Virginia City Highlands Property Owners’ Association

Minutes - Monthly Meeting, Tuesday August 8, 2006

Virginia City Highlands Fire Station Training Room – 7:00 pm

Present:  Richard Woolley, Bill Lewis, Mike Lupo, Debra Gravenstein, Rita Lumos, Mary Tallent-Stewart

I.       Call To Order, Declaration Of A Quorum And Approval Of Meeting Agenda

President Woolley called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm and declared a quorum present.

II.     Appoint New Board Members; Election of Officers

C. Mike Lupo and Bill Lewis were appointed to the vacant positions of the board.  Appointment of the third new board member was held until the end of the meeting.  Under agenda item VIII. A.  President Woolley tendered his resignation and Vice President Gravenstein assumed leadership of the meeting.  Mary Tallent-Stewart was appointed to the board to fulfill the term of Mr. Woolley.  Election of officers for the new board was held with the following results:

President:  Rita Lumos

First Vice President:  Debra Gravenstein

Second Vice President:  Bill Lewis

Secretary:  Mary Tallent-Stewart

Treasurer:  Mike Lupo 

III.    Approve Minutes Of July 11 , 2006 Meeting Regular Meeting and July 22, 2006 Annual Meeting

§        A motion by Lewis, seconded by Woolley, to approve the minutes of the July 11, 2006 meeting was approved unanimously.

In review of the minutes for the July 22 Annual Meeting, President Woolley pointed out that the total cost for road improvements for the coming year should be reduced by $5000 since the test strip of stabilized base had been removed from the schedule.

§        A motion by Lupo, seconded by Lewis, to approve the minutes as amended was approved unanimously.

IV.   Financial Statements (Discussion/Action)

A.               Monthly Cash Report

B.               Monthly Financial Statements

Lydia Hammack reviewed the financial reports.  The interest for July is not included in the printed report since the bank statements did not arrive prior to printing.  The balance as of August 8, 2006 in the operating account is $35,541.30 and in the reserve account is $15,988.42. 

§        A motion by Lumos, seconded by Woolley, to accept the financial reports as submitted was approved unanimously.

V.     Comments by Association Members (NRS 116.3108(3))

President Woolley announced that he has accepted a new position in Pennsylvania and would resign from the board at the end of the meeting. 

Karlyn McPartlin asked President Woolley to assure the owners that the road plan is in proper shape to be carried forward without his supervision.  He has prepared a written plan which is in the possession of the board.  He feels that the plan can be carried forward; and that a vote should be taken at each annual meeting on the portion of the plan to be completed in the following year.

Cecilia Lak announced that Fire Safe Highlands has applied for a grant for $125K to improve Sazarak Road as an evacuation route.  Rita Lumos asked that the board be kept apprised of the progress so that all work could be coordinated between the two boards.

VI.    Committee Reports

A.               Architectural Committee

Bill Lewis reported that the committee saw no sets of plans for new construction; but had two requests for changes in exterior finish and one for a new fence.

Fees for architectural review were discussed.  The fee had been held in abeyance pending calculation of impact fees on the roads and adoption of the road plan.  Woolley stated that he calculated an impact fee of $500 for new construction.  He suggested that there be a $100 application fee in addition to the impact fee.  The impact fee will go into the reserve account, not the operating account.  Lumos suggested that the fees be $500 total; a $450 impact fee and a $50 application fee.  The issue of the fee for additions, barns, detached garages, and/or outbuildings was discussed.  Most present felt that between $75 and $100 is sufficient.  The remainder of the fee schedule would remain unchanged. 

§        A motion by Lupo, seconded by Lewis, to charge a total fee of $500 for new residences, with $450 being the impact fee and $50 being the application fee, and a fee of $75 for additions, barns, detached garages, and outbuildings, was approved unanimously.

Those applicants who paid the $100 fee for new residences since the abeyance of the per square foot fee will be billed for the additional $400.  All those applicants were informed that there would be an additional fee and signed an acknowledgement of the same.

B.               Road Report

1.     Continuation of Road Plan

The road plan is posted on the internet, but minor changes were made after suggestions at the annual meeting.  President Woolley stressed that the work must be done when the roads are wet in the spring.  The schedule with this year’s planned improvements will be included in the invoice for the special assessment which was approved at the annual meeting. 

Woolley pointed out that Gabriel Venegas, a VCHPOA resident, had helped with the writing of the road plan and will help direct future improvements.  The board is committed to carrying out the plan with the approval of the owners.

Cecelia Lak stated that she has an 18’X10’ culvert in her back yard that she will donate to the association.

C.              Documents Committee

Keith Judson gave a brief report on the document committee’s work to date.  Documents from other associations are being gathered for informational purposes, priorities are being set, and the committee is reviewed the changes proposed in 2005 but not passed.  The committee feels that the architectural guidelines should only be changed by a vote at the annual meeting rather than by the board of directors.  The next meeting of the committee will be held the second Tuesday in September.

D.              Park Report

Karlyn McPartlin reported that progress is being made on the park.  She has been working with Storey County on the selection of contractors.  The Commissioners have approved approximately $40,000 to be spent on improvements.  Lydia Hammack is the representative from HRPOA and is in agreement with the work that Ms. McPartlin is doing.

McPartlin pointed out that Commissioner John Flanagan has been very helpful on this project. 

VII. Old Business

A.               Rental House Vacancy and Condition

The condition of the rental house has deteriorated over time.  After the last tenant vacated the house Tom Peevers cleared it out.  He will be refunded his cleaning deposit, since the house is in as good a shape as when he made the deposit for family members.

All of the flooring needs to be replaced, the two toilets replaced, and the house cleaned.  A few other miscellaneous repairs may be needed.  President Woolley reported that Fire Chief Gary Hames had told him that the water is routed through the treatment system at the fire station and should be good to use.

The county is not interested in leasing the house.  Lupo asked if there is any other use for the house rather than as a rental property.  No one knew of any.

Rita Lumos reported that she had received an estimate of $3,765 from Gabriel Rosas of Ultimate Housekeeping for replacing the flooring, the two toilets, and giving the house a thorough cleaning.  His is a company that specializes in rehabbing rental properties and houses for sale.  Lumos felt it was important to have a professional estimate for the repair work, no matter which avenue the board chose to refurbish the house.

§        A motion by Lewis, seconded by Lumos, to hire Ultimate Housekeeping to do the repairs, possibly including painting, and investigate leasing to a qualified lessee was approved with Gravenstein opposed.

The lease should be a one year lease, with first and last month in advance and cleaning deposit, with no subleasing allowed.

B.               Insurance Policies

Lydia Hammack has met with the insurance agent who handles our vehicle, property, and liability insurance.  The agent has not yet provided final figures for revisions to the policies but approximate amounts were reported.

The collision and loss for the water truck is $2500 and could be dropped.  There may be refunds coming for the surplus vehicles which were sold. 

The projected savings would be about $4000 per year.  Equipment cannot be removed from the policy during periods of non-use as long as it’s in the yard.  All deductibles could be raised to $1000 to affect further savings.  The mail sheds are insured for $10,000.    It is not known whether the HRPOA also carries insurance on the mail sheds.  This will be verified.

§        A motion by Lumos, seconded by Gravenstein, to drop the collision coverage on the water truck and raise the deductible for all vehicle insurance to $1000, was approved unanimously.

VIII.          New Business

A.               Any Other Matters Which The Board Members Wish To Discuss

President Woolley tendered his resignation from the board due to his relocation.  Ray and Karlyn McPartlin presented him a sculptured wall hanging as a token of appreciation for all he has done for the association.

IX.   Executive Session to discuss possible violations of CC&R’s

§        A motion by Gravenstein, seconded by Lewis, to recess the regular meeting and go into executive session was approved unanimously.

The property owner who had been notified of a possible violation was not able to appear at the meeting.  He had appeared prior to the meeting and was advised to make application to the architectural committee for his project.

The status of the road manager was discussed.  Further action on this subject will be addressed at the September meeting.

X.     Adjourn

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,




Rita Lumos,