. He asked that Wally set up some kind of screening recommendations to bring back to the Board.  Watson requested that Wally come up with an addendum to the Architectural Guidelines.


A residence asked how can stucco can be approved as a material siding?  Watson stated that stucco has not been approved but that the property owners requesting stucco have submitted a variance to the Board for approval.  Watson recommended that the Board and the Architectural Committee get together to iron out the style and siding issues.  Watson asked Wally to take the guidelines and check out all the gaps and possible questions that could come up regarding definitions.  Watson made a motion to schedule a meeting between the Architectural Committee and the Board of Directors for Tuesday January 6th at 6:00pm. Thomas seconded.  Approved 4-0.

Thomas made a motion to move on from the Architectural Report.  Watson seconded, motion carried 4-0.


b. Road Report

Rick McDowell presented the road report.  Rick stated that the Salt and Sand have been moved and covered with tarps for the winter.


Watson made a motion to move on from the Road Report. Kennedy seconded and the motion was carried 4-0.


c. CC&R’s Revision Committee

No report at this time.



Wasson was not present to present an update on the junk cars parked on Grizzley.


Thomas stated that the Certified letter has not been received by the property owner of the large semi-truck type trailer that is in violation of the CC&R’s parked on Sullivan.  He stated that the letter would have to be hand delivered.



Thomas reported that Jim Poston has volunteered to maintain the VCHPOA Web Site.  Thomas stated his recommendations for the Home Page.  He has recommended getting the commercial items off the web site unless they pay for advertising.  Thomas also questioned the idea of having search capabilities on the web site in order to go back to past issues.  Thomas made a motion to elect Jim Poston to be the Web Master for the VCHPOA web site.  Watson seconded.  Approved 4-0.  Thomas requested that all materials go to him and he will be responsible to send or give them to Jim Poston to post on the web site.  The Board agreed to have all commercial items removed.


Road Closures – A discussion was held in regards to the yearly road closure.  The roads that lead into the Virginia City Highlands are closed for one day with a reserve sheriff posted at the entrance of the Highlands to stop non-residence from entering.  Watson asked that Brownwell follow up with the 10 acre Board to coordinate this activity. Dennis suggested that the road closure be on a Sunday in the month of January 2004.  Once the day has been determined, Brownwell will contact the Storey County Commissioner John Flanagan to set up the road closure.


On a motion by Thomas,seconded by Kennedy and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00.


Colleen Brownwell

Board Secretary




Cash Summary Statement

IRS Letter

Architectural Report