Virginia City Highlands Property Owner’s Association

Annual Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2005


1)      ALL PRESENT: Musser, Thomas, Bent and Beckerman



a.       A quorum being present, President Musser called the Annual meeting of the VCHPOA Board of Directors to order at 10:08 A.M., at the Virginia City Highlands Firehouse.  On a motion by Musser, seconded by Bent, the agenda was unanimously approved. VCHPOA is mandated by law to follow Nevada State Regulations or as commonly called, NRS 116(see 6.,v.), the associations also use Robert’s Rules of Order as the guidelines for meeting etiquette.  Speakers were requested to address issues as per the agenda or wait until the open comment section.  The association sign-up sheet shows approximately 125 lot owners are present at the beginning of the meeting.  All audience members were asked to identify themselves and to mention the street they live on when they stand to speak.



a.       Musser introduced the Board and read the names of the Architectural committee.

b.      With thanks and a round of applause given to all who have served the VCHPOA, past and present.



a.       Discussion of rulings concerning ballots, which included write-in ballots and or nomination from the floor, as has been acceptable in past meetings. Per the Nevada ruling NRS 116.31034 (5) only specified secret balloting is allowed.  These are the mandated guidelines the Board has to follow.

1.      Introduction of ballot counters: Lydia Hammack, Maggie Hohn, Sharon Dixon and Shelly Hanson. None of these volunteers are members of the VCHPOA.  Ballots were counted in the fire hall’s living quarters.

2.      Stephen Musser reiterated that he was no longer eligible to serve on the 2005/2006 Board of Directors



a.       Storey County Fire Chief Gary Hames 847-0954

                                                               i.      Property preparation, including driveways

                                                             ii.      Always looking for volunteers

                                                            iii.      Ambulance service subscription ($25 per household, over 55 is $10)

                                                           iv.      Importance of property address on green reflective signs (form available at fire hall)

b.      Storey County Sheriff Jim Miller 847-0959

                                                               i.      Please communicate with his department

                                                             ii.      Questions, concerns, complaints and compliments

c.       Storey County Assessor Kathy Weeks 847-0961

                                                               i.      The Legislature passed a late bill that created changes in the tax bills, which delayed the processing, printing and mailing of tax bills

                                                             ii.      Please call her office for clarifications and changes.

                                                            iii.      You can request all taxable lots on one billing and not consolidate the lots.

d.      Storey County Director of Admin & Budgets, Pat Whitten

                                                               i.      Washoe County will be doing mosquito trapping in Storey County to test for West Nile Virus

                                                             ii.      Would like to extend his thanks to Jim Poston for the excellent website that he runs for VCHPOA, it helps officials keep up with locals concerns.

e.     Storey County Commissioner Bob Kershaw 847-0968

                                                             i.      County collection of sales and use tax from contractors working in McCarran portion of Storey County.

f.        Storey County District Attorney Harold Swafford 847-0964

                                                               i.      Addressed the drug problem and law enforcement

                                                             ii.      Speed limits in the Highlands

1.      Unpaved roads are 20 mph or less

2.      Lousetown from 341 to Barrel Springs is 35 mph

3.      Cartwright from mailboxes to Buckeye is 35 mph

                                                            iii.      Signs are to be posted by HOA’s



a.      Thomas presented Financials and explained various aspects of expenses and income for VCHPOA, including the collections done by Jay Hampton & Associates.  Jay Hampton is a POA specialist who currently has his main office in Las Vegas.  Hampton & Associates are the legal representation for VCHPOA.

                                                              i.        Operating Budget for 2005/2006-presented and ratified with a unanimous vote 

                                                            ii.      Reserve Budget presented and was ratified with a unanimous vote.

b.      Special assessment is a necessity and a lengthy discussion was held.

c.       Keith Judson proposed the following motion:

                                                               i.      Previous vote on special assessment (July 2004) to be rescinded

                                                             ii.      Modify the 2005 special assessment to $87, 000 (a combination of the 2-years).

                                                            iii.      Amend the budget to reflect the modification of two (2) plow trucks being purchased in 2005.

                                                           iv.      The 2005/2006 special assessments would be $75 per originally platted lot as stated in C.C. & R.’s.

d.      The above motioned was made by Thomas and seconded by Bent

                                                               i.      This motion was voted on and passed unanimously by the attending VCHPOA members.

                                                             ii.      Thomas read the court summary ruling verifying that the VCHPOA is under NRS 116 and that the association is mandated to follow (including paying the ombudsman fee’s) NRS 116 guidelines, in response to comments made by Pat Flanagan.



a.       Road Report-DuFresne reported on the work being completed on the roads.  Almost every road (approximately 90%) in the VCHPOA has received attention. The responsibility for Cartwright Road is split between the VCHPOA and HRPOA the split being defined as 60% cost to VCHPOA and 40% cost to HRPOA.  DuFresne reiterated that the roads are many years behind in maintenance and major work needs to be done for viability. The Road Manager did not turn in expected paperwork.

                                                               i.      Thomas distributed a worksheet on a cost breakdown for road maintenance and a NDOT Annual Traffic report.  In 2005, Cartwright Rd. had 1400 vehicles using the road daily or 62 seconds between vehicles on the road from Buckeye to Geiger Grade.  


b.      A G.I.D. was mentioned as an option for the long-term good of the roads.  Thomas presented the pros and cons of this G.I.D.’s.


c.       Park Report- the problem of finding a contractor who is willing to take on the projects at the park still exists in this frenzied building year.



a.       Association members expressed their opinions that they have concerns that are not being addressed, such as:

                                                               i.      Architectural Changes were delayed in being posted because of a lack of a quorum in the June meeting.  The guideline changes were filed and recorded at Storey County after the May meeting and a special meeting was held in July so the meeting minutes could be posted.  The Architectural Guidelines were changed and recorded so that all future building would meet the guidelines created by the VCHPOA members.  All planning meetings for the guideline changes were posted and open to the public.  A current situation was repeatedly brought up, but because the property owner’s attorney requested that all discussion and correspondence be addressed to his office, the Board members tried not to respond to this specific violation.

                                                             ii.      The Board of Directors have needed to appointed people to fill vacant slots- Beckerman (Secretary) and Musser (President).  There was concerned that this is not a proper procedure.  NRS 116.3103 addresses the appointment procedure in question.


The vote is as follows:

Jeni Temen –114                      Martin Landabaru -245

Ken Sasso –152                       Joseph Alt -276

Stephen Musser –169               Robert Fielding -93


On a motion by Thomas, seconded by Musser, and unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 2: 20 P.M.

Sheri Beckerman,  Board Secretary


Cash Flow Statement   


Architectural forms / Guidelines

Estimated cost to improve unpaved roads (Thomas)

Financial Statements

*Violation notification

NDOT Traffic Report

Annual Budgets


Voting tally