Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Monthly Meeting Minutes

July 12, 2005


PRESENT: Musser, Bent, Thomas and Beckerman.


A quorum being present, President Musser called the regular meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 6:35 P.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.

Amendments to Agenda:

A. Appoint Armour’s replacement

B. Discuss Road Mgrs Contract

C. Lease on House

D. Special Assessment – 1st notice

A motion by Musser, seconded by Thomas, the amended agenda was unanimously approved.



On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Beckerman, the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of May 10, 2005 were unanimously approved. Note: no quorum was present at the June 14, 2005 meeting. Motion to approve by Beckerman, seconded by Bent - Thomas & Musser abstained, as they did not attend that meeting. Approved.



a)      President Musser informed everyone that the new guidelines are posted on the web after being recorded with the County. Musser stated there are 5 good people on the architectural committee and thanked everyone for their participation.  Musser stated one set of plans were approved under these new guidelines but another owner objected and withdrew their plans. A developer’s opinion was that they should not have to pay increased fees as his plans were submitted in April. Note: Plans were not approved at that time. Musser also reported that he is selling all his one-acre properties and will need to withdraw his name from the ballot.  Since the ballots had been mailed it was decided to announce at the annual meeting that Musser’s votes would not be counted.

b)      Vice-President Armour: Resigned as of June the 6th and vacancy will be addressed later in the meeting.

c)      Treasurer Thomas: Stated concerns about the letter from Alt to write in names for the upcoming election. The ballot that was mailed on accordance per NRS 116 rules and the persons mentioned did not own property before the cut-off date to run and that only one could run per lot owned. He also raised a concern about an out-of-state nominee and if that person was voted onto the Board that they would be required to attend the monthly meetings. The guidelines will need to be checked to determine how many meeting a board member can miss and still remain on the board.

d)      Beckerman: No newsletter will be sent this summer and Phyllis needs a refund or advertising on the website as her ad was left out of the last newsletter by mistake. The bookkeeper will be notified as to her choice.  Beckerman also said that Joe Curtis would like someone from the homeowner association to have a seat on the local emergency management board. Musser said he will contact Curtis and will most likely attend.

e)      Member-at-large Bent: Turned in bids to Fire Safe Highlands for the new road signs and reminded everyone of the Meeting this Thursday.



a)      Thomas went through the financial reports.  He would continue to do the annual tax returns as a service to the homeowners.

b)      Stated a GID would require a 2/3 vote of all members to dedicate responsibility for roads to any public entity. The county would collect money for a GID based on assessed taxes and collected. Bob Kershaw felt that the whole issue should go to a vote at the next general election. The County roads are funded by sales tax, gasoline fees and tipping fees at the landfill fund and if things continue to improve with county finances they may be able to help us out more. Thomas gave a report on traffic on the surrounding access roads and noted a 45 % increase.

c)      Beckerman reported on the FEMA funds for this past winter’s snow removal efforts and directed the bookkeeper to contact Joe Curtis to find out how much the homeowners association will receive.

d)      Delinquent accounts: One additional lot is currently up for foreclosure and the legal has been posted in the Chronicle.



a)      Architectural Committee- Only one new building fee collected. The other lot owner in attendance did not like the new fees and withdrew his plans.      Musser explained the violation letter that must be filled out for the committee to take any action but noted they would not be going around and looking for violations. If the problem is not corrected a $50.00 fine will be imposed that doubles each time they return for the same item. Bill Redman will be the violation enforcement officer. If there are heath or safety issues the fire department will be called and the property owner will receive notice via certified mail with 30 days to clean up the violation.      

b)      Road Report- New time cards were discussed, including that they were to be turned in to the bookkeeper no later than the Friday before the monthly meeting.  Beckerman stated that after the June meeting, she went over a complete packet with the Road Manager.  This packet included new time cards to be used by the crew and a listing of his duties and responsibilities. DuFresne said he has 80 % of the roads prepped for gravel and will start hauling on Monday. The road crew is preparing the shoulders of Cartwright Road and that the 10’s will need to be billed for their 40 %.  Stated the county will try to blacktop or at least patch the first mile before winter. DuFresne then stated he thought the crew should be receiving benefits including healthcare and retirement. He was told that the association could not do that and they are hired as independent contractors. He stated that if that is the case then he is putting in a $5.00 across the board cost of living raise for all crew effective immediately and that it applied to the 10’s as well.  Beckerman stated that he needs to put the request in writing and it should include an affective date and then it will need to on the Agenda and be presented to the boards for approval.  DuFresne repeated that since they are independent contractors and could charge what they wanted.  Beckerman said he still needed to put it in writing and get approval, but agreed their rates were reasonable for the work they are doing. Beckerman said he also needs to complete paperwork showing what roads have been done and that the bookkeeper is available to help if anything needs to be typed up. The bookkeeper has two (2) hours of approved time to help the Road Manager set up and organize the necessary paperwork.  The crew installed three (3) culverts on Bonanza. A phone line was discussed for the “shed” that is being turned into an office with a “snow” message answering machine.  The price sounded good, the bookkeeper was told to set the install up ASAP if no other complications arose



a)      Annual meeting details finalized. Kathy Weeks, county assessor has agreed to attend and discuss taxes. Reps from the fire dept, sheriff dept and commissioners will attend. The phone books will be available for $2.00 thanks to Mark Twain bookstore. A PA system will be used again. Musser will chair the meeting with members reporting on their area of expertise. It was decided to put the invited speakers before the business part of the meeting. The agenda will be changed and posted to reflect this.



a)      Appoint a replacement for the remaining 1-year of Armour’s term.                   A motion by Musser to ask Beckerman to serve one more year was seconded by Thomas. Beckerman accepted and was unanimously approved.

b)      Beckerman asked Keith Judson to help her work on a succession book and Keith said he emailed her some information he worked on when he was a board member. This will be revised before the year is out.

c)      House lease. The Peevers family approached Musser about the vacancy. Musser pulled a credit report and stated that Amy and Brian would be the new renters paying the same $600.00 a month the previous renter paid.             Some discussion asking if anyone checked with the fire and sheriffs departments to see if they had anyone needing housing. Peevers, Volunteer Fire Chief, said that maybe next year the fire department will have a budget item allowing the rental of the house for fire personal thus freeing up some area in the station for offices.  Questions arose to why the cost was so reasonable and why it wasn’t advertised.  The house has direct correlation to the fire hall and all the activities that go on, midnight calls, radio transmissions, etc. Because of these reasons the person living there has to be very tolerant of the situation. Also, SCFD has taken the lion’s share of maintenance for the home and they have first priority.  The motion to accept the new tenants was made by Beckerman and seconded by Thomas and unanimously approved.  The new renters were told to complete the application after the meeting with a one-month security deposit and rent for ˝ month for a total of $900.00 due tonight.                                                                           The new renters will be glad to help out in the winter by allowing the snowplow crews the use of the 3rd bedroom.

d)      A special assessment was discussed to decide the amount needed to replace both snowplow trucks this year. After much pro and con discussion on what and when, a motion to present a special assessment of $75.00 at the annual meeting was made by Beckerman and seconded by Musser with unanimous approval. This motion serves as 10 days notice as per NRS. 116.

e)      The revised agenda will be posted on the website and at the mailboxes.



Bob Kershaw said there is $50,000 in the park fund and we should decide how many improvements could be made. He was informed folks were working on getting some contractors up here but the building boom is making it difficult to find workers for small jobs.  Bob also told us the County tax rate is 3 & ˝ cent less this year.  He also said that the county is aware of all the earth moving around Cartwright and will be requiring engineered plans before any permits will be approved.

Nicole Frens stated that the “HIT” squad would be passing out information packets at the annual meeting.


On a motion by Musser, seconded by Beckerman, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 8:10 P.M.


Respectfully submitted by:

Lydia Hammack, VCHPOA Bookkeeper                                 

Attachments: Cash Flow Statement, Financial Statements, Architectural Report