Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes - Annual Meeting

 Saturday, July 22, 2006

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 10:00 am

Present:  Woolley, Gravenstein, Lumos


I.       Call To Order and Approval Of Meeting Agenda (Discussion/Action)

President Woolley called the meeting to order at 10:08 am.  He declared a quorum present.  He announced that the agenda may be taken out of order, but all items will be addressed.

II.     Introduction of Board and Architectural Committee Members

President Woolley introduced the board members present. 

III.    Appoint Teller Committee to Count Ballots (Discussion/Action)

Maggie Hohn, Gail Drake, and Lydia Hammack volunteered and were appointed to count the advisory ballots.

IV.   Presentation of Invited Guests and Reports (Discussion)

A.     Storey County Commissioners

Commissioners Kershaw and Flanagan gave a brief report on Storey County issues affecting the Highlands.  Commissioner Flanagan stated that about $40,000 is available for work on the park at this time.  He stated that Dean Haymore has talked to some contractors about doing the work.  He asked that both associations notify the County of their priorities for construction.  Lumos pointed out that VCHPOA had sent a letter to the commissioners outlining the priorities in the park plan and that she believed the HRPOA had also done so.  Since priorities might change slightly, the associations should make their wishes known.

Commissioner Kershaw stated that there is a lot going on in the County.  The real estate market softening will allow the County plan the future in a more orderly manner.  He emphasized that anything that affects the Highlands will come to the Highlands for comments.  They rely on the two association boards for input and advice. 

He commended the board for the work they are doing.  He related that the state laws for common interest ownership communities such are ours are getting tougher to administer all the time. 

B.     Sheriff & Fire Departments

Fire Chief Gary Hames and Sheriff James Miller gave a brief presentation about emergency services in the Highlands.  Due to the length of the meeting they did not give their full presentation but did outline important issues and answer questions.

The Reverse 911 system was described, whereby owners will be called by a computer system in the case of emergencies.  There will be a campaign in the fall to gather cell phone and work phone numbers for those who are not at home during working hours.

Sheriff Miller asked that owners be proactive with their neighbors and friends to formulate plans for the care of children and animals in the case of an emergency.  He urged all to be prepared to move animals and gather valuables in case of a necessary evacuation.

Chief Hames pointed out that there had been six lightening fires in the Virginia Range on the day previous to the meeting.

He recognized Dave Curtis on his work coordinating the construction of the training center which is available to the community for meetings and events.  The building was funded by plan review fees paid by the Walmart distribution center.

A pilot program has been instituted utilizing auxiliary fire fighters have been hired at minimum wage to assist the professional staff at all the fire stations.  He projected that ambulance response within the Highlands will now be within six to eight minutes.  He will be hiring more paramedics and a new ambulance should be delivered in August.

Sheriff Miller added that there are two reserve deputy sheriffs living in the Highlands.  There are also some new patrol cars funded by revenue generated by the Reno-Tahoe Industrial Park.

They have been issuing citations for traffic violations on Geiger Grade and in the Highlands and are being more visible, particularly during peak traffic periods.  He urged people to call his office if there are issues of concern.

Chief Hames informed the owners that a subscription service for Care Flight is available through Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA) for $75 per year.  Information can be found on their website at

He also asked that people call him if they have concerns.  He recognized Dean Haymore of the Building Department and recommended folks call him with building or grading concerns.

Evacuation procedures were briefly described.  Sheriff Miller stated that the emergency siren will be tested on Sundays.

Al Drake, chief of the Volunteer Fire Fighters gave a presentation on the work of the volunteer fire fighters and the need for more volunteers.  Training and equipment for volunteers is provided by the fire department.

Chief Drake announced that the Annual Spaghetti Dinner will be held August 19 at the Training Room and will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the volunteer fire department.

C.    Fire Safe Highlands

Beverly Crow of Fire Safe Highlands gave a brief presentation on the work of their organization and had materials available for all to take home.  She introduced the other board members Phyllis Blake, Cecilia Lak, and Harry Stanley.

She urged everyone to join at a rate of $10 per biennium.  The organization is funded by grant money.  She asked that everyone document the hours spent pulling weeds, doing tree removal, and clearing of defensible space.  The hours convert to $16.97 per hour in “in-kind” services of grant money.  Forms are available at the slash pile and at the mail boxes.

The brochures delineate evacuation procedures and contain check lists for such an event.  There will be an preparedness meeting on Wednesday, July 26, at 6:30 at the Fire Station Training Center.

V.     Financial Report (Discussion/Action)

A.     Review of Financial Statements

Richard Woolley reviewed the financial statement for the past fiscal year (copy attached). 

B.     Review of Reserve Account

President Woolley reviewed the expenditures made from the reserve account for new equipment which was funded by a special assessment approved by the property owners last year.

C.    Ratification of Draft Operating Budget

President Woolley reviewed the proposed budget (copy attached).  He noted that the cash on hand in the operating account at the beginning of the fiscal year is approximately $6000 higher than shown due to the transfer of funds from the reserve account at the end of June.

Ø                A motion by Lumos, seconded by Gravenstein, to ratify the 2006-2007 budget proposal was approved by a unanimous vote of the members present.

VI.   Committee Reports (Discussion/Action)

A.     Architectural Committee

Bill Lewis presented a report (attached) on the activities of the Architectural Committee.  He noted that the number of applications being process has diminished considerably.

B.     Road Report

President Woolley did a presentation on the proposed road plan.  The full text of the plan, called the List of Annual Road Repair and Improvements (LARRI) is available on the association website at

The current condition of all roads maintained by the VCHPOA was assessed and a long term plan for rebuilding and maintenance of the roads formulated.    This plan projects road work for the next ten years.  Woolley stressed that the association would be asked to approve the work plan for the following year at each annual meeting.

There are approximately 13.9 miles of gravel road and 2.5 miles of paved road to be maintained by the association.  The plan calls for significant improvement on the major collector roads (about five miles) and grading on the feeder roads in the coming year.  Regrading, addition of base material, six culverts, and repair of roadside ditches in included in the plan.  The cost for this work in the 2006-2007 fiscal year is approximately $107,000, which equates to a special assessment of $100 per lot.

Woolley acknowledged the help of Gabriel Venegas, Apex Paving, Sierra Nevada Construction, and Larry Johnson of Black Eagle Consulting in determining viable methods of improving the roads and formulating the plan.

C.    Documents Committee

Keith Judson reported on the Documents Committee.  He stated that the purpose is to incorporate changes in all the governing documents to ensure that they are in compliance with Nevada Law.  The committee will also work to clarify and remove inconsistencies among the documents and look at the dues structure. 

The committee is working to find a more realistic method for changing the CC&R’s.  Public comment will be solicited from the owners.  He estimates that the process will take about one year, including attorney review.  He stated that the voters will be given choices as to which changes they wish to approve.

Contact information is in the newsletter.  He emphasized that input from the owners is desired.

President Woolley noted that Karlyn McPartlin is chairing the park committee and is making progress toward construction.

VII.   Teller Committee/Election Report (Discussion/Action)

The results of the advisory ballots as counted by the teller committee were reported.  The votes were as follows:

Road Option 1 – 208

Road Option 2 –   94

Would you be in favor of selling the Fire Station and property to Storey County?

             Yes – 291

             No –    51

A.     Special assessment for road improvements

President Woolley proposed a motion, seconded by Keith Judson, to assess each lot owner $100 to be billed in August, 2006, payable by October 31, to do the road construction discussed for this fiscal year, not including a test section of stabilized base.

An amendment to the motion by Chris Mason, seconded by Loren Pursel, to assess consolidated lots as a single lot failed by an overwhelming majority. 

It was pointed out the most significant cost in the plan is for material and the owners of multiple lots are responsible for the road frontage across all their lots, whether consolidated or not.

The original motion was approved with seven (7) owners opposed.

VIII.          Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3)) (Discussion Only)

Keith Judson asked for a round of applause for board members for the work they have done and for Debra Gravenstein for her work on the picnic.

IX.   Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 pm.  The annual picnic followed at the park.

Respectfully submitted,




Rita Lumos, Secretary






The Architectural committee has under gone several changes of personnel over the last year. Rita Lumos, Robert Moore and Wallace Fox have all joined the committee within the last few months and I thank them for their service to the community.


The committee goals for the upcoming year is to be consistent with the CC&R’S and Architectural guidelines and with the elected board member’s to solve any problems which may occur. The Architectural committee is only an advisor to the board member’s and any disagreements will be  solved by them. The document committee is currently looking at areas between the Architectural guidelines and CC&R’S which are in conflict and fixing these inconsistencies.


The guidelines and CC&R’S are posted on the website for anyone who has questions. We hope that all residents which plan on doing any external improvements of: fencing, roofing, exterior colors, outbuildings, additions, retaining walls, new construction, etc. please look over the requirements for the area and come to the monthly meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm. It is much easier to solve issues and disagreements if you follow the procedures for the Highlands. The Architectural Committee’s only goal is to follow the guidelines and CC&R’S which is voted on by the property owners of the community.


The Architectural committee is always looking for individuals willing to help and looks forward to the new year. We would also like to thank the board members for their support and input to help provide consistent support for our community.


Thank You


William Lewis

Rita Lumos

Robert Moore

Wallace Fox