Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

May 10, 2005


PRESENT: Musser, Armour, Bent and Thomas. Beckerman was absent.


A quorum being present, President Musser called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 6:34 P.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse. A motion by Musser, seconded by Armour, the agenda was unanimously approved.



On a motion by Armour, seconded by Musser, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of April 12, 2005, were unanimously approved.



Several members in attendance questioned the methods used in deciding the items changed in the new governing documents. There were concerns voiced about the difference in voting powers to change any future Bylaws.


    1. President Musser reminded everyone about the survey that was sent out last year and that the responses received were compiled into the new Bylaws and CC n R’s. He said both documents were reviewed by Association attorney Jay Hampton and the changes recommended by the attorney were incorporated.
    2. Vice-President Armour: The road closure will be May 28, 2005 starting at 7 AM. A training session will be held at the fire station on Wednesday May 18th at 6:30 pm. She explained about the necessity to maintain our private road status by closing the road annually.
    3. Treasurer Thomas: Recommends that the annual meeting be held either July 23rd or July 30th. He handed out a packet with key dates and items that needed to be completed before the meeting date.
    4. Member-at-large Bent: An extension for grant money was obtained by Fire Safe Highlands and the money for the new road signs is ready.


    1. Thomas went through the financial reports. Noted we have $63,000 in the Operating Account. YTD $20,600 was collected in Transfer fees. $54,000 was spent on roads this year verses $29,000 last year and the Insurance is also higher at $19,600 per year.
    1. It was noted another lot was foreclosed on and we are ahead on collecting delinquent dues this year. Question was asked about where the money went from these foreclosure sales. Thomas explained that any money collected beyond what is owed to the association and attorney plus filing fees is turned over to the former owner of the foreclosed property.


    1. Architectural Committee- meeting of May 3, 2005 was quite busy with one re-roof; one garage; one addition and six new residences (with & without decks) were approved. Committee member Cindy Rogers asked for new folks to join and help share the increased work load. Report attached
    1. Road Report- Road Manager John DuFresne said he has 38 hours to date on the 10’s roads. He turned in the crew hours for this months road work on one acre roads.10 acre board member Sharon Dixon thanked the 1’s for the assistance with road grading.


    1. New Architectural Guidelines: A lengthy and heated discussion ensued about several proposed changes in the new guidelines. Musser explained about what can and cannot be limited as home materials and stated the association attorney recommended that the guidelines be voted on by the board and should be separate from the C.C. n R.’s or Bylaws. Concerns were voiced about existing colors and the need to match when adding on. It was stated that on additions any colors that were previously approved by the committee would be grand-fathered in. Motion to pass as submitted made by Thomas and seconded by Armour and unanimously approved. The new guidelines will need to be recorded after a copy is properly notarized.
    2. Vote on proposal for noxious weed eradication by “The Weed Lady”. Musser asked what the HRPOA board decided and was informed they voted it down. The proposal was discussed; property owners need to take responsibility for their own land and the money required would be better spent on road maintenance. A motion to deny was made by Thomas and seconded by Bent and the vote to turn down the proposal was unanimous.
    3. Update on 10 acre request for road maintenance assistance. No action taken. See road report.



A motion by Thomas to have the annual meeting on July 30th at the fire station with the picnic immediately after was seconded by Bent and unanimously approved. A ballot, budgets and newsletter will be mailed to all members of record by June 30, 2005. More board nominations need to be submitted as there are 3 positions open. Thomas noted he will not be running for re-election but will continue to help the board, as a volunteer, with financial statements, budgets and the annual tax filing. The bookkeeper was instructed to order the necessary envelopes to mail out the meeting materials and ballots for election of officers.


On a motion by Musser, seconded by Armour, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by:
Lydia Hammack, VCHPOA Bookkeeper
Attachments: Cash Flow Statement, Financial Statements, Architectural Report