Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2004

PRESENT: Dennis Kennedy, Dave Thomas and Sheri Beckerman


    1.  Quorum being present, Vice-President Kennedy called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:05 P.M., June 8, 2004 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. With the following additions to the Agenda:

                                                    i.     9a- to change annual meeting date

                                                  ii.     9d-Read and approve the draft annual newsletter

                                                iii.     10-A short executive meeting after adjournment to discuss personnel matters. 

                                                iv.     On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Beckerman, the agenda was unanimously approved.


    1. On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Kennedy, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of May 11, 2004, were approved.



a.      With the resignation of Jim Watson, a vacancy needs to be immediately filled.  The Board commends Jim Watson for his past and present work for the Association and wishes him the best with his health.

b.     With a motion by Kennedy, seconded by Thomas: Joel Smith is approved to fill the temporary position.  Smith is a former Board member and is familiar with the workings of the Board and the present need.  Smith specifically requested not to be nominated for the upcoming Board elections; he will fill this two-month temporary position only.


    1. Keith Judson read a letter to the Board, copy enclosed.
    2. Discussion with Mr. Judson over his concerns voiced in his letter:

                                                    i.     Information on minutes, financial statements & agendas not readily available.

1.     This issue is being addressed with the Webmaster, with the Secretary accepting responsibility for the delay.

2.     Mr. Judson requested information from the Board (in writing) and to date has only received a portion of the information.  The resolution:

a.      The financials were given to him (Mr. Judson) by Thomas, the agendas, Architectural minutes and Board meeting minutes are now available on the website.

                                                  ii.     Agendas will now be posted on the website and on the bulletin board a minimum of 10 days in advance of each meeting.  The Secretary will obtain a working copy of the County’s agenda format to see where improvements can be made in the format.  Architectural and Board minutes will be posted on the website and the bulletin board after approval.

                                                iii.     The notification to each member of VCHPOA of his or her eligibility to be nominated to serve as a Board member will be addressed in the Annual newsletter, which is going out in this weekends mail. Thomas has spoken with the Ombudsman, the timing and the article in the Newsletter is an acceptable notification. 

                                                 iv.     Mr. Judson felt that the Board was not having a legal meeting and requested that the Board adjourn.  The Board so noted his opinion.  The Board thanks Mr. Judson for his time and feedback on areas he (Mr. Judson) feels requires improvement or correction by the Board.  The Board decided to continue the meeting since this was a regularly scheduled meeting.


c.      Mr. Ernie Winters brought the condition of Sazarac Road to the Boards      attention.  It is a hazardous road in its current conduit.  This road was recently graded, but because of the heavy traffic and steepness of grade, maintenance does not last.  The Board is working on getting a formula for a stable substrate that will be tried on a one-mile section of Sazarac.


    1. The Board acknowledges the receipt of the letter of resignation of Rick and Kathy McDowell.
    2. The operating budget was discussed and then with a motion by Beckerman and seconded by Kennedy, it was approved.
    3. The reserve budget was discussed and then with a motion by Kennedy and seconded by Smith, it was approved.
    4. A proposal from Aqua drilling was discussed, because of the time constraints and emergency type of situation with the well at the firehouse (for road maintenance) the bid was accepted.  Motion by Kennedy, seconded by Smith, it was approved.  For future reference, Bob Kershaw from the County commissioners noted that the County might have access to a grant for upgrading the fire department water access and storage capacity.
    5. Collection status letter from Jay Hammond & Associates


    1. Architectural Committee- presentation of minutes by Cindy Rogers

                                                    i.     Fee’s collected: $535.00

                                                  ii.     Reiterated that the Architectural Committee has the ballot ready for the newsletter.  Rogers will e-mil this to Thomas for inclusion.

    1. Road Report

                                                    i.     No one available to speak.  Thomas stated that little roadwork was completed because of the water shortage.

    1. Park Report





    1. Annual meeting to be moved to July 31, 2004 to comply with voting issues.  Motioned by Kennedy, seconded by Thomas, it was approved.
    2. A non-binding poll will be sent with the ballots (annual election and Architectural ballots and other issue ballots).  The results will be discussed at the annual meeting.  Beckerman was assigned to call the Peevers to request they (once again) do the terrific job of organizing the annual picnic.  Also to call the previous advertisers from the annual newsletters.
    3. A newsletter working group will meet on Saturday, June 12,2004 at 2 pm in the fire hall.
    4. Harold Swafford (Storey County AG) sent all Storey county Homeowners Associations a letter requesting input on speed limits and traffic control devices so that Storey County enforcement can set speed limits and the Associations can post appropriate signage.  After a discussion the wording to be used for the poll “25 mph on paved roads, 20 mph on dirt roads, unless otherwise posted”.
    5. Concerns over people using the Highlands for a shooting range.  The Sheriff has been called in one specific case.


On a motion by Beckerman, seconded by Thomas, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

Architectural Report

Mr. Keith Judson Letter

AG’s Letter (Harold Swafford)

Jay Hampton & Associates letter concerning collections

Aqua proposal for firehouse well