Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes - Monthly Meeting

 Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Virginia City Highlands Firehouse


Present:  Woolley, Lumos, Landaburu (until 8:00 pm), Gravenstein (after 7:10 pm)

Absent:  Bent

I.       Call to order, declaration of a quorum, and approve meeting agenda (Action)

President Woolley declared a quorum present and called the meeting to order at 6:35 pm

II.     Approve minutes of December 13, 2005 regular meeting & December 27, 2005 special meeting (Action)

A motion by Landaburu, seconded by Lumos to approve the minutes of both meetings was approved unanimously.

III.    Financial Statements (Action)

A.     Monthly Cash Report

B.     Monthly Financial Statements  

Lydia Hammack reported on the financial statement.  Since July 1, 2005, the entire amount of the annual budget for road maintenance has been spent.  When the new board took office in November there was only $9000 left in this budget item. 

The estimated road maintenance cost for January is approx.  $6,740.  Ms. Hammack pointed out that there is cash on hand which carried over from previous years so the association will be able to meet its expenses.  The cash balance at the end of December, 2005 is $36,892.23.

·        A motion by Lumos, seconded by Landaburu, to accept the financial report as presented was approved unanimously.

IV.   Comments by association members (NRS 116.3108(3)) (Discussion only)

John Holliday of Empire Road, commented that the north end of Empire Road is in terrible shape.  He provided a sketch of what he feels would resolve the situation, including installing a culvert across the road.  President Woolley noted that Mr. Holliday’s comments will be taken under consideration but budget constraints will be a factor.  He pointed out that there is a driveway culvert in the area which is not allowing normal flow along the side of the road.

Frank Vann stated that residents in this area feel that their end of Empire is being neglected. 

Jerry Snell reiterated what others have said.  He would also like a dead end sign put up so truck traffic will not further damage the cul-de-sac.

Jack McGuffey of Harte Rd. stated that there are two culverts that dump on his property.  During the flooding water flooded his leach field.  He would like some help with this problem.

Mr. Warren who lives at the corner of Dortort and Enterprise stated that the road bed is being eaten away due to an insufficient or plugged culvert under Dortort.    President Woolley stated that Johnny DuFresne has this problem on his agenda for action. 

President Woolley stated that the board and road crew are trying to get a handle on the road problems and asked for patience from the property owners.  Time and budget are considerations.

V.     Committee reports: (Discussion/Action)