Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2004

PRESENT: Jim Watson, Dave Thomas, Dennis Kennedy, Donna Wasson, Sheri Beckerman


A quorum being present, President Watson called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7: 03 P.M., March 9, 2004 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. With the following additions:

            Architectural Committee:

3 new members to be approved

Recommendation instead of Presentation of new Organizational Chart

On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Kennedy, the agenda was unanimously approved.

  1. APPROVE MINUTES OF REGULAR BOARD MEETING OF February 10, 2004.  To be approved with the following changes:

·       Transfer fee

·       40-acre parcels

On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Kennedy, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of February 10, 2004, were approved.

    1. Jay Euse

                                                    i.     Clarification needed from the Board and Architectural Committee of the variance requested for his home. He has received many answers with appearance at different meetings, each with no end result towards the exterior finish of his home.  Kim pointed out many discrepancies that have not been address, both past and present.  The Board did agree that “stucco” was the appearance not the material in question.  If the Martins and the Euse’s would like to use a concrete product (product mentioned was Synergy) that is colored and or/stamped to fit the current Architectural guidelines, it would be acceptable.  Both parties were asked to bring a sample and meet with the Architectural Committee.  Because of the previous misunderstandings and misinformation, the committee will re-visit these specific materials.

    1. Dave Thomas reviewed the Cash Summary Statement
    2. Thomas also reviewed the lien/foreclosure procedure and the collections done by Jay Hampton

                                                    i.     Two (2) lots are still in the process of foreclosure

c.      Thomas is working with Lucini & Parrish to find a carrier for our General Insurance

    1. Kathy has a meeting with Storey County to pinpoint the delinquent properties.  The procedure for the County to foreclose was discussed and what prohibits the Association from benefiting during the process.
    2. Watson requested an A/R aging report be submitted on all collections for each meeting, the report will be filed with the minutes.
    1. Architectural Committee (AC)

                                                    i.     New Organizational Chart presented.  See attached (Organizational chart included in AC meeting minutes).

                                                  ii.     Wasson is proceeding on the database for the previous and future plans and decisions made on such.

                                                 iii.     Wasson requested permission to create specific guidelines to be voted on by the general population at the Annual Meeting.  On a motioned by Watson, seconded by Beckerman the AC was given permission to draw up a guideline to be voted on at the Annual Meeting. The definitions of each guideline would be specifically addressed in this ballot.

    1. Road Report

                                                    i.     Rick McDowell addressed the equipment repairs needed because of the last snowfall. The repairs were made to keep the equipment running and expenses were incurred.  The Red Chevrolet truck, as stated before, is long over due for replacement.

                                                  ii.     The motion was made by Watson, seconded by Kennedy to approve the purchase of $3000.00 worth of gravel/rock for road repair.

                                                iii.     The motion was made by Beckerman, seconded by Wasson to discontinue the service of the repeater signal vendor.  Rick will continue looking into a viable communication system and will contact the signal vendor and discontinue the use of their services.

    1. CC & R Revision

                                                    i.     Dave Thomas stated that the documents would not be reviewed until after April 15th because of his workload.  After the revision process is started, the documents will be available on the website.

    1. Rental House- payment to Terry Lightfoot for verified repairs to the property. With Wasson motioned with Beckerman seconding the verifiable repairs will be reimbursed to the previous tenant, Terry Lightfoot  The Board instructed Kathy to track down receipts from Dennis Brownwell for the repairs made and will have a check ready for the Board on 4/13/04.  Watson noted that the previous tenants did a remarkable job in maintenance and upgrading of the rental house. It was noted that a clause should now be in the rental agreement pertaining to the reimbursement of expenses.
    2. Beckerman read a letter of thank you to Sheriff Whitten that the Board signed.  The letter also reiterated that the Association directs Storey County to enforce all County and State laws within the boundaries of VCH. The motion by Kennedy, seconded by Wasson approved a $75 gift certificate to Bob Pierson as a thank you for the day he spent at the entrance of VCH for the Annual Road closure. The letter and gift certificate will be delivered to the Sheriff.
    3. A suggestion by Nicole ? that a concise explanation of the law enforcement request and the Annual Road closure would be appropriate.  This to be done during the Annual Meeting.
    4. Website advertising was discussed .  The “banner” (see attached) was presented by Watson, the following changes to be made before having the webmaster post the information on the website: a $25.00 donation for placing the ad and a $10.00 a monthly donation to run the ad. Or if paid in advance, a fee of $100 per year is acceptable.  The motion by Thomas, seconded by Beckerman was unanimous for the website advertising.
    5. A few request were made for the webmaster

                                                    i.     To put the maps back on the website

                                                  ii.     To change the position and accessibility to the transfer fee link

    1. VCH window stickers need to be requested from the 10-acre Association.


    1. Job Descriptions for each Board position were handed out to each member. Watson requested that each Board member review the documents, make additions, suggestions and return the amended documents to the Secretary before the next Board meeting for consolidation of information.  This will make the decisions to be made much easier and less time consumed during the next Board meeting.
    2. Director’s manuals and the certification document were handed out and signed by those present.


On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Watson, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

Architectural Report

Letter to Sheriff Pat Whitten (law enforcement)

Website advertising wording