Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 13, 2004

PRESENT: Kennedy, Thomas, Smith, Wasson and Beckerman



A quorum being present, Vice-President Kennedy called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:00 P.M., July 13, 2004 at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.  Keith Judson asked for the removal of his requested comment as the call for past meeting minutes had been completed.  On a motion by Kennedy, seconded by Thomas, the agenda was unanimously approved.



On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Smith, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of June 8, 2004, were approved.


    1. Cecilia Lak spoke of speeders, people camping on private land.  The speeding issue is being addressed with the poll and then subsequent letter to the District Attorney; the second issue is on 10-acre land and out of this homeowner association area.
    2. Donna Wasson requested information on a point of procedure from Keith Judson.  When the architectural committee finds that they have ruled incorrectly, what is the most expedient way to correct the error.  The decision was to get three (3) members of that committee to sign the paperwork and in this case, Cindy Rodgers would deliver the signed paperwork to the homeowners.
    3. Ernest Winter spoke on his concerns of the houses he is seeing that are apparently violating CC & R’s by having stucco siding.  Mr. Winter is a plasterer by trade and feels that these two homes look completed.  The Board explanations is that until the houses are issued certificates of occupancy or have completed the year’s building limit, no ruling can be issued.  At the time that either of those items occur, and there is a CC & R violation then a $50.00 a day fine will be issued until the violation is corrected.


    1. Thomas went through financial statements, which have improved since last annual meeting.  Many reasons given: lack of snow this year, delay on the purchase of a replacement vehicle, collection of dues, past dues and late fee’s.  Thomas explained his thoughts on the Operating and Reserve Budgets and how he would like not to intermingle the funds and only rarely transfer between them.  A lively discussion was held, with all members trying to understand the accounting situation for or against transferring funds.  23K that were to be transferred in March were deferred, as the 1988 Chevy is still running.
    2. Thomas researched the NV business license changes, as a 501(c4), the VCHPOA is not liable for the fee.
    3. The tax filing for VCHPOA is to be completed by Thomas.



    1. Architectural Committee

                                                    i.     Wasson went through the AC report; fee’s collected in the amount of $395.

                                                  ii.     The AC secretary was asked not to use names, lot numbers or addresses in the meeting minutes because of confidentiality laws.  A separate Violations Log will be kept and will only be available to Board members.


    1. Road Report

                                                    i.     The firehouse well was discussed and Gary Hames of SCFD will deal with the issue with repair because of a previous agreement between those two (2) parties.  Because of this agreement, the motion to repair the well stated in June 04 minutes has been rescinded. Approved users of the well are only;

1.     Storey County Dire Department

2.     VCHPOA

3.     Aqua drilling (because of a agreement with SCFD)

The Sazarac road problem was discussed.  Thomas had a discussion with Granite Construction; because of safety issues only a gravel road base is recommended. A great deal of water is needed to bed this base and until the well is fixed, it will be delayed.

A solicitation of bids on the road management has been discussed with various individuals, two (2) of which may present to the next Board a bid.  A consideration to consolidate with the 10-acre association on this item is to be approached.


    1. Park Report

                                                    i.     Bob Kershaw asked that we contact Patty Poston about the likely donation of retaining wall bricks.  A 6-foot retaining wall is needed at the park and this donation would facilitate the completion.


    1. Ms. Hammond has agreed to negotiate with Thomas for the position of Contract Bookkeeper.  A motion by Kennedy and seconded by Beckerman to offer Ms. Hammond the position was approved.
    2. The previously approved purchase of the metal building from Storey County has been put on hold until a complete picture of the costs involved are presented by the Road Crew.  The motion of August 2003 to purchase the building has been rescinded.
    3. After the poll has been tabulated a letter will be written to the Commissioner and the other agencies involved with the speed limits, signage requirements and other issues to address the enforcement of speed limits in the VC Highlands.





    1. Thomas has requested a legal opinion on five (5) items from Jay Hammond; letter is included as an attachment.
    2. Assignments for the Annual meeting were given to numerous Board members.


On a motion by Beckerman, seconded by Wasson, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

Letter to Jay Hammond for opinion

Description for the Contract Bookkeeper position

Architectural Report