Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2005


PRESENT: Present: Thomas, Armour, Bent & Beckerman



A quorum being present, President called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 6:30 P.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.  Topics were added to the agenda: 

    1. New: Nomination of Steve Musser
    2. Old: Clarification of advertising guidelines

On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Armour, the agenda was unanimously approved.


On a motion by Beckerman, seconded by Bent, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of November and December 2004 were approved. 

a.      The Board recognized the nomination and then approved the appointment of Steven Musser to the Board of Directors.  Unanimous approval. 

b.     The 10-acre board had been invited to participate in this Board meeting, no representative were able to be present.

    1. Lolly Bent requested that a road maintenance plan be enacted.  The Board reassured Mrs. Bent that there was a road committee and that work was being done for the planning of road maintenance.  The road crew has been very busy with the major storms that dumped up to 12 feet of snow in the Highlands area and no other panning could be done until current winter concerns were addressed.
    2. Cecilia Lay would like property owners to keep a eye out for the snowmoblilers who are riding in the ditches along Cartwright.  The Board requested that if the snowmoblilers were seen again, to please call the Sheriff’s office.  They are trespassing and causing damage to private property
    3. Bill Redmond asked for clarification of the informal poll that was sent out in July, he was referred to the website to review the final draft of the revisions of the C.C.&R’s and the Architectural guidelines.
    4. Nicole Frens spoke with compliments on the job done by the Road Manager and his crew during the 2 past storms.
    5. Ernie Winters asked to speak to the Board on an easement problem.  The matter was turned over to Commissioner Bob Kershaw, with Lydia Hammack’s assistance on finding out what the history is of this situation and what help could be rendered.
    1. The 1-acre has snow removal invoices totaling: $16, 546.92. This amount was considerable less than it could have been (and what the 10-acres are paying) because of the pre-planning and the tremendous amount of work done by volunteer workers.  Thomas spoke of the terrific cooperation and effort by the road crew and what was accomplished during the 2 storms.  Because of the cost and inconvenience to the Shane Dixon (his home was used as a base of operations- food, heat, etc), the request was made to grant a month of no rent.  Thomas made the motion to grant Shane Dixon (tenant) to have use of the house for the month of January 2005 without rent, in compensation for the use as stated above.  Motion seconded by Beckerman, unanimously approved.
    2. Thanks to go to Rick Baccus and his crew for sanding Cartwright during and after the storm.
    3. Contract with the 10-acre association is included in the attachments, they will reimburse the 1-acre association for the roads done for their association and roads that are covered by the contract.
    4. Commissioner Bob Kershaw spoke of the cooperation and accomplishment of the 1-acre road crew.  He also has the suggestion that the VCHPOA look into a GID (NRS 316) for road construction and maintenance.  A HOA and a GID can serve side by side as in Rainbow Bend.
    1. Armour: The latest draft of C.C. & R.’s and Architectural Guidelines are to be submitted to Jay Hampton for approval.  When the By-Law’s are revised (expected in the next 2 weeks) they will be submitted and then the package will be sent to property owners after the February Newsletter.  After discussion, it was decided that a votable format would also be on the web page.  Tracking of responses would be done by a spreadsheet.  Cindy Rogers suggested that the vote response be on a postcard that is labeled with property info, this would keep the cost down.  A work party is to be scheduled for the newsletter and the voting materials.  Armour was assigned the duty of a newsletter outline and requesting articles from different sources.
    2. Thomas: Coordinated the road crew during these last major storms and will work with the Road Manager to be prepared for the predicted storm during the week of 1/25/05.  Thomas finished the draft of the above changes.  He will send missing reports from 2004 to the Secretary for the files.
    3. Bent: Nothing to report 
    4. Beckerman: Will call local business about advertising in the newsletter, will also ask Jim Poston to set up a VCHPOA ad about the newsletter.
    1. Architectural Committee- Cindy Rogers submitted the minutes for 12/7/04 & 1/4/05
    2. Road Report-John DuFresne spoke of maintenance issues and welcomed Chad Acree to the road crew.  John will be setting up a Emergency Response Road Pool, anyone with equipment or plowing skills will know in advance what their route is and when they go on duty.  He will work in close contact with the Storey County Disaster Planning committee.  John was asked to work on the safety issues of the radios-procedure and acquiring more radios.  A home for the repeater station or a procedure for how it is to be effectively used. He was asked by the Board to put together equipment “Wish List” with prices for the most efficient way to clear and maintaining roads.
    3. Thomas made a motion that the request for the metal building from Storey County permentantly be tabled.  The building does not fit the architectural guidelines and would not have held up during this storm.  Motion seconded by Bent, unanimously approved.  Thomas to contact Rick Baccus with our belated thanks but no thanks.
    4. Park Report-Patty Poston to come to March meeting


    1. Jim Poston will be given the rates and guidelines for web advertising for future requests.

                                                    i.     Truth in advertising

                                                  ii.     Family content

                                                iii.     $25 set-up fee, $10 monthly donation or $100 for a pre-paid yearly donation

    1. Newsletter advertising

                                                    i.     ¼ page is $50, ½ page is $100, whole page is $200- submission is to be by email for easy cut & paste into Publisher.  Same quidelines as above.





On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Bent, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


Sheri Beckerman

Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement

Financial Statements

            Storm reports

Architectural Reports

10-acre Road Contract