Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2004

PRESENT: Smith, Wasson, Thomas and Beckerman



a)     A quorum being present, Vice-President Smith called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:00 P.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.  Items on the agenda were moved around for more efficiency and on a motion by Wasson, seconded by Beckerman, the agenda was unanimously approved.



a)     On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Smith, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of July 13, 2004, were approved.



a)     Introduction of Rick Bent, the newly elected Board member.

i)      Rick spoke briefly of his history (2+ years in the VCHPOA area)



a)      Asked Each Nominee To Speak

(1)  Cecilia Lak

(2)  Linda Armour

(3)  Jim Watson

(a)   Voting was done by the sitting Board and the position was filled by Linda Armour. 

Beckerman read the outline for Board positions and the responsibilities and the Board Member resolutions that were presented that was compiled by Wasson.  Nominations were then accepted.

ii)    Voting was completed with the following results:

(1)  President- Donna Wasson

(2)  1st Vice-President- Linda Armour

(3)  2nd Vice-President-Rick Bent

(4)  Treasurer- Dave Thomas

(5)  Secretary- Sheri Beckerman 

(a)   Certification to be completed at the next Board meeting.


a)     As the standard, Robert’s Rules of Order will be used as the basis for meeting rulings and order.

b)     All board members will speak and behave with respect both to other Board Members and to the association members. 

c)     Each Board Member shall have the option for input on any item discussed and there will be no permanent unilateral decisions made by any individual. 

d)     All items needing follow through or research will be assigned to a specific member or members and their findings to be reported to the Board on the specific date assigned. All correspondence for each project is to be completed by the person assigned the issue; and a copy of all communications filed with the Secretary at the next meeting so it may be recorded in the minutes. 

e)     The NRS 116 or CC&R are the basic structure by which all decisions that the VCHPOA Board are made, so it is imperative that there is majority agreement on the interpretation and decisions based on these documents will be noted in the meeting minutes.


6)     COMMENTS BY ASSOCIATION MEMBERS & DISCUSSION OF COMMENTS Commissioner Bob Kershaw asked to speak and introduced Sheriff Pat Whitten.  Pat presented the following issues:

a)     Burning trash that is being thrown from vehicles and appropriate signage

i)      Requested a letter of endorsement to take to the Rural Highway Meeting in October

ii)    Shooting violations occurring with in the Association

(1)  The only State laws that appear to apply are the “congested area violations”, copy attached

(2)  Discussion was held on options- increasing designated congested area                            designation, adding a buffer join between the 1-acre, 10 acre and 40-acre, etc

(3)  Joining with VRPA for protection in areas affected

(4)  Request a handout from the Sheriff’s office on trespassing to be used for vehicles within the association roads

Commissioner Bob Kershaw spoke concerning the well at the Fire station.  Storey County Commissioner spoke directly with Gary Hames concerning the go-ahead for well repair.  The water would then be available for all 3 eligible users of this well. 

Association members requesting the Pinion pine booklets will receive them from Dave Thomas. 

Nicole Frens requested that the 2 Boards have a representative at each other’s meeting.  The Board agreed to attend the next 10-acre Board meeting (last Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm.)  All agreed that open communication will get more accomplished.  A schedule will be set up for Board members to each attend meetings.



a)     New signature cards passed around for the sitting Board to sign returned to bookkeeper for delivery to the bank.



a)     Architectural Committee-

i)      Minutes were submitted

ii)    Dues collected in the amount of $450.00

iii)  Resignations reported, will actively look to replace leaving members

iv)   Wasson explained the premise of area representatives to help with acquiring information and disbursement of information to the VCHPOA

v)     New construction transaction fee’s needed to be increased because of the damage incurred during construction.  Thomas suggested that the fee be no less than $1000.00.  Discussion was held on how low that is compared to the damage done and other associations and counties fees for the same transaction.  Deferred to the next Board meeting for a vote.  Thomas will bring more information for comparison to the next meeting

vi)   As required by NRS 116, a joint meeting needs to be scheduled and held between the Board and the Architectural committee.

b)     Road Report

i)      Jim Watson (who has a degree in this area) was requested to be the volunteer Road Manger for the interim as it is unknown what direction the Board is taking for long term road maintanence.  Watson will get back to the Board with a schedule and a list of needed road maintenance.  He will also gather information on road base, etc. and the feasibility of using it in the Highlands.

ii)    Bent will work with FireSafe Highlands on the grant that has been given but not completed for the road signage.

c)     Park Report  

i)      Request for volunteers to move landscape bricks to the park and a crew to work on the retaining wall.  Wasson and Beckerman volunteered their spouses for manual labor and Wasson will contact local contractors with the proper knowledge on the building of the retaining wall.  Notification will be placed on website and mail shed area for days that volunteers are needed.



a)     As per the discussion at the annual meeting, the transfer fee is set at $125.00 per platted lot and to be assessed as of 8/10/04.

b)     CC &R revision committee- Dave Thomas is still willing to hold this position.  A listing of open forum meetings is to be posted on the website and at the mailboxes.  The end goal is too have the voting paperwork in place no later than November 1, 2004.  Thomas will add Cindy Rogers to his committee.



a)     Topics of discussion listing submitted by Wasson (attached).

b)     All correspondence that is mailed or sent out from the Board or the Association is to be approved by the Board as a whole.


On a motion by Wasson, seconded by Thomas, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary



Board Job Descriptions

Board Responsibilities
Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

Architectural Report

Congestion variance for shooting

Topics of Discussion