Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes - Monthly Meeting, Tuesday July 11, 2006

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room


Present:  Woolley, Gravenstein, Lumos

Absent:  Bent, Landaburu

I.       Call To Order, Declaration Of A Quorum And Approval Of Meeting Agenda (Discussion/Action)

President Woolley called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and declared a quorum present.

II.     Approve Minutes Of June 13, 2006 Meeting (Discussion/Action)

Ø      A motion by Gravenstein, seconded by Woolley, to approve the minutes as submitted was approved unanimously.

III.    Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.     Monthly Cash Report

B.     Monthly Financial Statements

Lydia Hammack reviewed the financial reports.  An amount equal to the cost of the repairs due to January flooding and the remainder of the funds used for the new equipment was transferred from the reserve account to the operating account prior to the end of the fiscal year.  This transaction should be shown in the June report, rather than July, since that was when the transfer occurred.  The financial report will be amended to reflect this change.

The funds in the operating account are sufficient to meet normal expenses until the end of the year, barring any unforeseen emergencies. 

The amount due the HRPOA for road work jointly done last year is $6,260.78 and is being paid in full this month.

Cash on hand as of July11, 2006 in the operating account is $37,267.04 and in the reserve account is $15,968.89.

There was no road work done this month.

Ø      A motion by Lumos, seconded by Gravenstein to accept the financial statement as amended was approved unanimously.

IV.   Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3)) (Discussion Only)

President Woolley reported that over 330,000 acres have burned in Nevada so far this fire season.  This is approximately half the total amount burned last year.

Karlyn McPartlin, Park Committee chair, reported that she has tried numerous times to contact Commissioner Bum Hess about the park construction with no success.  She was able to talk to Commissioner Flanagan.  She reported that there is approximately $43,000 in the park impact fund after construction of the well.  Commissioner Flanagan talked to Pat Whitten and determined that $40,000 could be available this year.  Ms. McPartlin and the County are in the process of deciding whether the association or the county will do the contracting for the work.  Gary Hames has volunteered to help with procuring contractors.  She feels that the priority list should be changed somewhat.  The retaining wall is the most immediate need, followed by fencing.  She feels that restrooms and sand box should not be on the list.  Progress is being made.  She is hopeful that the retaining wall and some concrete work can be completed before this winter.

Ray McPartlin suggested we look for volunteers to drive the snow plows since we have budget concerns.  President Woolley noted that any drivers would have to be added to the insurance policy.  As long as the person has a clean driving record there would not be significant additional cost.  This should be discussed at the annual meeting.

V.      Committee Reports

A.     Architectural Committee (Discussion/Action)

Bill Lewis reported on the Architectural Committee meeting.  Only two sets of plans were submitted.  One was not acceptable, and one was approved.  There is one violation being forwarded to the board for review and action.  Two other complaints were investigated and it was determined that no violations of the governing documents occurred.

B.     Road Report (Discussion/Action)

President Woolley reported that no work was planned or done on the roads this month.  Work is expected to resume in the fall. 

Woolley noted that he has been refining the road plan and will present the plan and expected costs at the annual meeting July 22.  Costs may not be as high as previously projected to install the stabilized base.  A test section is expected to be done in the fall if the plan is approved. 

C.    Documents Committee (Discussion/Action)

Keith Judson reported that the committee is in the information gathering stage.  He and Bob Moore met with Kay Dean of the HRPOA who worked on the committee that prepared revisions of that association’s documents.  They discussed the procedure used by the HRPOA, which was helpful.  He requested a bit of time on the annual meeting agenda.

VI.   Old Business

A.     Annual Meeting Preparation  (Discussion/Action)

The advisory ballots will be counted at the meeting.  They can be opened prior to the meeting so counting can be done more quickly. 

There are four property owners who have indicated interest in serving in the two open positions on the board.  Typically, the appointments are done at the August meeting.

Since the Peevers are unavailable to coordinate the picnic this year the menu will be hamburgers and hot dogs.  Keith Judson suggested that folks be asked to bring salads and deserts.  This request will be posted on the web site.  Debbie Gravenstein has priced the cost of food and thinks it will be less than $500.  Finding folks to cook has been a problem.  Jack McGuffey, Harry Stanley, and Lenny Wenrick volunteered to do the cooking.  Karlyn McPartlin volunteered to help with the shopping and organizing at the park.

VII.   New Business

A.     Rental House Vacancy and Condition (Discussion/Action)

The house was vacated on June 15.  Woolley inspected the property.  The structure is generally sound but the flooring all needs to be replaced and some of the plumbing fixtures may also need to be replaced.  There is no handrail on the stairway.  Tom Peevers has cleaned out the refuse that was left behind by the tenant. 

Marie Antoinette Ives-Wilson and Greg Wilson are interested in leasing the house for more than a year and have proposed a list of improvements necessary.  They propose to do some of the repairs in lieu of rent.  Richard stated that the association might be willing to credit up to $4000 toward repairs.  No real cost estimate has been done to date to determine the extent of work to be done.  The proposed rental rate is $1000 per month. 

Another possibility is to lease the house to the Fire Deptartment.  They have done a lot of improvements to the fire station and do not have budget to repair the house as well.  He has not been able to contact Gary Hames to discuss the proposal. 

Keith Judson stated that his understanding was that the original purpose for the house was to have a fireman on site.  It has not worked well in the past in terms of maintenance.  Debra Gravenstein expressed concern about the association being in the business of renting property.  Rita Lumos stated that she would prefer the Fire Department to be in the house if they are interested.

Ø      A motion by Lumos, seconded by Woolley, that the Fire Department be given the opportunity to lease the house for $1000 per month if repairs are made prior to the rental or to do the repairs in lieu of rental payments, to be determined by August 31, 2006; if the Fire Dept. is not interested an agreement be pursued with Greg and Marie Wilson to lease the property as described above was approved with Gravenstein opposed.

Woolley will contact Gary Hames to present the proposal.

B.     Possibility of Ball Fields on School District Property (Discussion/Action)

Rita Lumos explained that the School District was invited to attend the meeting to explain the possibility of building ball fields on their property which adjoins the east side of the fire station lot.  The school board has not yet taken any official action on the proposal.  They are currently thinking of an unlighted field with artificial turf for the high school baseball team.  Owners present pointed out that in the past ball fields were proposed for that location and the residents were opposed.  At that time the plan included natural turf and lights.  Owners also were concerned about the possibility of increased traffic and more public entry into the Highlands.  The slash pile location will be an issue to deal with. 

No action was taken on this issue.

C.    Any Other Matters Which The Board Members Wish To Discuss (discussion)

President Woolley stated that he would like to appoint someone to investigate a less expensive insurance policy for the association.  Jack McGuffy stated that his wife is an account manager with Lucini/Parrish, our carrier, and that she could be of help.  Lydia was directed to contact the Mrs. McGuffy.

VIII.          Executive Session to discuss possible violations of CC&R’s

Ø      A motion by Gravenstein, seconded by Woolley, to recess the open meeting and go into executive session was approved unanimously.

The issue of a concrete block wall being constructed without review or approval of the architectural control committee was discussed.  It was determined that the property owner would be notified of the violation and given the opportunity to seek approval from the architectural committee.  In any case the owner will have to appear before the board for a hearing on the case.

IX.   Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,


Rita Lumos, Secretary