Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2004

PRESENT: Wasson, Tomas, Armour, Bent and Beckerman



A quorum being present, President called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 7:15 P.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.  On a motion by Wasson, seconded by Bent, the agenda was unanimously approved.


    1. With some minor wording changes and addition of an attachment, on a motion by Armour, seconded by Bent, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 10, 2004, were approved.
    2. With some minor wording changes, on a motion by Beckerman, seconded by Thomas, the minutes of the Annual Board Meeting of July 31, 2004, were approved.


    1. Colleen Brownwell asked for guidelines on neighborhood complaints.  Guidelines were that the complaint is to be in writing, addressed to the Storey Counter Commissioners.
    2. Cecilia Lak commented on the noise levels in the early morning and the nice paving on Crestview.
    3. As a resident, Donna Wasson has requested safety signage from the school board for the bus stops in the Highlands and the Board approved the action.
    4. Tom Peevers came on the behest of a property owner on Sazarac, the owner would like to have asphalt chip put on the road in front of his house.  Wasson motioned for an approval, Bent seconded and the Board approved the request.
    5. Commissioner Bob Kershaw informed the Board that the Commissioners would be forming a Citizen Advisory Board (CAB) about the new road request.  The request for accepting Cartwright Road as petition by Keith B. Osgood (part of the Highland Ranches Property Owners Association) through a formal deed of acceptance was voted down.  The speed limits have been approved by the Commissioners and are quoted from Resolution 04-190 and are as follows:

                                                    i.     “25 mph on Cartwright Road, except hereafter

                                                  ii.     35 mph on Cartwright Road from Buckeye Road south to 100 yards north of the mailbox area

                                                iii.     20 mph on all unpaved roads”

The Sheriff’s department and the Storey County District Attorney will enforce these speed limits.


    1. Taxes are completed and are attached
    2. A listing of recommendations from the bookkeeper is attached.

                                                    i.     Ms. Hammack will be compensated for the extra duties involved with collections research and bringing the books up to date

                                                  ii.     All collections will be now be pre-approved by the Board

                                                iii.     A homeowner that request billing or billing history will need to send a self-addressed envelope and $1.00 to cover the cost 

                                                iv.     The lot owners who have paid their dues, but the dues were not recorded properly will get a letter of apology and the Board will deal with Jay Hampton about the fines, etc.

Nicole Frens has put together a HIT Squad to gather information for new owner packets.


    1. Architectural Committee-

                                                    i.     2 new members needed

                                                  ii.     $200 in construction fees

                                                 iii.     Meetings to be changed to 7:30 PM

                                                 iv.     Ernie Winters asked about the “castle”, the committee explained that the previous AC approved the home (as is) and a signed copy is in the file.

                                                  v.     Discussion of AC guideline changes and asked for approval to send them out for a vote.

    1. Road Report

                                                    i.     1-Acre Board to meet with 10-Acre Board on 9/28/04 at 5:30 pm to discuss sharing of road costs.

                                                  ii.     John DuFrayne presented a contract for a year of road maintenance for $60,000.

1.     All repairs that are less than $500 will be handled by contractors

2.     Insurance, gravel and rock to be purchased by contractor

3.     Roads to be plowed by 7:00 AM and again by 3:00 PM as weather permits

a.      Changes to be made to contract and presented to the Board again.


The discussion of offering John DuFrayne a temporary (32 day) Road Manager position, including flat rate as paid to previous manager.  On a motion by Beckerman, seconded by Wasson the Board agreed to the proposition.

    1. Park Report

                                                    i.     Wasson reminded the County that this is a County park and requested the County maintain the park, including the needed retaining wall.  Wasson will attend Commissioners meeting pertaining to several aspects, one being having a well dug at the park.


    1. Per Gary Hames the Fire House well is schedule to be repaired by Aqua Drilling on Friday 9/17/04. 
    2. Rick Bent spoke with Fran of the FireSafe Highlands concerning signage.  Because that Board is short handed signage can’t be completed until they have volunteers to complete the project.  Gary Hames offered a catalog and Bent will gather information needed to complete the project.
    3. Metal shed ($1200)- the cost estimate for concrete piers ($1500), miscellaneous, including paint ($1500). It would take 2 weekends with 10 people each time to set and raise the building.  It would be placed to the side of the firehouse.  Concerns were raised on what the neighbors will think of the building.  Will it better than scattered equipment and piles of frozen (and unusable) sand?  Motion to go forward with the request for a special use permit was brought by Bent, seconded by Beckerman and approved by the Board.


    1. CC & R Revisions (tentative schedule attached):  Thomas presented a tentative schedule for CC & R Revision Committee.  Initial members of the committee will be Linda Armour, Donna Wasson, Dave Thomas, Cindy Rodgers, Steve Musser, Steve Samara and Kay Dean.  The first meeting will be held on 9/18/04 at 10:00 am at the Highlands fire station.


    1. Lease on the house is due; current resident is purchasing a home and would like a 6-month extension.  Extension to be given under existing lease terms, with month-to-month extensions if needed.  Motion by Wasson, seconded by Bent, approved by the Board.


    1. Trail riders have presented their insurance for this weekends ride.  They will only be alongside VCH roads at Buckeye and Cartwright.  Motion to approve by Wasson, seconded by Armour, approved by the Board.
    2. Vandalism seems to be on the increase in VCH, Wasson requested a report from the Sheriff’s Department so the homeowners can be aware of the problem.  Wasson to write a letter requesting a report.  Motion by Wasson, seconded by Beckerman, approved by the Board.


On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Bent, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:44 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

Architectural Report

Bookkeepers suggestions

Speed limit resolution from Storey County

Taxes for 2003